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Scientist Accidentally Finds A Decades-Old Puzzle Hidden In The Rainforest

Mysteries Of The World

Humans have been exploring the world for thousands of years. We have explored everything from the ocean all the way to the moon. Although the Age of Exploration is over, there is still plenty that we don’t know about our planet. Some of the mysteries are waiting to be uncovered, and others, we may never figure out. Recently, a scientist accidentally finds a decades-old puzzle hidden in the rainforest.

Julian Bayliss

Julian Bayliss is a conservationist who always dreamed of going on grand adventures. He loved to travel the world and see things that have never been witnessed. When he couldn’t get out to have a great adventure, he would use Google Maps daydream about the possibilities of what is out there. When he was scrolling through Google Maps one day, he noticed something that stopped him cold.


He was looking at the top of Mount Lico in Mozambique; he spotted something he didn’t expect to see. It was an entire rainforest. He was shocked because it wasn’t seen on any map, which led him to believe that nobody had ever been there. Judging by what he saw on the screen, Julian thought that the rainforest was impenetrable. This caused him to become excited because he might have a chance to go where no man has ever gone before.

Gathering a Team

Julian knew that if he was this excited about going to the rainforest others would be excited as well. He gathered a team of 28 people to go on an expedition. He invited scientists, doctors, rock climbers, and even a chef. Also, he chose this particular group of people because they were the best at what they did.

Access To the Mountain

The group had to gain access to the base of the mountain through several villages. They had to negotiate with the locals and navigate very rough terrain. Because there were no roads, they had to abandon their vehicles. Despite the fact that they had no idea what was ahead of them, they pressed on.

Arriving At the Base

When the team arrived at the base, they discovered that the mountain was taller than they expected. It was so tall that they couldn’t even see the top. Mount Lico is over 400-feet, which is taller than two Leaning Tower of Pisa combined. If they made one step, it could be fatal. One member of the group was Jules Lines, the most accomplished free-soloist rock climber in the world. For him, the trip to the top took 11 minutes. The less experienced members of the group took two hours to get to the top. They were psychologically tested because they had no idea what horrific things lay ahead.

Reaching the Top

When the team reached the top of the peak, they were welcomed by thousands of butterflies that swarmed around them. On the surface, Lico is a beautiful place with life. Unfortunately, things weren’t as wondrous as they thought. As they moved further across the mountain, they discovered poisonous caterpillars. They were crawling into their shoes and their tents. They saw rats the size of cats with long tails and sharp pointed teeth. And they couldn’t believe the number of spiders that were living on the mountain. There were thousands of them.

Jonathan Timberlake’s Injuries

Jonathan Timberlake, a botanist, felt a sharp sting on his leg. When he looked down, there was blood everywhere. He discovered that a sharp blade of grass had cut him. He knew that he couldn’t get advanced medical care, and he was hours away from a hospital, so he tried to calm himself down. Trying to stay calm didn’t help. The next day, his whole leg was burning. He felt weak, and he had a fever. The team knew that he needed medical attention, so they strapped him into his harness and brought him down to base camp.

By the time he reached the bottom, he had a very high fever, and he was hallucinating. The doctor was worried and loaded him with antibiotics trying to kill off whatever infection Jonathan was suffering from. Fortunately, he made a full recovery, but decided not to go back up and remained at base camp.

A Strange Tribe

While exploring the mountain, a scientist found a handmade pot. This made the team wonder who was on the mountain. They asked the locals if they knew of anyone ever trying to climb the mountain. The elders admitted to hearing stories of a tribe of little people who lived on the mountain. When locals try to climb the mountain, the tribe would throw snakes at them. They also mentioned an incident where Portuguese soldiers tried to climb the mountain, and the people of the tribe cut the rope, causing them to fall to their deaths.

Who Were These People

The elders told a story of German colonizers who forced a group of locals to move to the mountaintop. This was basically a death sentence. When the people got to the top, the Germans cut the ropes, leaving them with little food and no way home. The team thought that they would explore a place never seen by man, only to learn that there was a horrific story behind it.

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