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She Found This Stranded ‘Ghost Ship’ And Went In. What She Found Inside Is Totally Stunning


Most people enjoy kayaking because it gives them a chance to get out on the open water. When most people go kayaking, they don’t expect to find much. They often run across sand bars, different types of sea life, and even other kayakers. Most kayakers don’t expect to come across a ghost ship. The kayaker who came across the ship was in Romania, just off the coast of the Black Sea.

Right Through the Hole

The massive ship had a crack on the side of the hull. The crack was large enough that the kayaker could fit right through. Most people would be afraid to enter an abandoned ship, but this man wasn’t. He was an adventurer, so he decided to go right in through the hole. What he did was very brave and also very stupid. The structure of the ship was very unstable, and it could have crumbled at any time. Even the slightest nudge could have caused the entire ship to come down around him.

Using Caution

The kayaker understood the dangers of going in, so he used caution. Rather than using his paddles that could have struck the sides of the ship, he used his hands to get through. It was very dark inside the ship, but fortunately, there was light pouring through the cracks, allowing him to see where he was going.

An Eerie Vibe

When the kayaker got into the ship, he realized that there was an eerie vibe. The ship had worn down a lot over time, which make the inside look like a villain’s lair. There were girders ribbing the walls and ceiling, and enormous gears and pistons blocked certain pathways. The ship’s disrepair made it look very creepy.

The Ship’s Manufacturer

On the main engine, there is a logo for Harland & Wolff Iogo. This was the same company responsible for building the SS Titanic, which sunk, and killed over a thousand people. Today, the Titanic is sitting on the ocean floor, deteriorating more and more every day.

The Ship’s History

While the inside of the ship was pretty incredible, the history of the ship is also fascinating. The ship had spent years navigating the waters of the world before it was abandoned entirely. When it was in use, it was part of the UK’s Ministry of War Transport as an Empire Ship. It was used during wartime and gave the country’s fleet a bit extra. Before World War II and before, the United Kingdom boasted the largest fleet of merchant ships. Unfortunately, the war claimed over 4,000 of them. German U-boats often patrolled the waters to find, and sink enemy vessels. This particular ship was built in 1942, in a shipyard in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The vessel weighed 7,355-tons. Based on its current state, it is surprising to hear that it actually survived World War II.

Frozen Meats

The ship’s purpose wasn’t very glamorous. It was used to transport frozen meat from Argentina in 1944 and 1845. The vessel made regular stops in North Africa, Algiers, Australia, and Cuba. The ship was just 26-years-old when it ran aground only 16 miles south of the largest port in the Black Sea. By this time, the ship’s name was changed to MV E Evangelia. Since it was impossible to move the ship, the crew abandoned it, and left it to float alone.


When the ghost ship was first discovered, looters went inside looking for anything of value. If there was anything there, it was taken. Today, it is reduced to nothing but a great place to take photos. People love to visit the ship to take pictures.


The ship is a common tourist attraction, but there are some people who take a risk that they shouldn’t. By getting out of their boats and swimming in the ship, they could cut themselves on a sharp fragment, which can cause a very dangerous laceration. Getting on the deck is especially dangerous. People who have gone on the deck had to move past rusty pipes while climbing a ladder to a dark, windowless shaft.

Great Photos

She Found This Stranded ‘Ghost Ship’ And Went In. What She Found Inside Is Totally Stunning. The kayaker didn’t find anything of worth, but they did find a fantastic piece of history that is decaying more and more every day. Going into the ship isn’t the safest thing in the world, but it will allow you to see some pretty amazing sites. If you are going to take a trip to this ship, make sure that you are appropriately dressed to avoid being injured. Also, make sure that you have a flashlight for dark areas, or if the sun goes down while you are still inside. If you are the type of person who loves adventure, this ship is a great place to visit.

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