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Sharon Osbourne Just Destroyed Her Career

Sharon Osbourne is no stranger to controversy. When you’re married to the so-called prince of darkness. Controversy is just one of those things that comes with the territory. Just like her husband, Ozzy, Sharon’s always been highly opinionated and never afraid to speak her mind. But it looks like this time she’s talked herself into some hot water that might have some lasting repercussions. Some are even saying that she’s just effectively ruined her career by creating a ‘toxic environment’ on the set of CBS’s ‘The Talk‘.

We’ll explore the specifics of that in a moment, but first let’s gather a little bit of information to catch you up to speed. So, you’ve got numerous sources coming forward accusing Ms. Osbourne of making racist and offensive remarks recently on ‘The Talk’. Of course, one of Sharon’s reps has already issued a statement denying all of these allegations. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

CBS had already put ‘The Talk’ on a temporary hiatus following a whirlwind of controversy that erupted after Sharon vocalized her support for Piers Morgan. And in case you’re completely out of the loop and don’t know whats going on with that, here are the cliffnotes. Join Facts Verse to know the details of how Sharon Osbourne Just Destroyed Her Career.

The Piers Morgan Incident

So. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave this compelling and remarkably candid interview with Oprah last week they detailed some of their more difficult experiences with the royal family. The interview was particularly noteworthy. And not to mention polarizing – because they presented some seriously disturbing allegations that cast the Royal Family in a less-than-flattering light

For one thing, Meghan discussed how she and her baby, Archie, have subjected to racism and prejudice by some members of the brood. She also painfully recounted how her cries for help essentially ignored when she was dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Not surprisingly, the interview met with extremely mixed reactions. Some stood behind the crown and accused Meghan and Harry of being liars. And while others – and perhaps even the majority – listened to and empathized with the couple. If what they said was true, it meant that the the royal family was facing not only a reckoning of sorts. But also a major PR disaster.

One of the fiercest critics of Meghan and Harry’s revelations was Britain’s own Piers Morgan. The former host of Good Morning Britain and former editor and contributor of the Daily Mirror. He essentially called out Meghan as being a liar and accused her of concocting her claims to mar the royal families image.

On Good Morning Britain on March 8th and 9th, he said that he doubted the accuracy of her account. He even wrote an op-ed for the Daily Mail where he called the interview ‘repulsively disingenuous’. He then got into a heated on-air argument with his co-host Alex Beresford which ultimately led to to him walking off the set. Later that day, he announced via social media that he was leaving the show for good.

For the most part, Piers Morgan’s hot-take met with condemnation by both those in the media and by social media users. Morgan attracted a lot of ire over his scathing assessment, with some even calling him racist. And to be fair, by invalidating Meghan’s claims and calling her a liar, he was essentially taking the abusers side. It wasn’t exactly a good look.

Initially, Osbourne appeared to champion Morgan’s inflammatory views. Or at the very least she expressed her support for his freedom of expression.

‘I am with you. I stand by you. People forget that you’re paid for your opinion and that you’re speaking your truth’ Osbourne tweeted.

Sharon’s defense of Morgan didn’t exactly sit well with the public either. Nor it warmly received by her co-workers. In fact, on ‘The Talk’ it fueled this heated exchange between her and co-host Sheryl Underwood. She was just being a drama queen. But Osbourne even said that she felt like about to be put in the electric chair just for having a friend who people think is a racist. Join Facts Verse to know the details of how Sharon Osbourne Just Destroyed Her Career.

Now that CBS has put ‘The Talk’ on hiatus following the fall-out from her remarks. She seems to be backpeddling from her previous position. How convenient, right?

Today, were going to be taking an objective look at the situation that Sharon Osbourne currently finds herself in while taking a little trip down memory lane to see what kind of trouble she’s gotten herself into in the past. So grab a snack, pull up a chair, and get comfy because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

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Piers Morgan Claims That Sharon Bullied And Shamed

At this point, Sharon Osbourne claims that regrets ever getting involved in this sticky situation. If she had a time machine, she’d probably go back and stay out of it.

Her initial defense of her friend was especially reactionary and prompted a highly-charged exchange on her talk show. Now, Sharon is issuing an apology over her hasty reaction to his comments. She claims that she panicked, felt blindsided, got defensive, and allowed her own fear of being accused of being racist to cloud her judgment.

In one Tweet, she reaffirmed that she will always support freedom of speech. But made it clear that she does not condone racism, misogyny or bullying.

Morgan, on the other hand, refuses to back down. He still maintains his opinions and has refused to issue Meghan and Harry an apology. It doesn’t stop there either. In fact, he claims that Sharon shamed and bullied into making an apology.

In his mind, Osbourne’s colleagues and the media used the threat of ‘canceling’ her to coerce her into retracting her defense of his comments.  That’s not all! Believe it or not, but Morgan actually believes that he is the one who truly deserves an apology.

Even though he is likely leaving Good Morning Britain for good. Page Six is reporting that Morgan is in good spirits and that he actually thrives on all of this negative attention. So who knows, if all else fails, maybe Sharon and Morgan can link up for their own talk show someday. You think anyone would watch it?

This latest chapter is not Sharon Osbourne’s first bout with controversy. In fact, she has run into trouble quite a few times throughout her decades in the spotlight. Here are a few examples of past controversies that she has found herself caught up in. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. If we wanted to give you an exhaustive list of her flubs, we’d be here all day. Join Facts Verse to know the details of how Sharon Osbourne Just Destroyed Her Career.

The Iron Maiden – Ozzfest Incident

Back in 2005, during Iron Maiden’s final performance at Ozzfest, several attendees in the front row. It which included members of Sharon’s entourage. Started bombarding the band with eggs, battle caps and ice.

Reportedly, Kelly, Sharon and Ozzy’s daughter, also took part in throwing things at the band. Several times throughout the performance the PA system switched off cutting of lead singer Bruce Dickinson’s microphone and the band’s instruments.

Audio captured from the concert revealed that Dickinson accused the festival’s organizers of intentionally cutting off the band’s power. After they left the stage, Sharon went up and told the crowd that while she ‘absolutely loved Iron Maiden’. She thought that Bruce was a ‘prick’ and that they had been disrespectful towards Ozzfest since they signed on for the tour. Her comments met with boos. And shortly after she said what she had to say, she stormed off the stage in a huff. Join Facts Verse to know the details of how Sharon Osbourne Just Destroyed Her Career.

The Smashing Pumpkins Incident

In 2000, Sharon resigned from her position as manager of The Smashing Pumpkins. She issued a memo which stated that while she has always taken a lot of pride in managing the band. She was resigning due to medical reasons.

What kind of medical reasons you might be wondering? Well I’m glad you asked because Sharon says that working with Billy Corgan, The Smashing Pumpkins frontman, making her sick. So no, she wasn’t actually ill. She was just being spiteful and juvenile.

In 2008 she revealed that she and Corgan had since made up.

The Catherine Kieu Incident

In 2011, Sharon and several of her colleagues from The Talk came under fire for their comments pertaining to the story of Catherine Kieu. In case you don’t remember who the heck that is, Kieu is an American woman who was convicted of torture and aggravated mayhem in 2013 for cutting off her husbands penis and throwing it into her garbage disposal after catching  him with another woman.

Osbourne laughed about the incident and referred to the horrific crime as ‘quite fabulous’. Co-hot Sara Gilbert tried to be the voice of reason by pointing out that if the genders reversed. And it was a woman who’s genitals were mutilated, nobody would be laughing.

Sharon shrugged her criticism off by saying that it was somehow different. Osbourne later apologized for her behavior and comments stating that she was sorry that had offended people and that she does not support or condone genital mutilation.

After that incident, Sharon’s co-hosts Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peele were both released from their contracts.

The House Fire Incident

Osborne appeared on a British panel show called ‘Would I Lie To you?’ in 2019. The show featured guests who would make statements about themselves then panelists would try to decide whether their claims were true or false.

Sharon made the shocking claim that during a house fire a number of years ago she had her assistant go back into the burning building to retrieve her art collection. She further claimed that she had actually ripped an oxygen mask off of her assistant to give to her dog instead.

She then fired the poor guy after he didn’t find the situation humorous. He apparently believed that he might have sustained lung damage from all of that smoke installation. But she could have cared less. She faulted the guy for showing no sense of humor during the fire and told him to essentially kick rocks.

After the panelists deliberated, Sharon confirmed that the incident was indeed a true story. The clip from the show ended up going viral after it was uploaded on YouTube and was immediately met with a  landslide of negative reception. The backlash didn’t stop there either.  Disgruntled Twitter users proceeded to tear her apart as well. It was kind of a mess.

Sharon Osbourne has always been proudly uncouth and a little rough around the edges. That’s just her persona. But you would think that she would be more cautious when choosing her words. It’s one thing to be a little abrasive and to harbor unpopular opinions from time to time. Buts it’s something completely different when you start aligning yourself with racists, misogynists, and attempted murderers.

Maybe in the future, she’ll exercise a little more restraint and show a little more forethought before taking sides on such hot-button issues.

Anyway, what do you think about her apology? Do you believe that she’s actually remorseful for supporting Piers Morgan or do you think she just retracted her support to save face? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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