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Remember ‘The Human Barbie’? Well, You Should See Her Now


Just about every girl loved Barbie growing up. You could change her outfits, put her in her Barbie Dream House, and she drove a pink corvette. Some people accuse Barbie of setting unrealistic beauty standards for girls. Most girls won’t grow up to be tall, with a tiny waist, ample breasts, long legs, and long blonde hair. While many women would love to look like Barbie, most girls won’t grow up to look like her. One woman loved Barbie so much that she was willing to great lengths to look just like her.

Valeria Lukyanova

Valaria Lukyanova lives in Ukraine but was born in the small eastern European nation of Moldova. Growing up, she loved dolls. He had a huge doll collection, and each doll had her own stylish wardrobe. Most girls would dress their dolls and have pretend weddings with Ken or random action figures. Valeria was different. She was very interested in the symmetry of her dolls’ bodies. She was fascinated by their shape, and it was something that stayed with her for her entire life.

A Normal Girl

Even though Valeria had a strange obsession with her dolls, she had a normal childhood. When she was growing up in Moldova, it was still part of the USSR. Her mother, Irina, worked for the Russian army, her father, Valery, was a builder. He also worked at night as a DJ. Growing up, people always told Valeria that she was beautiful. For some reason, she didn’t believe it. She always thought that she would be prettier if she looked like one of her dolls.

Making Decisions

Valeria saw that her father worked a conventional job and also a non-conventional job. This showed her that the possibilities for her were endless. In 2014, things were getting bad between Russia and Ukraine. She decided that it was time to get far away from the war. Of all the places in the U.S. to move, she chose Mexico. After her big move, she thought about what she would do for a living. She didn’t want to work two jobs like her father, and she didn’t want to work a mundane job like her mother. She thought that maybe modeling would be a great job for her.

Miss Diamond Crown Of the World

Valeria was a beautiful woman, and her modeling career was taking off. In 2007, she was crowned Miss Diamond Crown of the World. At this time, she may have had a few surgical enhancements, but for the most part, she looked natural. She had naturally pouty lips, beautiful dark eyes, long lashes, and long blonde hair. For some reason, she still wasn’t happy with her appearance. She didn’t look as much like her childhood dolls as she wanted to.

The Transformation

Valeria started with breast implants. She was so happy with the results that she decided to take it a step further. She had more procedures, but she denied it. She told people that her figure was the result of good genes, diet, and exercise. With all of her denials, people didn’t believe her. It was crazy to think that she could have a 19-inch waist based on her height and proportions. Even the most famous supermodels didn’t have waists this small. Another red flag was her ribs. Typically, when a woman is very thin, you can see her ribs jutting out. Valeria’s didn’t, which led people to believe that she had several of her ribs removed. Critics were tearing apart her photos to prove that she had plenty of surgery to look the way she did.

The Proof Is In the Pudding

The experts agreed that she had large breasts, but no upper ribs to support them. They also mentioned that her waist disappeared inward into her hips. Her figure was not natural, and it was apparent. She continued to deny the rumors, saying that she barely ate, and when she did, it was a liquid diet. She also said that she worked out for several hours a day. While working out, she wouldn’t allow herself any water. This is a dangerous lifestyle, but it didn’t bother Valeria. She was determined to look just like the dolls that she played with growing up.

Air and Sunshine

For a while, Valeria tried to live like a breatharian, which meant that she tried to survive by living off sunshine and air. This didn’t work out too well for her. Soon, she decided that she would avoid sunlight altogether. She tries not to go out during daylight. She loved her smooth, fair skin, and she didn’t want anything to tarnish it. She also decided to come clean. After years of denying that she had any surgical enhancements, she began opening up about what she really had done.


On Halloween night in 2014, Valeria was heading home for the night when two assailants attacked her outside of her home. One of them was strangling her, but thanks to her neighbor, she survived. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment. There was no way of knowing who did it because she was always a target for hate. There are plenty of trolls online who are always putting her down for the things that she has done to her body.

Never Perfect

Valeria says that although she likes the way that she looks, she is never going to be perfect. Some people say that this is an unhealthy attitude, but she says that striving for perfection is what keeps her going. Remember ‘the Human Barbie’? Well you should see her now.

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