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People Are Placing Coins On Military Tombstones And When You Find Out Why You’ll Pull Out Your Change

Armed Forces

People who serve in the armed forces make a great sacrifice to serve their country. Soldiers leave their family, friends, jobs, and everything behind to go out and serve their country. Some people stay in the military for four years and then go back to their lives. Others remain in the military most of their lives, and they make it their career. Some soldiers spend their whole military career training, while others spend most of their military career fighting on the front lines. When a person enlists in the military, they cannot be sure that they will come home safely.

Military Families

It isn’t just the soldier who makes sacrifices when they enlist in the army. Their families also make sacrifices. Military spouses watch the person they love leave, not knowing if they are going to make it home safely. They take care of the kids, the household, and try to hold it together until their spouse comes home. This is a huge sacrifice.

Fallen Soldiers

Soldiers know that when they enlist in the military, there is no guarantee that they will come home safely. The soldiers who died during battle make the ultimate sacrifice. They risk their lives for every citizen of the United States. These soldiers who give their lives for their country’s freedom deserve to be honored.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a national holiday. It is the day where our fallen soldiers are honored for their sacrifice. Many people recognize Memorial Day as the beginning of summer. They have barbecues and parties. Others recognize Memorial Day for what it really is. A day to honor fallen soldiers. There are parades and memorial services for our fallen heroes. Because of the sacrifice that our soldiers make, they deserve to be honored every day of the year, not just on Memorial Day. There is a way that people honor our fallen heroes all year long, and you just may not know it.


Have you ever walked through a cemetery and see coins on the headstones? It is not uncommon to walk through and see pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters just sitting there. People are placing coins on military tombstones when you learn why you’ll pull out your change. When you know the reason, you also won’t touch the coins that are sitting on the headstones. It is actually pretty amazing.


People put coins on the headstones as a way to honor a fallen soldier for their service. If you see a penny on the headstone, it was from a person who has never met the soldier but wanted to thank them for their sacrifice. If you see a nickel on the headstone, it was placed there by someone who served with the soldier in boot camp. If you see a dime, it was placed there by someone who served with the solider. If there is a quarter on the headstone, it was left by a soldier who was present when they died. The coins are a way to say, “thank you.”

Spending the Money

If you see the coins on a headstone, you should leave them there. If you walk through a cemetery one day and there are coins, but they are gone the next time you go, chances are they weren’t stolen. From time to time, cemetery workers will collect the money, and it is donated to late pay for the burial cost of veterans. The coins are used to give thanks, but then later, they are used to help others. It is a beautiful thing.

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor is a Vietnam War veteran. While he was fortunate enough to make it home safely, many of his friends weren’t so lucky. He has never forgotten his friends, and he makes sure to leave coins on their graves regularly. Honoring his fallen friends is important to him.


If you want to honor fallen soldiers but have never served yourself, bring a pocketful of pennies with you the next time you take a walk in the cemetery. When the fallen soldier’s family visits the grave, and they see the pennies that you left, it will mean the world to them.


It’s great there are ways to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for their country on days that aren’t national holidays. Each day that we live in a free country, we should give them thanks. It is because of our soldiers that we can walk through the streets freely, say what we want to say, and do what we want to do. This is true freedom, and thanks to our soldiers, we have these things. There are many countries around the world who cannot say the same.

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