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Pamela Anderson Secretly Married Her Bodyguard

Pamela Anderson’s love life has been the subject of a great deal of public scrutiny since the actress’s rise to stardom in the 1990s. The television actress and model has married to five different individuals. Her first couple of marriages certainly made waves in the tabloids. And her more recent marriages have managed to stay under the radar of the public. This is perhaps due to Anderson herself wishing to remain a bit more private than she was in her earlier days. However, it seems that the star’s love life is no less heated than it ever has been, with her sixth marriage having just recently occurs. It seems that, since her last brief marriage with Jon Peters, the television actress has fallen head over heels for a member of her security personnel. Join Facts Verse as we uncover the story of how Pamela Anderson secretly married her bodyguard.

Pamela Anderson rose to stardom in the 1990s via roles in such television programs as Home Improvement and Baywatch. Before becoming a television star, she posed in Playboy magazine. And all of her subsequent television and film roles took advantage of her status as a sex symbol. Although it’s been over 30 years since Anderson introduced to audiences, that sex symbol status is still just as strong as ever. At the age of 53, the star’s sense of romance is still strong. Only recently, she has entered into her sixth marriage, this time with an individual who introduced to her as her bodyguard.

The marriage ceremony occurred on Christmas Eve in Canada to a small audience. According to Anderson, the two of them fell in love while undergoing quarantine as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. She goes on to say that her new husband, Dan Hayhurst, is “a man who truly loves [her]”. The small reception featured members from both of their families, with Anderson noting that they entered into the marriage with “both of [their] families’ blessing”. Although the event of a small, secluded, and seemingly spontaneous wedding is absolutely nothing new for Anderson. This ceremony certainly appears to have been a bit more wholesome than the one she shared with first husband Tommy Lee on a Mexican beach.

The ceremony took place at Anderson’s land in Canada, where she has been staying as of late. The land purchased from her grandparents. Anderson considered using the land for a business venture before eventually deciding to move onto the land herself more recently. She currently lives there and has found that she quite enjoys it. The actress has shared that her parents married on the same plot of land and are still currently married. Perhaps, Anderson can put her bad luck with nuptials behinds her and make this husband a keeper!

Although the affair was modest, Anderson still apparently took the time to look her absolute best. Anderson’s best is still incredibly impressive, especially for a 53-year-old. The outfit she wore styled by Janet Ross, with a veil by Valentino. As well, she featured other accessories from designers such as Joanna Delaney Bridal. However, beneath all the glitz and glam, Anderson wore a pair of Hunter rain boots, a Canadian staple.

Anderson is proud to call the country of Canada her home. And feels a strong kinship with the culture that surrounds her family’s land. According to the actress, the return to her grandparents’ property has brought with it a revitalization of her spirit. The star goes on to say that this “romantic property has a lot of healing energy”. This healing energy allows her to feel “at peace [there]”. She elaborates that, to her, her new home is “heaven… full of deers, bears, raccoons, and eagles”. Besides the numerous amounts of wildlife, Anderson perhaps shares the strongest relationship with the trees. She says that these trees have “known [her her] whole life”. When asked how these new surroundings played into her recent marriage ceremony, she said that “to be surrounded by the nature [she] knew since birth on [her] wedding day was very powerful”.

The marriage between Anderson and her bodyguard was Anderson’s sixth marriage overall and second of 2020. However, this is only her fifth husband, with her having married to one on two separate occasions. It’s starting to appear that the star is attempting to turn over a new leaf with her new, non-famous husband at her grandparents’ property in her home country of Canada. Although her track record isn’t great, there’s always the chance that Pamela and her new husband will be able to make this marriage work. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support. As well, subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more content is on it’s way!

It makes a lot of sense that Pamela Anderson made the choice to keep her fifth husband and sixth marriage ceremony away from the public eye. Her past marriages have all occurred in the public spectrum. And have also always drawn quite a bit of ire from those watching. It appears that the 53-year-old television star is looking to start keeping her life a little bit more secluded from the outside world. Now that she’s happily living with her new husband on her family’s land in Canada, let’s take a look back at Anderson’s past marriages.

Perhaps most famously, Pamela Anderson married to Tommy Lee in 1995. Tommy Lee is best known as the drummer for the band Motley Crue. The two met at a supper club on the Sunset Strip and were married within months. The marriage ceremony between the two occurred privately on a beach in Cancun, Mexico after Anderson travelled there for a photo shoot. Tommy tagged along, and the two ended up married.

The marriage saw the two having a pair of sons, one in 1996 and another in 1997. However, the marriage between the two iconic celebrities not meant to last. After a domestic spat that saw Tommy Lee removed from their home in handcuffs. Anderson wound up filing for divorce and taking the kids with her. However, the two attempted to reconcile on two separate occasions. Not only did they try to make it work after Lee’s release from prison after the spat. But they also got back together briefly in 2008.

On the eve of his divorce from Pamela, Tommy formed a new band by the name of Methods of Mayhem. The band released an album in 1999, and that album featured the popular musician Kid Rock doing guest vocals. While this seemed innocuous at the time, the collaboration became somewhat notable retrospectively when Pamela Anderson started dating Kid Rock in 2001. After dating for a year, the pair became engaged. However, they decided to break it off in 2003. This wasn’t the end of that relationship. And though, as Anderson got back together with Kid Rock and married him a few years later in 2006. The marriage between Anderson and Rock only lasted for around a year, with the two getting divorced in 2007.

After Kid Rock, Pamela married to the famous card player Rick Salomon on two separate occasions over the span of around seven years. However, neither marriage lasted more than a year. Besides being a famous card play, Rick Salomon is also the man who appears alongside Paris Hilton in her notorious sex tape. It seems to many that not only did Pamela Anderson have a thing for rockstars. But also for celebrities who liked to film themselves during their intimate relationships!

Pamela Anderson went on to marry the famous film producer Jon Peters in early 2020. However, this was her shortest marriage so far. In fact, it’s speculated that the marriage was ended before the certificate even went through. This short-lived marriage came with a lot of drama. As Peters claimed Anderson coerced him into the relationship to pay off her debts. Anderson has denied this claim. And though perhaps the drama has made her decide that she is no longer interested in marrying within the Hollywood sphere. Less than a year later, Pamela went on to marry her fifth husband, Dan Hayhurst, on Christmas Eve of 2020. As we’ve already discussed, Hayhurst was her bodyguard. And the two became romantically involved whilst isolating themselves on Anderson’s family land in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After her short-lived marriage to Jon Peters, many are surprised to see Pamela Anderson tying the knot again so soon. Hopefully, this one will be the one that lasts! Comment down below if you’re optimistic about this new union. Or if you think it’s doomed to end the same way as that star’s marriages in the past. As always, like this video to support more content, and subscribe and hit the notification bell to be among the first to know when that content is on it’s way!

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