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Surrogate Gives Birth To “Twins” Then Doctors Did A DNA Test

Jessica Allen’s Amazing Gift

Jessica Allen is a mother of two from California. According to Jessica, no woman in the world should have to life their life without experiencing the love and the bond from a mother and a child. A Chinese couple was looking for a surrogate to help them found a baby. Surrogacy is illegal in China, so the couple came to the United States to find a surrogate who was willing to carry their baby. Anyone who has tried to conceive but can’t knows the emotional and physical trauma that it can put on hopeful mothers. Jessica was sure that she was doing an amazing thing for this couple.

Jessica Followed All the Rules

Jessica worked with Omega Family Global based in San Diego. In April 2016, Jessica had a single male embryo egg implanted in her uterus though in-vitro fertilization. To prepare her womb for implantation, Jessica had to take estrogen and progesterone shots. She was very careful to follow all of the doctor’s instructions before and after implantation if the pregnancy would be successful. About six weeks into her pregnancy, the doctors found something very concerning.

Six Week Ultrasound

When the doctors performed an ultrasound on Jessica, they found that she was carrying two babies. The doctors told her that there was a chance that the egg could split even though it was very rare. Jessica was excited to tell the couple that they were getting twins. Jessica was being paid $30,000 plus expenses for being a surrogate. When the doctors saw that she was carrying twins, her monthly paychecks increased. She was now going to get $5,000 per month.

The Birth

On December 12, 2016, Jessica gave birth to the twins at 38-weeks. She delivered the babies via C-section and right after the babies were born, they were taken from the operating room. Jessica never got a chance to see them. It wasn’t until the woman who would be raising the babies came to her room to show her photos of the babies. One of them looked Chinese, and the other didn’t look Chinese at all. They obviously weren’t identical, but Jessica didn’t ask any questions.

The Message

When Jessica was released from the hospital, she returned home to recover. She and her husband, Wardell, used the money that Jessica earned for carrying the babies to buy a new home. A month after Jessica gave birth, right before moving day, she got a message from the mother that she carried the babies for. She sent Jessica a picture of the babies and told her that she didn’t think that they were both hers. The mother asked in the message if Jessica thought that they looked the same. She also asked if she thought about why they looked so different.

A Rare Medical Phenomenon

Surrogate gives birth to “twins” then doctors did a DNA test. It turned out that one of the babies wasn’t the twin that was implanted in Jessica. It was actually Jessica’s biological son with her husband. The babies even had different gestational ages. Jessica was able to conceive though superfetation, which is where a woman continues to ovulate while pregnant. Wardell and Jessica conceived a baby even though the other couple’s baby was already growing inside of her. Jessica and Wardell were shocked.

Doing Everything Right

Jessica followed her IVF doctor’s instructions to the letter. They told her that she and Wardell would need to wait to be intimate until Jessica’s pregnancy was confirmed. Jessica says that she did everything that was stated in the contract. She waited to be intimate with her husband, and they used condoms. Jessica and her husband couldn’t believe that they had a third child. They were panicking. They had no idea how they were going to plan for a new baby overnight. They just bought a home and spent most of their savings. They had to figure out how they were going to get everything that they needed for the baby.

More Problems

Jessica and her husband wanted to bring their son home. When the Chinese couple realized that the baby wasn’t theirs, they wanted nothing to do with him. Jessica was told that someone from the surrogate agency was taking care of her son and the Chinese couple demanded $22,000 in compensation. The surrogacy caseworker who was looking after the baby wanted several thousand dollars for caring for the baby. Jessica and Wardell didn’t have the money to get their baby back. Soon, they heard that the baby was going to be put up for adoption. They were going to put the baby up for adoption to absorb the money that Jessica owed the Chinese couple. Jessica and Wardell wanted their baby back, but because they owed money to the couple, they weren’t going to get their baby back.

Buying Or Adopting The Baby

Jessica and her husband were told to pay the couple if they wanted the baby back. The Chinese mother was planning on putting the baby up for adoption. Jessica and Wardell were going to have to go into debt if they were going to get their baby back. They had to hire an attorney and were forced to negotiate with the surrogate agency. Some people blamed Jessica, some blamed the agency, and some blamed the couple for refusing to give Jessica her baby. The only one not speaking out was the surrogate agency. They remained tight-lipped about everything.

Meeting Her Son

Finally, two months after giving birth to him, Jessica finally met her son. The entire ordeal put a lot of stress on Jessica not to mention putting the family in debt. Jessica named the baby Malachi and is happy that he is finally home. She hopes that potential surrogates can learn from her experience. She says that she would hate for another family to go through what she had.

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