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People Who Will Probably Make You Feel Smart

People Who Will Probably Make You Feel Smart

#1 War War?

It is amazing to think that a grown person would wonder why these wars should be called War War I and War War II. Why War War? The wars were between two countries around the world, therefore, World War I and World War II is more fitting.

#2 How Can An Adult No Understand How Refrigerators Work?

Most people know that when you close the refrigerator door that it turns off and when you open it, it turns on. This Reddit user was a bit confused. They thought that the light stayed on at all times, potentially spoiling the food. Even if the light did stay on, it wouldn’t be strong enough to make food in a refrigerator go bad.

#3 Food Gets Cold

This Reddit user had to deal with a customer who ordered takeout. He drove 30 minutes home in 20-degree weather. When he got home, he called the restaurant and complained that his food was cold. Even a small child would understand that when food is out of the oven in the cold, it will get cold. Maybe he should invest in a microwave.

#4 Understand Time Clocks

This Reddit user worked 7.8 hours one day. When their weekly time was totaled, they thought that they were being cheated out of hours. The user couldn’t figure out why they weren’t getting paid for 7 hours and 80 minutes. Someone should help them understand the time clock.

#5 WiFi Only Goes So Far

This Reddit user had to explain to her mother-in-law that it is impossible for her to connect her tablet to her home Wi-Fi while she was at work. Most people know that your Wi-Fi only goes so far, however, this users mother-in-law didn’t get it. After 30 minutes of explaining she thinks that this poor woman understood.

#6 Replacing the Windshield Washer Isn’t Always a DIY Project

We expect graduate students to be smart, however, when it comes to cars, even the most highly educated person can be really dumb. This user told a graduate student that she didn’t need to take her car to the mechanic when her windshield washer is low. They let her know that she can buy it and put in in herself. The woman did, however, she put it in the gas tank. Not the smartest thing to do.

#7 Understanding the Food Pyramid

Just because poultry and fish are in the same box on the food pyramid, it doesn’t mean that they are the same thing. Fish is fish and poultry is chicken, turkey, or another type of bird. Kids learn about the food pyramid when they are young. Maybe this person missed that day of elementary school.

#8 Computer Confusion

One of the basics of using a computer is finding and understanding the cursor. This Reddit user’s mother wanted to design her own business cards on the computer. Before the user could help her mother while on the phone with the design, she had to explain the cursor. This had to be a frustrating conversation.

#9 Ashtray? Ass Tray?

This Reddit user had a friend who thought that an ashtray was called an ass tray. Even small children know what an ashtray is. The user’s friend did have a point. If it isn’t called an ass tray, why do they call them cigarette butts?

#10 My Driveway Doesn’t Shine!

This Reddit user poured concrete driveways. The customer called to complain that the driveway dried and it was no longer shiny. Most people already know that dried concrete won’t shine, however, maybe the Reddit user should start explaining this to all customers to avoid any disputes.

#11 Using a Compass

A Reddit user was lost in the woods with a friend. The friend was in charge of holding the compass. After a few hours of being lost, the friend dropped the compass on the ground claiming that “north” kept moving. Anyone who has ever used a compass knows that north never changes, your position does.

#12 Your Lottery Chances Aren’t 50/50

This Reddit user had a friend who thought that if they play the $700 million lottery that they had a 50/50 chance of winning. Win or lose means a 50/50 chance. This is some pretty stupid thinking. This is one of the people who will probably make you feel smart.

#13 Printer Don’t Print Animation

This Reddit user had to explain to the friend that is they print out an animated GIF that it wouldn’t move on the paper when it comes out. It is crazy that anyone would expect a standard printer to print an animated picture that actually moves.

#14 Two Stomachs?

This Reddit user has a 20-year-old brother who isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree. He asked the user if he eats an ice cube if it goes to the stomach that stores the solids or the stomach that holds the liquids. The user had to explain to this grown man that humans have only one stomach where everything goes. We are not cows who have four stomachs.

#15 Blowing a Fuse

A couple blew a fuse and then complained to the cable company that their TV wasn’t working. After the representative explained that the TV needed electricity, the couple asked why their internet wasn’t working because it is wireless. You have to feel bad for the rep who took that call.

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