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She Was Gorgeous in the 70s, but Now We Feel Sorry for Her

Fans of legendary actress and entrepreneur Suzanne Somers have reacted with worry about her health, based on her appearance in some recent live stream on Instagram and Facebook Live. In this video, we’ll take a look at what’s potentially going on, as well as Somers’s history of health issues and scares. Join Facts Verse, as we present: She Was Gorgeous in the 70s, But Now We Feel Sorry for Her!

Suzanne Somers’ Recent Videos

Suzanne Somers and her husband Alan Hamel often film videos to sell health supplements and related products, and they will often live stream feeds from their house to promote the products. But recently, fans have noticed that Suzanne Somers’ status seems to have lost some of her usual pep and vigor. This has caused rampant speculation about her health, and overall well-being. Some fans posted on the videos, noting that she looks somber and potentially sad. They noted that even a few months ago, she looked much more vibrant and happier.

One person commented that they love her, but that they were worried for her well being. In another video, which featured Somers’ legs in the foreground of the shot, viewers commented that they felt her legs looked bruised. They also speculated that she hasn’t looked right for a while, and that she might be trying to look happy for the camera, but really isn’t. One commenter even went as far as to say, “Somebody stop them. She’s definitely struggling. Is it that important to push these products? Enough already.”

Of course, these comments are based on subjective ideas on what’s really going on with Suzanne Somers’ status. It’s possible she’s doing just fine, but moves and talks a little slower as she ages. That’s a pretty common thing. And perhaps she also isn’t THAT excited about being on camera trying to sell beauty and health supplements when she used to be on camera acting in hit shows and movies for a living. But that certainly wouldn’t be that much of a cause for concern.

At the same time, she does have a history of health related issues, and she’s also been a controversial voice in the world of alternative medicine and healing.

Her 2020 Fall

Suzanne Somers status of injury in 2020, and it’s possible she’s still recovering from its effects. She suffered a fall down the stairs at her home. The incident left her with a fractured hip, a black eye, and multiple bruises. In an interview with Closer Weekly, Somers described the traumatic fall. She said that she and her husband, Alan, were at the top of their bedroom stairs. She was holding his hand when he suddenly slipped, accidentally dragging her down the stairs with him as he tumbled down. Then, she told the publication that the next thing she knew, they had gone down 50 steps, and she had broken her neck, in addition to the injuries we mentioned earlier.

Suzanne Somers With Her Fans

Despite the severity of her injuries, Somers remained optimistic and shared updates on her recovery with her fans and followers on social media. In an Instagram post, Somers wrote, “I’m so grateful to have the support and love of my husband, family, and friends during this time. I’m taking it one day at a time, but I’m determined to get back on my feet and continue living life to the fullest.” She also posted a slightly tongue-in-cheek message, saying “It’s two weeks since I took a tumble on a set of stairs and lost my footing. Women of a certain age, don’t lose your balance.” Somers also shared that she was undergoing physical therapy to aid in her recovery and regain her mobility. She posted videos of herself working with her physical therapist and doing exercises to strengthen her muscles and improve her range of motion.

As a health advocate, Somers has always placed a strong emphasis on the importance of physical fitness and healthy living. Despite her injuries, she remained committed to her active lifestyle and worked hard to get back on track. She continued to share her workout routines with her followers, looking to show that age is just a number and that it’s never too late to prioritize your health and wellness.

Suzanne Somers’ Bout With Cancer

Suzanne Somers’ status with cancer began in when she was in her 30’s. She was diagnosed with skin cancer, but according to reports was able to fully recover from it. Then in 2000 cancer reared its ugly head again when she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. She opted for alternative treatments instead of traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which she felt would be too harsh on her body. She underwent a lumpectomy and then turned to alternative treatments such as Iscador, a mistletoe extract, and a ketogenic diet. Also, she also opted not to go for reconstruction surgery at first.

But 11 years later, she underwent a process called “cell-assisted lipotransfer” which helped reconstruct her breast. The was actually the first woman in the United States to have that process done to her. Despite some criticism from the medical community, Somers remained steadfast in her belief that alternative treatments could be effective in fighting cancer. In her book “Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer,” she interviewed doctors who shared her view that alternative treatments could be a viable option for cancer patients.

Suzanne’s Battles With Three’s Company

Suzanne has battled more than just cancer and tumbles down the stairs in her life. In her youth, she had to go from being the star of one of the top sitcoms of the late ‘70s and ‘80’s, to being unfairly fired and blackballed because of it. It started when her hit show, Three’s Company was in the middle of filming its 5th season, and Somers was potentially the most famous person on TV. And it just so happened that it was time for her to renegotiate her contract.

The network had originally offered her a lowball sum of $3,500 an episode for the first season, since she was an unknown actress who didn’t yet have a ‘quote’, which is the minimum amount that an actor will accept for an upcoming job. Quotes are based on the amount an actor pays previously and uses as a bargaining chip going into negotiations. But since Suzanne was new, and wanted the part badly, the network knew it could pay her a tiny amount.

The $30,000

However, over the course of the first few seasons, as the show became a hit, and she became a star, they bumped up her pay tenfold, to $30,000 per episode. While this was a huge sum of money, especially back then, it was still outrageously low, as compared to the male stars on TV. Men are making far more than their female counterparts across most industries, and it showcases perhaps no better than on TV and in film. What made it particularly frustrating for women like Suzanne was that she was clearly the biggest driver in keeping and expanding TV audiences, which in turn meant she was generating the most ad money for the network. And yet, co-star John Ritter was making five times her salary, even at the bumped up rate of $30,000 an episode.

Salary Negotiations

So, in 1980, when it is time for Suzanne to renegotiate her contract, she figures that she owes a lot more than she receives pay and that she had the bargaining chips to make that happen. At the time, John and their third co-star, Joyce DeWitt, had already renegotiated their contracts, so they were locked in already for more seasons. What Suzanne didn’t know at the time was that Ritter was making $150,000 per episode. She assumed they were all making the same amount. So she came to them with an idea. She said that she would ask for a big pay raise, to $150K per episode, and if she got it, she would split the increase evenly with them. She was also planning to ask for a piece of the back end, so she’d get residuals when the show went into syndication.

Suzanne decided she’d send in her husband, Alan Hamel, to negotiate on her behalf. Hamel was a former TV producer, so he knew the ropes of how these negotiations worked. She told him to play hardball in the negotiations, presuming that at the very least they’d meet her demands halfway. Or perhaps the worst they could do is say no, and keep her at the $30K per episode she was currently getting. What she didn’t see coming was that the network was not only going to say no to her demands, but they were going to fire her on the spot.

Why They Fired Suzanne

The primary reason they fired Suzanne Somers’ status from Three’s Company was… sexism. Back then, it was 100% acceptable for companies to blatantly pay their female employees far less than their male employees. And while today that gap still exists, it was much larger and more openly accepted in those days. The first element – one that Suzanne and Alan Hamel weren’t aware of – had nothing to do with Suzanne or Three’s Company.

The network had just completed a contract negotiation with the two stars of Laverne and Shirley – Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams. And they had given into the salary demands of both women. Thus they felt nervous about setting a precedent. They didn’t want their actresses across the board to hear that they were starting to pay women more and start asking for pay raises or equal pay. So, going into the negotiations with Alan Hamel, they were already ready to send a message. There was no room, in their eyes, for Suzanne’s salary to be bumped up.

And perhaps it was because Suzanne’s request was for five times her current salary that the network got unnerved and fired her. Either way, her husband had to come home that day and give her the bad news. Suzanne later looked back on that day, saying, “Never think that you are not replaceable — rule number one.”

Now it’s time to hear from you. Do you think Suzanne Somers’ status really has some health issues going on very recently, or do you think her live streams just show a woman who is getting older? Let us know in the comments section below!

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