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The Reason We Don’t See Jessica Alba In Movies Anymore And Other Facts About The Former Actress

Jessica Alba

Jessica was the “It” girl in Hollywood in the early 2000s. She starred in films like Fantastic Four, Sin City, and Honey. It has been a few years since we have seen Jessica in a movie, and there is a reason why. Here is a bit more about Jessica’s life, her career path, and the reason we don’t see Jessica Alba in movies anymore.

Jessica’s Early Life

Jessica grew up living a modest life in California. Her father was Mexican-America and was once a U.S. airman. Later, he worked nights at a rib joint to make ends meet. Her mother, a Danish and French woman, flipped burgers during the day and bartended at night. Jessica says that for some reason, she had a sense of entitlement, which caused her to be rebellious when she was younger. Her family was religious, which made it hard for Jessica to be herself. She says that when she was in preschool, her teacher saw her writing with her left hand and forced her to practice writing with her right hand. She says that since then, she has had a problem with authority.

Not Fitting In

Jessica says that growing up; she never felt like she fit in. She was Mexican, Danish, and French, and she didn’t fit in anywhere. She wasn’t white, but she was shunned by the Latin community for not being Latin enough. This made her wonder who she was and where she fit in. Jessica says that she struggled with this identity crisis for years.

Acting Lessons

Jessica fought with her parents often about her choice in clothing. They wanted her to dress conservatively, which she hated. There was tension in the house until Jessica expressed an interest in acting, and her mother took her to an acting contest in Beverly Hills. The prize was free acting lessons, and Jessica won. By the time she was 12, she was signed with a talent agent. She finally felt like she fit in.

Early Career

Jessica started out doing commercials, which led to modeling jobs, and then her first film, Camp Nowhere in 1994. Her big break occurred when she was 15. and she landed a role in the remake of the classic TV show, Flipper. The movie was being filmed in Australia, and Jessica was very excited.

Strange Calls

When Jessica was on set one day, she got a phone call from a man she didn’t know. She assumed it was a crazed fan, so she ignored it. The man kept calling, and it was starting to worry about the teenager. She showed up to the set each day, and she got calls from the man each day. She was concerned, but it didn’t become terrifying until a strange man kidnapped her from the set.

Everyone on set wondered where she was. They were sure that she would never wander off on her own, so there must have been a good reason why she was gone. After searching for the young actress, the people on set called the police. The investigators tasked with finding Jessica were very focused on the job. When she was gone for close to 12 hours, they found her. She was tied up and gagged in the trunk of a car. Jessica said she didn’t know how she ended up there, so the police had to drop the case.

Enjoying Life

The kidnapping scared Jessica, but she didn’t want it to keep her from enjoying her life. She continued filming movies, and due to her Christian faith, she kept men at arm’s length. She was against physical intimacy before marriage. And she stuck to this rule for most of her teens.

Her First Love

Jessica didn’t like immature high school boys, and she wasn’t into any boys until she met a bisexual dancer, much older than her. She would meet him at a club four nights a week, and they formed a deep connection. She knew that her parents would never approve due to their Christian faith. Also, she thought that she was in love with him. Things cooled off between the two, and she had her first serious relationship. On the set of Dark Angel, she fell for Michael Weatherly, who was 12-years older than her. Jessica ended up marrying Michael, but after three years of marriage, they ended it.

Fantastic Four

When Jessica starred as Susan Storm in Fantastic Four, she fell in love again. This time, it wasn’t with her leading man. It was actually with a production assistant named Cash Warren. She says that it was love at first sight. Jessica was dating someone at the time, so she struck up a friendship with Cash because she was so smitten. Eventually, it was impossible for her to be “just friends,” and she ended her relationship to be with him. When they started dating, things weren’t going well, and everyone thought that the couple would end things. Instead, she got pregnant, and the couple got engaged.

Changing Directions

Since being married, Jessica hasn’t acted much and found that she loves running a business instead. She co-founded The Honest Company, which sells baby, household, and personal products that contain no chemicals. She says that her children don’t even know that she was once an actress. And she loves her life away from the camera, and it is unlikely that she will see her on-screen any time soon.

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