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Phil Collins Gives Devastating Health Update

Legendary musician Phil Collins and his group Genesis are preparing for another reunion tour. But it appears as if Phil isn’t up to playing the drums. Instead, Phil’s son will be taking drum duties. 70-year-old Phil says that he can no longer hold a drumstick. A revelation that comes at the cusp of numerous health ailments over the years. Join Facts Verse as Phil Collins gives us a devastating health update.

Phil Collins initially rose to fame during the 1970s as the drummer of the classic rock group Genesis. Following this, Phil capitalized on his success with the group by making a name for himself as a popular solo performer. Recently, it has announced that Phil Collins is once again planning on taking the stage alongside Genesis to perform what will likely be the band’s last tour ever.

Phil is now 70 years old, and is suffering from numerous health problems in his old age. While even the healthiest 70 year old is liable to have some issues. Phil’s aberrant lifestyle choices have caused him to age a good deal faster than many of his peers. In addition to substance abuse, Phil has also practiced a lack of hygiene that has apparently had many negatives effects on his personal wellbeing.

If many of Phil’s health issues can tied to substance abuse, many others can tied to an injury that he suffered during a prior tour with Genesis. In 2007, Phil was touring with the group when he suffered a back injury that would change his life forever. Although Phil has undergone successful operations following the injury, he will likely never ben able to full recuperate. The injury has caused plenty of nerve damage. And is the main reason that Phil claims that he is no longer able to hold a drumstick. Join Facts Verse as Phil Collins gives us a devastating health update.

Phil’s son will be taking drumming duties for the upcoming Genesis tour. Phil has had to accept that he won’t be able to play the drums alongside his son in any capacity, however much he may want to. As Phil puts it, these are simply things that a person has to deal with when they get older. Still, Phil is planning on putting on as good of a show for Genesis fans as he possibly can. Especially given the fact that this is most likely going to be Genesis’ last tour. According to Phil, he can’t see the band continuing to perform after this one.

The injury that Phil received during the 2007 Genesis tour saw him dislocate a vertebra in his upper neck. This severely affected his ability to move his hands, and also had other detrimental effects related to his nervous system. Even after undergoing a successful operation on his neck, the musician still found himself unable to move his hands properly. After this, he simply started coming to terms with the fact that things might arguably never return to the way that they had been previously.

This is what caused Phil to finally make the decision to hire on his son as a replacement for him as the drummer of Genesis. Leading to an official announcement made to Genesis fans. In the announcement, Phil expressed that he’s not saddened by the fact that he could no longer play the drums. Instead choosing to maintain a positive outlook on the reality of growing old. Join Facts Verse as Phil Collins gives us a devastating health update.

Phil’s newly limited range of motion as a result of his spinal injury has led many Genesis fans to falsely assume that the former drummer has suffered a stroke. However, Phil has adamant that all of the damage we see was caused by his 2007 injury. In addition to the effects the injury had on Phil’s hands. It also affected the use of his legs and feet.

Besides the problems that Phil has suffered in relation to his 2007 back injury. He has also suffered many problems related to alcoholism. Phil has had many periods where he was addicted to alcohol. Though he has recovered multiple times, he has also continuously relapsed. In 2012, he was hospitalized with an acute case of pancreatitis after his drinking habit had kicked back into full force one time too many. According to Phil, it only takes him a couple of months to fall into a period where he is drinking hard alcohol out of the fridge every morning and passing out in front of his kids.

Phil has claimed that he is extremely lucky to have lived through his bouts of alcoholism due to the extreme damage that has done to his organs. Although Phil’s rampant alcoholism has never directly linked to his 2007 injury. His years of alcohol abuse at that point had likely left his body severely weakened. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

In 2019, Phil Collins spotted having to use a wheelchair to get around. However, he has gradually been able to get out of the wheelchair and start getting around with just the aid of a walking stick. According to the musician, he has multiple screws in his back that have made his feet go numb.

Just recently, Phil Collins’ daughter married in Colorado. The ceremony occurred in September of 2021. Though it hasn’t been specified whether or not her father was in attendance. The relationship between Phil and his Lily has never been quite what either have ever likely hoped for. Still, both have tried to maintain an amicable relationship over the years despite the damage that has done. Lily is currently 32 years old and says she’s never been happier. Join Facts Verse as Phil Collins gives us a devastating health update.

If Lily is happier than ever in her new relationship with husband Charlie McDowell. Her father is likely lonelier than ever with his recent second divorce from third wife Orianne Cevey. After divorcing once previously in 2006, Phil and Orianne had reunited in the 2010s only to divorce again just recently, with Orianne having found a new partner.

Phil and Orianne’s second divorce led to a variety of court preceding that are still ongoing. They have two children together, and share many mutual assets. So far, the court proceedings have brought about many shocking revelations about Phil’s personal habits, including his lack of hygiene.

The news that Phil and Orianne were getting separated a second time broke when Phil applied for a court order requiring Orianne to vacate the Miami residence that the two had been sharing together since 2016. When asked to give a reason why Orianne deserved to be vacated from the premises. Phil claimed that Orianne had become secretly married to another man behind his back. While Orianne certainly is married to a new man, she gives a slightly different account of her new marriage’s timeline.

Over the course of their tumultuous relationship, Phil and Orianne had been together for over a quarter of a century. This equates to about half of Orianne’s life. Understandably, this made the decision to finally separate from Phil hard for Orianne to make, but her new love interest helped her through it. Orianne’s new husband is a much younger musician, though a much less successful one. According to Orianne, the two bonded over their shared taste in the arts.

Phil and Orianne met for the first time in 1994. At the time, Phil touring Switzerland, and Orianne hired on to be his personal translator. The two kicked off a friendship and eventually became engaged three years later. The two married for the first time in 1999, and subsequently had two sons. In 2006, they divorced for the first time. Join Facts Verse as Phil Collins gives us a devastating health update.

Famously, Phil and Orianne’s 2006 divorce yielded the latter party the biggest divorce settlement in the history of British show business. One might imagine that Phil would have been so mad about having to pay out such a large settlement that he may have never wanted to look at his ex-wife again. However, the two surprisingly got back together.

Phil was able to entice Orianne back into their marriage by offering her 50% interest in the home that they were going to be sharing together. Orianne took the offer, but other life circumstances had also likely played a part in inspiring her to take a risk on her ex-husband. Shortly before Phil and Orianne got back together. Orianne had suffered an injury that resulted in her becoming paralyzed from the neck down.

Orianne had gone in for routine neck surgery, and the surgeon accidentally made a mistake that caused her to become paralyzed. She had feared that she was never going to move again. But one day magically found that she was able to move one of her toes. From there, it has been a gradual battle for the woman to relearn how to move. Alongside struggling to get the feeling back in her body, Orianne was also struggling to rekindle her romance with Phil. However, Phil’s own health problems, as well continuing problems with substance abuse, made this hard.

Orianne has said that she tried to make it work for years with Phil but simply couldn’t take it anymore. Phil had become so withdrawn that he didn’t even notice when Orianne left to be with another man. Orianne says that she informed Phil about her new relationship long before tying the knot with her new husband. Orianne and her new, much younger, husband got married in Las Vegas at the Graceland Wedding Chapel.

The court proceedings between Phil and Orianne are ongoing, though Orianne has expressed that she wishes they could settle out of court. In the meantime, Genesis fans can look forward to seeing Phil at least one last time on tour!

Although Phil Collins won’t be playing any drums on Genesis’ upcoming tour, many fans are still excited about the prospect of getting to see the legendary musician on stage for what will likely be his last tour ever. Comment down below to share if you were shocked to learn about the tragic state of Phil’s current physical and emotional health, or if you’re one of many fans desperately clamoring to get a ticket to see him on Genesis’ upcoming tour. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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