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Photos Taken In Iran That Will Destroy Your Stereotypes

Iranian Stereotypes

When people think of Iran, they picture mosques, women wearing hijabs, and a place that you may not want to live because it doesn’t seem to be too much fun. Iran was once known as Persia, and it has a rich culture that makes it unique. Here are some photos taken in Iran that will destroy your stereotypes.

Iranian Food

The cuisine in Iran is a combination of Greek, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisine. There is less of a variety than traditional Greek food, and the food is not as hot as Indian food, and the Iranians love to use fresh ingredients. Lamb, sheep, and chicken are the major proteins served in Iran. They are often severed with rice, unleavened or semi-leavened bread. Along with fresh fruits, vegetables, and black tea, an Iranian meal can be delicious.

Younger Generation

Iran has one of the youngest populations in the world. There are 80 million people living there, and 70 percent of them are under the age of 30. In Iran, people can start voting at the age of 15. the younger generation has heavily influenced the country’s politics since 1997. The young have power in Iran.


Iranian terms translate to exactly what they are. For example, Iran, translated in Persian, means Land of the Aryans. This is an ethnic label used in Iran, but when the country was named, it described the cultural, linguistic, and religious people of Iran. The capital of Iran is Tehran. It means warm slope. This makes sense because it gets really hot in Tehran, and it can reach 109 degrees.

Secret Star of David

For over 30 years, there has been a Star of David on the roof of Tehran International Airport. It remained a secret until Google Earth captured the photo in 2001. By the time they discovered the outline, the ornament had been long since removed, leaving just the mark behind. When a viewer spotted the Star of David on Google Earth, the Iranian government ordered its complete removal.


The carpets available in Iran are absolutely incredible. The Iranians have been wearing rug for 2,500 years, making it the country’s second-largest export after oil. The fabric artistry and design make each carpet a masterpiece in its own right. If you buy a rug from Iran, you will notice that they aren’t entirely pristine. The Iranians believe that only God can be perfect, so they make a mistake intentionally during the weaving process.


There is a custom in Iran called Taarof, and it means meeting together. The tradition revolves around politeness and the utmost respect. When at a Persian home, you need to refuse things that are offered to you out of politeness. Even if you want it, you must turn it down. For example, if you go to an Iranian’s house for dinner, you must refuse a second helping, even if you are still hungry. To accept, you need a second helping three times.

The Persian Cat

Persian cats originate from the high plateaus of Iran. They are one of the oldest breeds, and they have long, silky fur to protect them from the freezing temperatures of the Iranian mountains. The breed was brought to Europe in the 17the century. Today, the Persian cat is one of the most sought-after breeds because of its rare beauty.


Iran celebrates more holidays than anywhere in the world. There are 25 celebrated holidays. Every year, unofficial holidays are added to the national holidays. They use three different calendars, and each has more and more holidays every year.

Persian Milk

Iranians call yogurt, Persian Milk. It is one of the most precious commodities in the country because of its unique properties. The people of Iran use it for everything, including for medicinal purposes. Iranians believe that yogurt can clear coughs, help with insomnia, treat ulcers, help with sunburns, and even prolong your life. They also use it as a face mask, believing that it can bring beauty.

The Rich Kids Of Iran

Rich kids aren’t exclusive the Beverly Hills. There are rich kids in Iran, and they have an Instagram account to prove it. They throw parties in their parents’ homes, complete with alcohol, which is illegal. These kids don’t care about the laws, and they continue to post on Instagram, even though it is on the national banned sites list. To post on Instagram, the kids use a secret VPN. Regardless of the risk, they want to show off their extravagant lifestyles.

Halal Internet

Since 2012, Iran has used their own, state-controlled national internet. This is the only internet service that Iranians have. The state-controlled internet doesn’t allow them to visit sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The government launched the internet, hoping that they could provide high speed and a high-quality connection at a lower cost. If Iranians want to access banned sites, they need to get a private VPN.

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