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Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness

Reasons Why Intelligent People Can't Find Happiness

#1 The Ultimate Goal

For most people, the ultimate goal is to find a person to share your life with. Having a partner in life is very important. Most people are able to find a person that they can grow old with. There are others that cannot find this person because they have a high IQ. There are a few reasons why people with above average IQ’s have a hard time finding happiness in a relationship.

#1 You Constantly Over Analyze

A person with above average intelligence often overanalyzes everything. This includes the people that you meet. Rather than enjoying the new people that you meet, you are analyzing everything that they do and say. This kind of over-analyzing can be exhausting. For many people, ignorance is bliss. A person with above average intelligence isn’t capable of letting things go and learning as they go. This type of behavior makes it impossible for you to feel lighthearted and happy. As you over analyze, you will be focusing on what can go wrong in the relationship rather than what is happening in the present. Also, rather than being happy with your life, you are trying to find something wrong with it. If you are able to stop over analyzing, you will feel much more laid back and cheerful, making you a great partner in a relationship.

#2 Everything Needs To Meet Their High Standards

If you have a high IQ, you likely have very high expectations. When people fail to meet your expectations, you are no longer satisfied, which makes it difficult for you to be happy. It is not uncommon to set your expectations so high that you cannot be happy with yourself or anyone else. We never get everything that we want. This is a fact of life. Unfortunately, your high IQ makes it difficult for you to grasp this concept. Each time you meet someone and they don’t meet your high expectations, you are going to feel greatly disappointed.

#3 You Judge Yourself Too Harshly

One of the main reasons why highly intelligent people can’t find happiness is that they judge themselves too harshly. If you have an above average IQ, you can often feel unhappy because you are so hard on yourself. Small failures in the past and the present can creep up at any time, making you feel like a failure. This type of deep thinking can haunt you, making it difficult to be happy with who you are. This can cause you to become moody. You won’t be able to find any happiness and peace when you are focusing on where you failed in life. Over time, the guilt and negative emotions can take over, making it impossible for you to be happy with your own life and share that happiness with another person.

#4 You Are Always Aiming For Bigger and Better Things

If you have a high IQ, it can be difficult to be satisfied with the things that you have. You are always looking for a bigger purpose in life. For you, ordinary life can be boring. It is hard for a person with a high IQ to settle into the day to day comfort that a long-term relationship provides. When you are in a relationship, you are always wondering if there is something better out there waiting for you. You cannot be happy with just one person is you are always trying to find something better. You cannot accept the world that you are living in, which can make it impossible for anyone to be happy with you because you are never completely committed to them. Until you can step back and enjoy what you have now, you are never going to be happy in a relationship.

#5 Its Hard To Find Someone to Have a Meaningful Conversation With

If you have an above average IQ, you likely have a need for stimulating conversation. Most people with high IQ’s don’t need to socialize as much as people with average IQ’s, however, they do yearn for stimulating conversation. If you cannot find a person with an IQ as high as yours, you may not be able to enjoy their company. If they cannot talk to you on your level, you can feel misunderstood and lonely. You can have everything in common with someone, however, if they are not a deep thinker like you, it will be impossible to be happy in a relationship. If you are able to relax a bit and have deep conversations with friends and have light conversations with your significant other, you will have a better chance of being happy and satisfied in your relationship.

#6 Smart People Tend to Have Psychological Issues

There have been many studies performed that have found a connection between highly intelligent individuals and psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder and social anxiety. This doesn’t mean that everyone with an above average IQ will suffer from a mental illness, however, they are susceptible to depression caused by overthinking and never being satisfied. This depression can make it difficult to be in a relationship. Most people don’t want to be in a relationship with someone that is always depressed and always looking for something bigger and better. The more unsatisfied you are, the sadder you will become. This makes it almost impossible to have a happy, light, romantic relationship.

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