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Recent Study Suggest Cell Phone Use Can Cause You To Develop Horn-Like Bone Spurs

Cell Phones

People have been using cell phones for decades. Do you remember the cell phones of the 80s? Sure not too many people had them, but they did exist. The first version of the cell phone was a huge block that was so big; you almost needed two hands to hold one. In the 90s, cell phones were much smaller and more affordable. This was when more people started using cell phones. In the 2000s, cell phones changed a lot. This was when the Smartphone was born.

The Smartphone

When Smartphones were released, everything changed. These phones made it possible to do everything that you could on your computer, without needing your computer. You can make calls, send texts, send and check emails, update your social media, watch movies and videos, and even read books. The invention of the Smartphone changed everything. Today, it isn’t just adults who have Smartphones. Teens and kids as young as 10-years-old are often seen walking around, checking their phones. Best of all, cell phone bills today are much cheaper than they once were. You can get a plan today with talk, text, and data for as low as $30. This is much better than the $300 bills we saw back in the 80s and 90s.

New Medical Issues

Most people spend hours and hours on their phones today. This has put us at risk to a few conditions that we didn’t have to worry about in the past. Some researchers believe that the radiation emitted from Smartphones can cause cancer. The blue light that comes from a Smartphone can damage your eyesight. When you bend your neck all day to see your phone, it can cause a new condition called text neck. As if this weren’t enough, a recent study suggests cell phone use might be causing humans to develop horn-like bone spurs.

Australian Study

The study that recognized this potential problem was performed in Australia. The study showed evidence of the development of horn-like bone spurs at the base of the skull in many young people. These bone spurs are not new. They were first reported in 1875; however, since then, they were seen in people 40-years-old or older. These bone spurs developing in the base of the skull occurred in older people, but they weren’t very common. Thanks to the invention of the Smartphone, things have changed.

How Do These Bone Spurs Occur?

Bone spurs at the base of the skull occur when the next is extended for a period of time. This can be when it is tilted forward or down. Each time the weight of your head shifts forward, the weight is placed on the muscle rather than the bone. Over time, this excess pressure is too much for the muscle, and bone begins to form. These are the bone spurs in the base of the skull that has been seen more often in young people.

The Study

The participants of the study were Australians between the ages of 18 and 30-years-old. These ages were chosen because people between 18 and 30 spend the most time on their phones. The researchers performed X-rays, MRIs, and blood tests on 218 participants. After running the tests, it was determined that 41 percent of the participants had horn-like bone spurs that ranged in size from 10 to 30 millimeters. The doctor who ran the study, Dr. David Shahar made it a point in his findings that in most cases, the size of the bone spurs are usually just a few millimeters; however, the ones found during this study were much larger.

Concerns: Horn-Like Bone

According to Dr. Shahar, it isn’t the bone spurs that you should be especially worried about. You should be more concerned about your posture. Over times, these bone spurs can affect your posture, which can put excess pressure on your spine. When this happens, it can cause pain, pressure, and in time, issues with your physical appearance.

Preventing These Issues

Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can prevent the bones spurs and the posture issues that go along with them. First, stop relying on your Smartphone so much. Take breaks often, and put your phone down. You don’t need to be connected constantly. Also, when you are using your phone, try holding it up more. If you aren’t bending your neck too much while using your phone, you can prevent these bone spurs from occurring.

Professional Help

If you are experiencing posture issues, you should get professional help now, before the problem worsens. You can work with a physical therapist who can work with you on exercises to strengthen the muscles in your neck. This will help improve your posture and reduce the risk of your bone spurs growing.

Stay Alert

It is essential that you remain vigilant when it comes to cell phone use. This is especially true if you have a young child who recently got a phone. The sooner you teach your child good cell phone habits, the better.

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