People Who Only Have One Job And Failed

#1 Sewing the Eyes on a Stuffed Toy

The person who is in charge of sewing the eyes on these stuffed toys had a simple job. Line up the eyes properly and sew them on. The person who worked on this stuffed animal must have forgotten their glasses that day or they didn’t get enough sleep the night before. The eyeball is supposed to be at the bottom of the eye. This one has an eyeball that faces up.

#2 Making Galaxy Ice Cream Cones


If you love ice cream, chances are that you have had a packaged ice cream cone at least once. They are waffle cones with ice cream covered with chocolate fudge. It seems easy enough, however, the person who was in charge of making this Galaxy ice cream cone messed up. Instead of putting the chocolate over the ice cream, they put it over the cone.

#3 The Backwards Remote Control

Most people learn to tell the difference between the left and the right by the time they start first grade. The person who was in charge of making this remote control clearly didn’t learn that very important and valuable life lesson. The button marked “left” has an arrow facing to the right and the button marked “right” has an arrow facing to the left. This must have been very confusing for the person who bought the remote.

#4 Batman Backpack? Superman Backpack?

When you take your kids shopping for their new school backpack, they usually want their favorite character. For some kids it is Superman and for some kids it is Batman. The person who made this backpack made life pretty complicated for parents who were trying to buy their child the perfect backpack. It says Batman on the backpack but there is a picture of Superman. Who doesn’t know the difference between the two?

#5 Rubicon Chicken Broth

Cardboard containers of chicken broth are very easy to use. You simply open the spout and pull up on the silver tab to pour the broth out. The person who made this container messed up. Sure, they put the spout on, but they put it on the wrong side of the carton.

#6 Taco Bell Employees

Working at Taco Bell isn’t rocket science. To make a taco, you put the fillings inside of the shell. Next, you put the shell in the cardboard holder. It’s really very simple. The person who made this taco clearly didn’t receive the right amount of training. Rather than putting the fillings in the taco shell, they put it between the taco shell and the cardboard. This is a perfect example of People Who Only Have A Job – And Failed!

#7 Setting Up the Store Display

Setting up a store display is relatively simple. You look at the store plan to see where the display goes and you set it up. Next, you load the display with the product. Pretty simple right? The person who set up this display was obviously confused. They set up the “Back to School’ sale display the right way, but then they loaded it with knives, knife sharpeners, and meat cleavers. There aren’t too many kids who need these items for their first day of school. Epic fail.

#8 Marking the Doors at Target

When you go shopping, there is a door to go inside and another door to go outside. Since you are not supposed to use the “in” door to leave and vice versa, there are stickers on the wrong door that says “Do Not Enter.” The person who was in charge of putting the sticker on this door was a bit confused. The door reads, “Enter Only.” Right above that is a sticker that reads, “Do Not Enter.” This can be very confusing for shoppers trying to get into the store.

#9 The Backwards Billboard

Hanging billboards can be a difficult job because it takes you so high off the ground. This makes it dangerous. Putting up the billboard the right way shouldn’t be as difficult. The person who hung this billboard was either confused or lazy. The woman’s bottom half is on the left instead of the right. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense this way.

#10 Paving the Walkway

The person who had this walkway installed had a very specific design in mind. They wanted three rows of gray squares, three rows of red squares, and three more rows of gray squares. They almost had it perfect except for the one red square mixed in with the gray and the one gray square mixed in with the red. It makes you wonder what this person was thinking.

#11 The Backwards Movie Case

When you buy a movie in the store, it comes in a case which tells you what movie it is and to give you an idea what it is about. The person who made this case obviously doesn’t know their actors very well. The movie is 48 Hours and it stars Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy. Unfortunately, the wrong name is on the wrong face. Since these two are very well known actors, it makes you wonder who was in charge of making the box and why they were in charge in the first place.

#12 The “Floating” Phone Case

The display in this store is for a phone case that will float on top of the water, keeping it from getting lost in the sea if it is accidentally dropped. Not only did the store want to put up a poster to promote the case, they also wanted to show exactly how it worked. Unfortunately, the case didn’t work as advertised, and the store manager left it laying on the bottom of the fish tank. The store likely didn’t sell too many of these cases that day.

#13 The Confused Yearbook

When it comes to creating a high school or a college yearbook, the students are often in charge of doing the work and there is one faculty member who oversees the project. When they were making this yearbook, someone definitely dropped the ball. Ben Kisila’s photo appears twice and once he is listed as Teresa Kennedy. Poor Teresa was never even featured in the yearbook. This one can be blamed on both the students and the faculty since nobody caught the error.

#14 Spelling “Stop” Wrong

In many parking lots, there are not only stop signs but a painted sign so that drivers know exactly where they should stop. The person who was in charge of painting the parking lot wasn’t the best speller. Instead of painting “Stop”, they wrote “Sotp”.

#15 Creating the Text For a News Story

It takes many people to run an informative news story. There is someone at the news station whose responsibility is to type in the text to go with photos. The person who was in charge of it with this photo definitely messed up. Instead of inserting the person’s name, it simply says “Firstname Lastname”. Since it is highly unlikely that this is the man’s real name, you can only guess that someone at the station made a mistake.

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