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Parents Leave Their Daughters Home For A Week And Come Home To The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Leaving Teens Home Alone

When parents leave their teenage children home alone, they never know what to expect when they come home. Will the house be a mess with dishes in the sink and trash all over the floor. Some worry that they are going to come home to find that there was a party in the house, complete with damage. The teens in the story were left home alone and their parents didn’t know what to expect when they got home. Parents leave daughters home for a week come back to the surprise of a lifetime.

The Schoonover Sisters

The Schoonover sisters decided to record their activities while their parents were gone. The girls’ video was then posted on a YouTube channel. It didn’t take long before people from all over the world were watching their videos. People couldn’t wait for their girls’ parents to get home so that they could see what the parents would do when they got home.

Raising Teens

The girls’ parents didn’t always have it easy. Raising teenage daughters can be difficult at times. When they left their daughters home alone, they just hoped that their daughters would do the right thing and that they wouldn’t break the rules. Rather than coming home to a trashed house, they came home to a huge surprise. Karen and Chip Schoover lived in North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. While their hometown is a place where most people vacation, the couple decided to take a much-needed vacation away from home. They trusted their four teenage daughters to stay home alone during their week-long December vacation.

The “H” Sisters

Chip and Karen gave each of their daughters a name that started with H. The oldest child was Heather. She had already moved out of the family home and gotten married. Her younger sisters who still lived at home, Hollie, Halice, and Haley tried to get their sister to come and move back home. They wanted her to take part in the plan that they had made for when their parents were gone. The second Chip and Karen left for their vacation; the girls started working on their plan.

Organizing the Effort

Hollie, the second oldest in the family, was in charge of the entire operation. She was going to give her parents the greatest Christmas surprise ever. Hollie made sure that every detail was handled while the youngest daughter, Haley, recorded the events.

A Common Occurrence

Hollie loved to be in front of the camera. She often put makeup on while her sister filmed the process. Haley loved to be behind the camera. They often used their footage for makeup tutorials, and this was practice for what the girls had planned for their parents.

Scholarly Sisters

While Haley and Hollie were the artists in the family, Heather and Halice were more into education. Hollie attended Coastal Carolina University where she earned her degree. Halice wanted to follow in her sister’s footsteps where she hopes to get a bachelor’s degree. Her real dream was to get her Master’s in physical therapy.

Heather’s husband worked in real estate marketing, and they lived further west than Heather’s family. She decided that she would go back home for a while to help her sisters with their project. She didn’t want them to do it alone, and she wanted to be part of the plan.

Hollie’s Future Plans

Hollie never had dreams of becoming an interior designer. She wanted to be an actress. She loved to act and sing. She knew that it wouldn’t be easy for her to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. While she was working toward her goals, she worked as a makeup artist. She knew how important it would be to have a career to fall back on.

A Forever Home

The whole family loved living in North Myrtle Beach. They didn’t always live there. When the girls were younger, they lived in Seminole, Florida. When they moved to South Carolina, they loved the area so much that they knew it would be the place where they made their forever home. This is why their gift for their parents would mean so much.

Home Renovation Dreams

The girls’ plan was a big one. Since the girls didn’t have much experience with home renovation and they only had one week to pull off their plan, they questioned whether or not they could make their plan a reality. It wasn’t going to be easy, but they didn’t let that stop them.

Removing the Junk

The first part of the plan required the girls to get rid of everything that they no longer used. There was a lot of junk in the house that they didn’t need. They figured that removing all of the junk from the house would take just a few hours. Instead, it took them most of the day. Getting rid of the junk in the house was the easy part. Ripping up the old carpeting was harder. When the carpets were torn up, the girls threw them out the windows of the home.

Calling For Help

The girls often watched home improvement shows on TV, and they assumed that it would be easy. When the job became more than the girls could handle, they had to bring in some help. They needed some boys to help out, so they had someone with muscles helping. The renovation was going to be a major project They put their money together to save for the project They painted the living room and purchased new furniture. While getting the new furniture was easy, getting the old stuff out wasn’t as easy. The video of the girls trying to shove the old couch off the porch was hilarious.

Ready For Hard Work

The girls knew from the beginning that their plan would take a lot of hard work if they were going to pull it off. They weren’t strangers to hard work. The oldest daughter, Heather, was in charge of workout accountability groups and she works to make sure that people stay on track for their fitness and health objectives. Halice took this seriously which is why she was studying exercise and sports science in college.

Working As a Team

Growing up, the girls always worked together to get things done. This time was no different. They knew the renovation would be a big job and they were going to use their greatest strength, teamwork, as a way to get things done.

Taking On Too Much

By the third day of the project, the girls hit a wall. The house was torn to shambles, and their girls started to wonder if they were taking on too much. The second thoughts that they were having was taking a toll on the girls are stressing them out quite a bit. When the girls woke up on the fourth day, they were exhausted. They would have rather spent the day in bed, but they knew they couldn’t. After stocking up on energy drinks, they were ready to get back to work. The painting wasn’t even as easy as they thought it would be. They had to paint the trim around the windows carefully, and the molding had to be painted with care. It was taking a toll on their girls’ bodies and their morale.


Slowly, the girls were making progress. There were times when the girls had to take care of their personal obligations which left Haley and Hollie alone to continue the work on their own. By the 5th day, the girls finally saw progress. Painting the trim was a hassle, but they had replaced the carpets was the biggest part of the job.

An All-Nighter

The alarm went off in the morning, and the girls knew that they didn’t have much time left. Their parents would be home soon, and they still had to finish the cabinets and paint half of the kitchen. They were feeling the pressure, so they had to pull an all-nighter. The job took a toll on the girls. Hollie took her camera to show people what the work was doing on the girls. One of the girls had stress acne, and another said that their week of work made her feel like she was in the army.

The Big Reveal

When the girls’ parents arrived home, they had to stall them a bit. They wanted their sister Heather to be there. While Heather drove up to see her parents, the other girls were setting up the camera to catch their parents’ reactions on tape. On the YouTube video, Hollie could be heard whispering, “We’re so nervous.” When Karen saw the house from the outside, she knew that something was different. She asked the girls which of them had cleaned the house. She had no idea that they did a lot more than cleaning. When Chip and Karen walked into the house, they couldn’t believe it. It didn’t look like the same house that they had left a week earlier.

The Final Product

Karen and Chip couldn’t believe that their daughters had completely updated their kitchen. The cabinets and walls were refinished, and they changed the old counters for granite countertops. They had new living room furniture, and the master bedroom was completely redone. They looked in the master bath and saw that there were a new tub and shower. They even transformed an empty bedroom into a gorgeous guestroom. Karen and Chip loved what their daughters did to their home, and it was the best gift the girls had ever given their parents. These are some pretty amazing girls. When the video of them doing the work was posted, it received over 115,000 views. People from all over the world were inspired by the girls.

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