Nine New Kitchen Gadgets You Absolutely Need In Your Life

In this fast-paced world, it can be difficult budgeting your time in order to make home-made meals and snacks. As a result, we often take shortcuts we know we shouldn’t, and settle for fast food that’s not very healthy for us. But if you’d like to spend less time eating out of a bag, Facts Verse has compiled this list of gadgets that will make the most of what little time you do have in the kitchen.
1. An Apple Slicer.While most of us don’t mind simply biting into a nice crisp apple, studies
have shown that children are more likely to eat this healthy fruit if it’s been sliced first. And although cutting up a single apple isn’t all that time consuming, what if you’re making, say, an apple pie and need to cut up a bunch of them? That could take a while. But not with an apple slicer. Simply hold the slicer by the handles and push it down on top of the apple or pear. In one motion, you’ve just created perfect slices, while also removing the core—and you’ve got a healthy snack in seconds.
2. An Egg Yolk Separator.Whether you’re watching your cholesterol, or just want to make a soufflé or meringue, sometimes it’s necessary to separate an egg yolk from the white. Doing this by hand can not only be time consuming, but messy. That’s where an egg yolk separator comes in. For years, the most common design has been a slotted spoon-like device that holds the yolk, while allowing the egg white to filter through. More recently, though, many have come to prefer a faster suction method, especially when dealing with multiple eggs. Simply give the bulb a squeeze, place the opening against an egg yolk, and release to suck the yolk away from the whites, while keeping it completely intact.
3. The Bear Claw.Whether you need to keep a watermelon from rolling while you slice it, or you’re shredding pork or chicken, or carving a turkey or roast, these claw-shaped utensils are a must-have for your kitchen. The handle fits comfortably in your fist, allowing you to steady a melon for cutting, or meat for slicing. Because of its width, the Bear Claw grabs onto your food much more reliably and safely than a fork. And speaking of forks, the Bear Claw’s tines make shredding meat a snap. Now, don’t you wanna get your paws on some Bear Claws?
4. A Pineapple Slicer.Let’s face it: Pineapples have really tough skins, and cutting this delicious fruit into slices can be a major, messy undertaking. But thanks to this handy slicer, you can separate the tasty pineapple flesh from the hard outer shell in a snap. Just line up the serrated corer over the top of the pineapple’s core, then twist the handle, and watch it auger into the fruit. Once you reach the bottom, simply pull up on the handle, and voila!— You’ve got a coil of juicy, ready-to-eat pineapple rings, completely separated from the core
and outer shell.
5. A Watermelon Corer and Slicer. Nothing beats juicy watermelon on a summer day. Cutting into one of these monstrosities, however, can be a messy proposition. But not anymore! Meet the watermelon corer and slicer. Just cut your watermelon in half, and the corer-slicer does the rest. Its curved, dual-blade design conforms to the natural shape of the watermelon, cutting you the perfect slice every time—and without the rind. Its design even allows you to use the corer-slicer as serving tongs.
6. An Avocado Slicer.If this year’s global shortage and skyrocketing prices haven’t deterred you from buying avocados, we’ve got just the tool to make preparing them less timeconsuming and less messy—an avocado slicer. This three-in-one tool not only splits and slices the avocado, but makes removing the pit a snap. Once you’ve split the avocado in  half, the pitter requires only a quick turn of the wrist to gently remove the sizable pit in the center. Then the slicer’s rounded design makes it easy to separate the fruit from the skin in even slices, and without wasting any of this tasty—and pricey—snack.
7. Pizza Scissors.While rotary pizza cutters have been a kitchen mainstay for a long time, a challenger has emerged: Pizza Scissors! Unlike cheaply-made pizza wheels that tend to bend and loosen over time—and not to mention displace your toppings as you cut—these pizza scissors leave your toppings neatly in place, while leaving you with a slice that’s just the right size every time. It’s design is perfectly safe to use on non-stick cookware, and won’t dull from using on a pizza stone. Pizza cutters and knives can be particularly troublesome when it comes to thicker, breadier deep dish pizzas. But pizza scissors easily and neatly
overcome this challenge. And the spatula tip on its side also makes it perfect for serving!
8. A Silicone Ice Cube Tray.Nothing is more frustrating than wrestling with that old plastic ice cube tray that leaves you covered in ice chips, while the cubes themselves remain stuck to the tray. Those days are over, my friends. Meet the silicone ice cube tray. It creates perfectly-shaped ice cubes without all the mess or leaving cubes stuck to the tray. And thanks to its durable silicone construction, it won’t crack or break like plastic trays, and can even be used to freeze baby food, broth, juice, coffee—virtually any liquid—without sticking to the tray!
9. The Pancake Pan.Whether you’re concerned about the use of oils when making pancakes, or you’re just wanting to make perfectly-round ones, the pancake pan is for you. The pan features divots to pour your batter into, allowing you to make several flawless pancakes at a time—without a spatula. And because of its non-stick design, there’s no need to use oil or other fats! Wow, healthy pancakes! Now, could you please pass me the butter and syrup?

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