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Pregnant Pitbull Refuses To Give Birth And After A Look At The Ultrasound The Vet Realizes Why

Chris and Mariesa Hughes

Chris and Mariesa had a great relationship. They both had a love of dogs and opened their home up to many adopted dogs. According to Mariesa, the fact that the two are so passionate about saving dogs has made their relationship stronger. Living with so many dogs, their lives were crazy, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cuyahoga County Kennel

Chris and Mariesa had plenty of dogs already, but they often took a trip to the Cuyahoga County Kennel to see if there were any dogs who needed to be fostered. This was how they got many of their dogs. They would offer to foster a dog and then fall in love. Soon, the dog would be a permanent member of their family. Mariesa told Chris that it had been a while since they had gone to the kennel to help a dog and it was time.


When the couple went to the kennel, the first dog that they saw was Storie. She was a pregnant Pitbull, and the couple immediately fell in love. Chris was a bit apprehensive knowing that Storie would be giving birth to a few puppies, but Mariesa talked him into it for Storie’s well being.


The people at the kennel told the couple that Storie should have already given birth. They said that there was a chance that Storie hadn’t given birth yet because she was stressed out. A kennel isn’t the best place for a dog to give birth because it is loud and chaotic. This isn’t good for the dog or her puppies.


When Chris and Mariesa took Storie from the shelter, they took her to the vet before heading home. They wanted to make sure that Storie was healthy and the vet gave her an x-ray. Pregnant pitbull refuses to give birth: After 1 look at the ultrasound the vet understands why. The couple was shocked when they found out that she was carrying 12 puppies. At first, they panicked. They already had several dogs at home. How could they care for a mother and her 12 puppies? They knew that they took on the responsibility, and they would find a way to work it out.

Setting Up Her Bed

The couple had a kennel outside, and they set up a kiddie pool full of blankets. They figured that it would be the perfect place for Storie to go into labor in a few days. They were shocked that just 12-hours after bringing Storie home, she went into labor. Just 18-hours later, she delivered all 12 puppies. They realized that she couldn’t give birth in the kennel because it was too stressful. As soon as she felt comfortable in the Hughes’ kennel, she was ready.

Opening Their Eyes

A few days after the puppies were born, they opened their eyes. When they were born, they had cauliflower ears. Within a few days, they opened up. It wasn’t just the puppies ears that opened up; it was also their personalities. All 12 puppies had their own personality and mannerisms. It was easy for the couple to tell the difference between each puppy and giving them sweet names.

Pibbles and More Animal Hospital

A few months after the puppies were born, it was time for the couple to rehome them. Having 13 extra dogs roaming the house was a bit stressful. The puppies were full of energy, which meant that they spent their days running around and fighting. They decided that after three months, it was time for each of the puppies to find their forever home. Chris had a favorite puppy that he wanted to keep, and Mariesa had her favorite. After thinking about what life would be like with two more dogs, they both decided to sacrifice their favorite puppy to give them a happy new home. Pibbles and More Animal Hospital helped them rehome the puppies, which wasn’t too difficult. Shortly after the puppies went up for adoption, the applications started pouring in.

Storie’s New Home

Chris and Mariesa knew that they already had more dogs than they could handle so Storie would need a new home. They wanted to still be in her life, and they were thrilled when their friend offered to take Storie in. Since Storie would be living with their friend, they would get to see her all the time.

Life In the Dog House

The couple has so many pets that they often chronicle their adventures on a YouTube channel called Life in the Dog House. On their video, the couple explained their love of dogs. They also talked about their decision to give up the puppies and how hard it was. This couple’s love for dogs is amazing, as is what they do for dogs in need.

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