Most Rare Twin Cases In The World

#1 Twins Marrying TwinsThis is a very strange situation. Identical twins Darlene and Diane married identical twins, Craig and Mark. The couples met at the same time and they began dating right away. The two sets of twins dated for a year before getting married. Since they were two sets of twins and they were so close, they decided to have a double wedding. The two brides walked down the aisle together to join their twin grooms at the altar. After they were married, both couples found out that there was a baby on the way at the same time. The twin sisters went through their pregnancies together and they gave birth to their children on the same day. They both gave birth to boys. Right after the birth of their sons, the twin couples realized that their sons actually looked like twins. There is a lot of twinning coincidences going on here.

#2 Black and White TwinsThe little girls in this picture don’t look anything alike. When their parents told people that they are twins, nobody ever believed them. The girls are older today, and when they tell their friends that they are twins, they get the same reaction as their parents. People believe that they are lying. The girls’ father is a Caucasian American and their mother is half Jamaican. When the girls were born, one had dark skin, eyes, and hair like her mother. The other twin had pale white skin, blue eyes, and red hair like her father. This is not an uncommon phenomenon in fraternal twins. It is common for one twin to inherit the traits from one parent and the other twin to inherit the traits from another. Since these twins come from a biracial couple, their appearances are much different than most and all the more shocking. Looking at this photo, the fact that they are twins is almost unbelievable.

#3 Conjoined TwinsBrittany and Abigail Hansel are twins who were joined at birth. Some conjoined twins can be separated when they are infants or when they are toddlers. This was not a possibility for Brittany and Abigail due to the way that they were conjoined. They each have their own spine, lungs, heart, and stomach. Each girl’s brain controls one of their arms and one of their legs. They try not to let the fact that they are conjoined stand in their way of living normal lives. They love to hang out with friends, post photos on social media and do just about everything else that teenage girls do. During an interview, both girls agreed that if a separation was a possibility, they didn’t think that they would want to have the surgery. They say that they are happy with the way that they were born.

#4 Plastic Surgery TwinsAnna and Lucy DeCinque are 38-year-old twins from Australia. Most twins look very similar, but these women didn’t think that they looked similar enough. They wanted to look exactly alike to the point where you couldn’t tell them apart so they spend thousands of dollar to have plastic surgery to make them look identical. Today, the girls do look identical, however, they also look very fake. Neither twin looks anything like they did when they were younger. Some people say that the twins have gone too far, while others believe that plastic surgery was the twins’ choice and that people shouldn’t judge them for their choices.

#5 Marrying a MurdererEdith Casas had a twin sister name Johana. Sadly, Johana was murdered by a man named Victor. After the murder, Edith got to know Victor while he was in prison. During this time, the couple fell in love. After Victor was released from prison, Edith married him even though he was responsible for her twin sister’s death. Most people found this to be shocking considering the strong bond that most twins have with one another. After the marriage, Edith became estranged from her entire family who will grieve the loss of Johana for the rest of their lives. Chances are Johana is turning over in her grave.

#6 Chance Meeting TwinsJim Springer and Jim Lewis were twins that were separated at birth. When twins were put up for adoption years ago, it was very rare that they were kept together. When the two men met as adults, they realized that they looked a lot alike. After having a conversation, they discovered that both of their wives’ names were Betty. They both drove the same kind of car, had the same career, they drank the same type of beer, and they smoked the same brand of cigarettes. They eventually found out that they were twins that were separated at birth. Even though they didn’t grow up together, they still shared 87 percent of the same characteristics.

#7 The Crawley SistersThe Crawley sisters were twins who were living in an anti-bomb bunker during World War II. The twins lived in Poland and they could not go outdoors in fear of being killed. For over 21 years, the girls were confined to a small space together. They grew up together and they were forced to literally do everything together since they couldn’t leave the bunker. When the war ended and a peasant found them living underground, one of the sisters was feeding on the dead sister to avoid starving to death. This is one of the creepiest and most rare twin cases in the world.

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