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#1 The Letter X On Your Palm

People who read palms can tell help to predict your future. This practice has been popular for centuries, and it is said that Alexander The Great was interested in palmistry and he would read his own palms. He even made decisions based on what his palms told him. Many scholars say that Alexander had the letter X on his palm. It turns out that only 3 percent of the population has this mark. A study was performed at the STI University in Moscow to see how the letter X is associated with the fate of the person who has the mark. The study showed that people who had the X on their palm, either living or dead were either leaders, prisoners, or that they had extraordinary skills. The study also showed that people with this mark could forgive, but they couldn’t forget. They are also said to be able to easily adapt to different situations and they are lucky. Other than Alexander the Great, Abraham Lincoln and the Russian President Vladimir Putin also had the mark.

#2 The Long Palmar Muscle

This is a trait that some people have and it is a legacy from our ancestors. This muscle was used to help them climb trees with ease. To determine whether or not your have this muscle, simply put your hands on a flat surface, palm side up. Next, touch your thumb and your little finger and raise your wrist slightly. If the ligament in your wrist pops out, you are one of the few people who have a long palmar muscle. If you don’t have one, you shouldn’t worry. Unless you need to climb trees to gather your food, you really don’t need it. This is one of the SUPER BODY FEATURES ONLY 5% OF PEOPLE HAVE.

#3 Golden Blood (Rh-Null)

Golden blood is extremely rare. People who have this rare blood type have no antigens in their blood. This rare blood type wasn’t discovered until 1961. There are only 40 people who have golden blood which is called Rh-Null. Of the 40 known people, 9 of them are very valuable donors because they can donate to people with even the rarest blood types.

#4 Extremely Dense Bones

The gene LRP5 is responsible for the mineralization of bones. Scientists have discovered mutations in the gene which cause diseases accompanied by bone fragility, such as osteoporosis. There is another type of LRP5 mutation that gives people extremely strong bones that are almost impossible to break. It also makes the skin less prone to aging. It may sound like a great genetic mutation to have, however, there are some downsides. When an elderly person needs to have a worn out joint replaced, the excessively dense bones make this surgery impossible.

#5 A Hole Near the Ear

A tiny hole near the ear is a congenital articular fistula, which is formed during fetal development. This is a super body feature only 5% of people have. This is believed to be what is left over from when our ancestors once had gills. It is believed that this gene is inherited and can be present on one or both sides of the ears. The hole can be removed surgically but it isn’t really necessary. Having this hole poses no danger at all. People who do have it surgically removed do so just for cosmetic reasons.

#6 Impossibility of Cholesterol Growth

There is a very small group of some very lucky people who can eat anything they want without worrying about cholesterol. Their risk developing heart disease is reduced by up to 90 percent. The reason for this is that these people don’t have enough working copies of the PCSK9 gene. Pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of this condition and they are trying to create a drug that would block the gene. These pharmaceutical companies are hoping that is they can create the drug that it will put an end to heart disease forever. Since on of the major causes of death in middle age adults is heart disease and heart attacks, people can live much longer if this drug can be made. If the drug is created, the cost and availability of the drug can create a whole new list of problems.

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