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Photos Which Prove That Your Life Is A Lie

Photos Which Prove That Your Life Is A Lie

#1 The Powerball Isn’t a BallDishwasher detergent pods have a “powerball” in the center. It is said to make the dishes come out cleaner, without any spots. What you may not know is that the “powerball” isn’t actually a ball. If is flat on the bottom.

#2 Pineapples Don’t Grow On TreesMany people think that pineapples grow on trees. They believe that you can go outside and pick a pineapple off the tree the same way you would with an apple or a lemon. Pineapples actually grow up out of the ground on plants.

#3 Toad Isn’t a MushroomMost people think that Toad from Super Mario Brothers is a mushroom and that he is a boy. Toad is actually agender, which means that he isn’t a boy or a girl. Also, he isn’t a mushroom. He is just wearing a hat. Underneath, he has just a few pieces of hair.

#4 Towels Aren’t Actually Stacked in StoresIf you have ever shopped for towels, you have likely seen the display in the store. The towels look like they are folded and stacked on the shelves. If you look at this photo, you can see that the towels aren’t stacked at all. Retailers use a special box to make it look like the towels are stacked.

#5 The Women’s Hair Doesn’t Bounce Like You Think It DoesThe women on shampoo and conditioner commercials have long shiny hair that moves in ways that most people’s hair can move. What you may not know is that these women don’t have hair with superpowers. There is actually a man in a green suit moving their hair for them. When the commercials are edited, a computer takes out the green man and puts a background in the shot.

#6 Froot Loops Are All the Same FlavorFroot Loops come in different colors. There is green, red, orange, blue, and purple. What you may not know is that although the Froot Loops are different colors, they are all the same flavor. If you close your eyes and eat one piece of cereal at a time, you will see that they all taste the same.

#7 What Bae Actually MeansPeople who post on social media often call their significant other, bae. People do this because they believe that it means baby or sweetie. Bae is actually a Danish word and it means poop. The next time you post something on Facebook or Twitter about your “bae”, you should understand that you are calling them a piece of poop. This is one of the greatest photos which prove that your life is a lie.

#8 Michael Jackson’s Patented ShoeIf you have ever seen Michael Jackson dance, you know that he has moves that don’t even seem possible for a human. In the video where he leans forward but doesn’t topple over, he looks amazing. What you may not know is that he had a special pair of shoes that allowed him to lean that far because the shoes held him up.

#9 The Grass May Not Always Be GreenerHave you ever driven around your neighborhood and wondered how some of these homeowners get their grass so green? Regardless of how well you care for the grass, you just can’t get yours as green. This is likely because the homeowner took a shortcut to get his grass so green. There are people who actually paint their lawns so that they can be as green as possible.

#10 The Secret Behind Hawaiian PizzaHawaiian pizza contains ham and pineapples and people absolutely love it. What you may not know is that Hawaiian pizza was not even invented in Hawaii. It was actually invented in Canada. Mind-blowing!

#11 Subway Has Been Doing You WrongSubway has great sandwiches. You can choose either a 6-inch sub or a foot long. What you may not know is that the foot long isn’t even a foot long. The man who took this picture decided to measure his foot long only to find that it is only 11-inches long. Subway has been cheating you out of one inch of sandwich for years.

#12 These Pillows Aren’t For Sleeping
Many people who travel often has a neck pillow to help them sleep on the plane or train. If you look at the tag on the pillow, it says that it isn’t for sleep. If you aren’t supposed to sleep with this pillow, what is it actually used for?

#13 Inside the Magic 8-BallMost people have seen a Magic 8-Ball at least once in their lives. You ask the ball a question, shake it up, and you should get your answer. This photo shows that the ball isn’t as mysterious and as all knowing as you think. It is actually just a round ball with a few moving parts. The next time you have a serious question that you need answers to, you shouldn’t trust the Magic 8-Ball.

#14 Those Speakers Are Just For Show

If you have ever been to a concert, you know that there are huge speakers on the stage. What you may not know is that in many cases these speakers are just for show. If you look at this picture, you see that those speakers are just the casing.

#15 The Truth About Cup Of SoupIf you have ever had Cup Of Soup, you know that the cup is almost full of the dry noodles. The person who took this picture decided to rip the bottom of the cup to see what the bottom looks like. Sadly, they discovered that you aren’t getting as many noodles as you think. The next time you don’t get full off of one Cup Of Soup, you will know why.

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