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Super Powers You Can Have In Real Life

Super Powers You Can Have In Real Life

#1 Super Strength

There have been several stories in the news over the years about people who have exhibited super strength to save a person’s life. One of the most well-known stories is about a woman whose son was working on a car and it slipped and fell on him. She was able to lift the car enough so that he could free himself. Unfortunately, you cannot use this super strength whenever you like. In scary and serious ‘situations, your body will stop certain functions such as immune response and digestion. When this happens, the energy that is needed to make these functions work goes to your physical strength to do what it necessary. These functions don’t stop for long. It only happens for a few minutes, however, it gives you the chance to do what you need to save a life. Also, your adrenaline starts pumping when your body goes into fight mode, which also gives you the super strength that you need.

#2 Seeing With Your Ears

It is possible for a blind person to see with their ears. It is called echolocation. This superpower allows a person to mentally paint a picture of their environment to be able to maneuver. There are blind people who are able to ride a bike because their mind will draw a picture helping them avoid trees and boulders. The picture that they paint will also show them their path. People who are able to see do not have this special power. This is because they rely on their vision to see. If they cannot see, their ears will take over for them. Even if a blind person is walking, they will be able to tell where they are in the room and how close they are to a wall based on the sound of the way their voice echoes off the walls.

#3 Super Memory

As we get older, we often remember the important events that occurred in our lives. Most people cannot remember a summer day when they were 10 years old and nothing exciting happened. There are some people, however, who have an almost autobiographical memory. The technical name for this is hyperthymesia. This means that if you give them a date and time, they can tell you exactly what they were doing in that moment, even if it was a decade earlier. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this. Your brain automatically saves everything that it sees and it files it away. There are certain people who are able to access the brain’s directory easily, and they can pull anything up that they want. People without this superpower have these memories in their brain, however, the automatically prioritize the more important events, and they file the rest away.

#4 Immunity to Pain

This is one of the most dangerous of the 5 SUPER POWERS you can have in real life. Everyone can be immune to pain in serious situations. If your body experiences a severe trauma, your endorphins will kick in. This will temporarily shut off your body’s ability to feel pain. While it doesn’t last long, it helps you to get over the initial pain of the trauma. There are some people, however, who never feel pain at all. It is called Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. This may sound like a super power that you would love, however, it is actually a curse. It is also very dangerous. Pain is your body’s way of telling you to stop doing something that could seriously injure you. It is also your body’s way of telling you that there is something wrong. When a person cannot feel any pain, it can result in serious injuries and they wouldn’t even know that they are in pain. This may be great for a boxer or an MMA fighter, however, it can be very dangerous. There have been cases of people with immunity to pain who have scalded themselves on something hot and some have even bitten a chunk of their tongue off. When they cannot feel the pain, they don’t know when to stop.

#5 Time Manipulation

People who have been in combat or other life threatening situations have found that for a few seconds, everything starts moving in slow motion. In very dangerous situations, your brain will go from analytical mode to fast thinking mode. Your brain will go into overdrive. This will slow things down in your mind so that you can make a decision in the heat of the moment to save your life. This is a reaction that you cannot do on command. Your brain would need to go into serious overdrive for you to use this superpower. This power causes your brain to stop thinking normally and start thinking on instinct. If you have ever seen The Matrix, you would have seen Neo actually dodge bullets that are coming toward him because he is able to slow things down in the world around him. While we don’t have the power to do this on command like Neo, time manipulation during moments of crisis can happen naturally and it can save your life.

#6 Super Speed

Scientists are working on jet packs that a person can wear to make them run three times faster than they normally could. These devices make it possible for a person to run as if they were Flash Gordon. It is going to take time before this device is perfected, however, when it is, people will be able to run faster than they ever have.

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