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5-Year-Old Wakes From Surgery With No One By His Side, Nurse Approaches And Holds Him Tight


A nurse’s job is a difficult one. Many nurses work long shifts. Some work 12-hours a day. Nurses are on their feet all day, going from patient to patient, making sure that they get the care that they need. The doctors are the ones who create the treatment plan, but the nurses are the ones who carry them out. Not only does a nurse assist the doctor and make sure that the patient is getting the care and treatment that they need, they do what they can to make sure that the patient is as comfortable and as safe as possible.

Nursing School

To become a nurse, you need to study for years. The courses are challenging, and there is also work that needs to be done in doctor’s offices or hospitals to get your nursing degree. If you want to be a surgical nurse or a licensed practical nurse, further schooling would be necessary. For people who want to become nurses, the grueling classwork is worth it to be able to help people and make a difference in their patients’ lives.

Slade Thompson

Slade Thompson is a five-year-old boy who suffered from serious medical problems. His doctors decided that the best possible treatment for his ailments was surgery. Slade was having a hard time walking. Rather than walking on his entire foot, he was walking on his toes. This was causing problems with his feet and legs, so the doctors decided that it was time to correct the problem. He was admitted to the UPMC Susquehanna Health in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. After the surgery, Slade had to be in a wheelchair for two months. He was recovering great, and had his mother, Layla, by his side.

A Second Surgery

When Slade’s foot surgery healed, his doctors decided that he would need a second surgery. He had throat issues, so his doctors wanted to go in and cauterize his tonsils, his adenoids, and both sides of his nose. It was a routine procedure, but it can cause a lot of pain when the patient wakes up. Since the doctors thought that it was what was best for Slade, his mother agreed to the surgery.

Kids and Anesthesia

Waking up from anesthesia can be a bit frightening at first. For children, it is a lot worse. When a child wakes up from surgery, it is not uncommon for them to be scared, unhappy, and very uncomfortable. During this time, they really need the comfort of an adult to make things easier.

Nurse Annie Hager

Annie is a young nurse who had been working at the hospital where Slade has his surgery for quite some time. She was one of his nurses while he was recovering from his foot surgery, and she was working the day that he had his second surgery. She wasn’t scheduled to work that day. One of her co-workers had called in sick, so she offered to cover her shift. Slade and his mother are very grateful that she was working the day of Slade’s surgery.

A Kind Gesture

After Slade’s surgery, he was taken to the recovery room. Layla was told that she would need to wait a bit before seeing her son. Annie was in the room when Slade woke up. He was scared, and he was in pain. 5-year-old wakes from surgery with no one by his side, nurse approaches and holds him tight. He asked for his mother, and Annie told him that she would be able to see him soon. When he started to cry, Annie went and held his hand. He asked her if she could snuggle with him. Some nurses would have refused due to their large workload. Annie was different. She got into bed with Slade, and she snuggled him tightly. Little did she know, but his mother was watching.


Layla was worried about her son, so she stayed by the door to the recovery room, waiting until she got the go-ahead to go in and see him. She heard her son ask for her, and she heard him ask the nurse to snuggle. She was shocked when Annie got into the bed and snuggled with her frightened son. She took the opportunity to take a photo of the kind moment that she witnessed between the nurse and her son.

Posting the Photo

Layla posted the photo of Annie and Slade on social media, and it quickly went viral. People all over the country were sharing the photo and posting comments about the love that Annie showed to Slade when he needed it the most. Nurses congratulated their fellow nurse, and parents let Layla know that she was lucky that her son had a nurse like Annie.

Best Friends

A few weeks after Slade was released from the hospital, he went back to say thank you to Annie. He also brought her a dozen roses. He says that she is his new best friend.

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