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Susan Sarandon Reveals Why She Only Dates Younger Men

Susan Sarandon was born on October 4, 1946, in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, New York. She may have always been destined for fame and fortune. But navigating through her youth was not the simplest of tasks.

She was one of nine kids. As such, she had to spend a lot of her time looking over her siblings like some sort of a parental figure when they were young. While she was generally speaking delighted to do the job, it wasn’t without it’s struggles.

She had to make certain sacrifices to ensure that Susan’s family well taken care of. Being the oldest of her siblings gave Susan an early sense of obligation. She had to push through her own spacey tendencies and selfish teenage desires to be the best big sister that she could be. She didn’t want to let them down.

In one interview with Time Out magazine, Sarandon discussed how her family life impacted her development. She described her parents as being overwhelmed. Neither of them had their own families to lean upon, so when they found each other and started having kids. They created this big tribe of people with very little knowledge or experience of how to deal with kids.

Little did she know, but Susan was actually getting some good early experience for show business. Dealing with a total lack of privacy and balancing all the chaos around her helped her gain the skills that she would later use once she made it to Hollywood.

She Knows She Wants

Now that she’s 74, Susan Sarandon has a respectable number of professional achievements under her belt. As an entertainer, producer, and activist, she’s gathered up numerous honors and award nominations. She keeps her romantic life similarly dynamic as well, and revealed that she has an unmistakable taste in who she dates.
Specifically, Sarandon says she favors dating younger men. She says she finds inquisitive young minds more intriguing than seasoned older gentlemen. That’s the quality that she is looking for the most. She want’s to stimulated with good conversation and healthy curiosity. Far too often, older men become dull and jaded.
Sarandon, recently sat down and talked with Australian actor Sam Neill, best known for Jurassic Park series of films, about her love life. The two discussed the subject of dating, with which Sarandon is still very much so still actively engaged in.
Again,the thing that she emphasized the most was her love for younger men. More often than not, she finds men her own age to be drab and boring. Younger men still have this sense of awe and adventure. They are curious and inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions.

She even went as far as saying that somebody like Neil himself, would fit what she was looking for quite nicely. She went on to explain that she can only be with people who are ‘looking, interested and asking questions.’
Susan explained that when you’re young, nobody knows anything and everything is new. As you age, that inquisitive nature slowly starts to fade away.
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She’s Had Her Fair Share Of Flings

Sarandon is a very capable woman of many talents and has been in numerous exclusive relationships. She’s even married once before. She married her first and only husband, Chris Sarandon. in 1967. Twelve years later they called it quits and divorced.

Some of her other partners included Franco Amur, Tim Robbins, and Jonathan Bricklin.

After discussing her love life, Susan opened up a bit about some of her career accomplishments. Sarandon has taken home a BAFTA Award, Academy Award, and SAG Award among many other coveted trophies. And that’s not even counting all the Primetime and Golden Globe nods she’s earned.

Those honors aside, Susan’s fans would still always remember her from film’s like The Rocky Horror Picture, Thelma and Louise, and Dead Man Walking
Outside her work in Hollywood. She is an outspoken activist who advocates for civil liberties and battles to fight world hunger. Her work has earned her the Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award. And as of 2010, she’s also a FAO Goodwill Ambassador
Susan Sarandon has been a staple among the A-list Hollywood crowd for more than forty years. She is known as much for her off-screen endeavors as she is for her film work. She has kept her personal life pretty much private, though she has begun to open up a bit more about some of her private battles.

After graduating from Catholic University with a Bachelor’s degree in drama, Susan chose to explore her craft while serving as an understudy under the late-great Gilbert V. Hartke.

Susan and her husband at the time,Chris Sarandon, both tried out for roles in the 1969 film Joe. Chris turned down for the part he interested in but Susan on the other hand won the part of Melissa. The film put Susan in her first significant major movie role, and it was a colossal achievement, making many times its budget at the box office.

Sarandon’s fledgling role in Joe helped open several much-needed doors for her career. She quickly developed into an actress with a consistent work load, landing recurring roles in Soap operas and small film projects, including Rocky Horror Picture Show, which unexpectedly exploded into this big gigantic cult hit.
Her first taste of critical acknowledgment came after starring in the film Atlantic City where she featured opposite superstar Burt Lancaster. Susan recognized with a Best Actress nod at the Academy Awards that year for her role. She would eventually go on to earn another four Oscar nominations.

A Period of Uncertainty

Despite the fact that she was an Oscar nominee, Sarandon entered a frustrating stage in her career during her 30s. She revealed to The Guardian, that she wasn’t getting the kind of parts that were challenging her enough. Although, she was earning a decent living and having a good time doing it, she still had this longing for something more. She wanted the opportunity to prove her worth, but she realized that she was at a crossroads and needed to move on in some kind of way. Fortunately, an excellent opportunity was right around the corner.

Susan took a a little detour from film into the world of theater prior to landing one of her biggest roles of her career. She was not finding the parts that she wanted, so she began an improv group with a few of her close friends.

In 1981, she worked on the off-Broadway show A Couple White Chicks Sitting Around Talking which got excellent reviews. Sarandon kept on acting all throughout the 80s, however, her path took a significant turn after signing on to Ron Shelton’s film Bull Durham in 1988.

The studio felt that she was too old for the lead female role of Annie, so Sarandon flew herself to personally meet Shelton for an audition. She had a plan. Wearing the same kind seductive off-the-shoulder dress like the one she would eventually wear in the film. she was able to prove the studio execs wrong and went on to become the focal point of the hit film’s love triangle.

Because of her young marriage, Sarandon didn’t start seeing other men until later on in life. As her profile grew, the newly single Susan started plunging her toes in the big-name dating waters. At a certain point, she was romantically involved with her Atlantic City director, Academy Award winner Louis Malle.

In 2014, she revealed that she had once engaged in a a relationship with rock legend David Bowie. She went as far as to call him ‘extraordinary’. The two apparently met while shooting the 1983 vampire film The Hunger.

Sarandon welcomed a new person into her life once again when she began seeing Franco Amurri. He was an Italian producer best known for producing the Italian film that later inspired Tom Hanks coming-of-age classic Big.

The two met on the set of The Tempest a couple of years earlier. Neither Susan nor Franco suggested that the relationship should keep going long as they both anticipated that it would probably just be a quick fling.

Lo and behold, they bother fairly surprised when Susan became pregnant with his child. Even though she didn’t know how it would effect her career, Susan chose to go through with the pregnancy anyway. Little baby Eva Amurri was born on March 15, 1985.

Franco and Susan ended up breaking up three years later in 1988, but he remained an active force in his daughters life even after the split.

A Wave of Success

Susan’s relationship with author Tim Robbins came at one of the most prosperous times of her career. Bull Durham had become one of the highest grossing films of 1988. Not only were her films successful, but she had become one powerhouse of an actress, picking up several more nominations and awards along the way.

Between 1991 and 1995, Susan nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress four times including for her roles in Thelma & Louise, Lorenzo’s Oil, and The Client. Finally, in 1995, she finally won her first Oscar for Dead Man Walking. Sarandon thrilled to have at last after all her hard work won an Oscar.

In 2009, Sarandon got involve in an exciting new project. She obtained, with several co-investors, SPiN, a table tennis club and bar. Since its beginning, Sarandon has assisted SPiN with opening locations all over the world, including New York, San Francisco, Dubai, and Toronto. SPiN allows guests to reserve tables and play ping pong in a social setting. Sometimes this even includes perks celebrity appearances and expert ping pong players to help novices hone their skills. This grown-up play-place has become a very successful venture for Sarandon.

Single and Ready to Mingle

At 71, Sarandon revealed that her sexual orientation isn’t quite as straight forward as you may have suspected. She said that her orientation is “open” and “up for grabs.” Sarandon conceded that she is into both men and women.

Even so, Susan consistently had a man close by in her more youthful days. During the 80s, she once had an affair with one of her co-stars from The Hunger, Philip Sayer. The British actor, died in 1989 yet was well-known for being gay.

His orientation didn’t prevent them from enjoying each others company. In fact, she has spoken fairly fondly of the time that they spent with each other.

The Family Grows Again

In 2011, her daughter Eva got engaged to former soccer star Kyle Martino. Just three years after tying the knot, the young couple brought a bouncing baby girl into the world. Kyle and Eva named their new little bundle of joy Marlowe Mae. Two years later, Eva gave birth to her second child, Major James.

Susan was nothing short of thrilled to finally have the opportunity to be a grandmother. Her child-bearing years were long behind her at that point, but having the new additions to the family was like a breath of fresh air for everyone involved.
Susan finds that being a grandmother is so much easier than being a mother. According to her, when you’re a grandparent, you don’t have that constant worry that’s in the back of your mind all the time. When things get stressful – or messy – you can just hand the little one back over to their mom and dad and suddenly the burden is off your shoulders. For now, Susan is fairly content spending her time taking Instagram photos with the family and reaping the benefits of being at retirement age.

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