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T-Shirts That Went Totally Wrong


People love t-shirts. You can find funny or witty t-shirts on the rack in the store, or you can have a t-shirt custom make a t-shirt for you. Here are some t-shirts that went totally wrong.

Maybe She Didn’t Get In

This woman had a t-shirt made that was supposed to say, I heart college. Unfortunately, she spelled the word college wrong. Clearly, she never got into college. If she did, she would know how to spell it. Some night classes might help.

Someone Thinks Very Highly Of Herself

The woman in this photo had a shirt made that reads, “Do I make you look fat? Either she has a really inflated self-image, or she wants everyone around her to feel bad. Either way, she doesn’t seem like a very nice person. Fat shaming is never okay.

Don’t Bother

The woman in this photo had a shirt made for an upcoming party. It reads, “Don’t bother. I’m not drunk yet.” She’s basically letting the guys know that when she is drunk, things will be very different.

Are You Really Though?

This woman obviously wants to be seen. Between the bleach blonde hair, the breast enhancement, and the t-shirt, she wants all eyes on her. She is wearing a t-shirt fails that reads, “I am almost famous.” Its highly unlikely that she is almost famous, and why is there a random owl in the middle of the world almost? She’s just too much.

Slide To Unlock

It doesn’t take long for technology to be a part of social culture. This t-shirt fails is a perfect example. When you try to use your phone, you see this message. This shirt is a bit risque, and she may be asking for trouble that she can’t handle. Many guys can be jerks, and some might take this literally.

I Hope She’s Single

If this girl is single, her t-shirt is clever and kitschy. It reads, “Kiss me before my boyfriend comes back.” If she isn’t single, this is just mean. This is something that can cause a huge fight and ruin the whole night.

Can He See the Future?

This man’s shirt says, “This really sucks.” When he got dressed that morning, do you think that he could see in the future and knew he would be getting arrested? Maybe he knew that he broke the law, and it was only a matter of time, so he dressed appropriately.

True Beliebers

Most girls absolutely love Justin Bieber. There are many guys that do too, but they don’t advertise it. The guys in this picture love Justin Bieber, and they aren’t afraid to show it. Their matching pink shirts read, “Real men respect Bieber.”

Minnie Is Not Impressed

Deadmau5 is an electronic DJ from Canada. The t-shirt is part of their branding. This man wasn’t thinking when he put the shirt on before heading to Disney World. When he ran into Minnie Mouse, she was angry, and he was embarrassed. This was an epic Disney fail.

Another Guy Who Can Foresee the Future

This guy grabbed a t-shirt from the drawer and then went for a boat ride. He and his friend crashed the boat in a swamp, which was enough to ruin the day. The shirt that the man chose to wear before leaving reads, “Seemed like a good idea at the time.” Did he know that something like this would happen?

Socially Insensitive or a Lighthearted Joke

Some people will look at this t-shirt fails and think that this man is socially insensitive. Anorexia is a serious condition, and it affects men and women all over the world. On the other hand, the man is making a lighthearted joke about his own obesity. It all depends on the way that you look at it.

He Wishes

This guy doesn’t really have the looks or the body to make women swoon and fall at his feet. That is what makes his t-shirt that reads, “chick magnet,” pretty hilarious.

A Real Lady Killer

This is another guy who doesn’t have the body or the looks to get any girl he wants. That’s what makes this shirt great. It reads, “Don’t worry ladies…there’s plenty to go around.”Either he thinks that he is God’s gift, or he is poking fun at himself.

It’s Gonna Take a Lot

This man is wearing a shirt that reads, “Drink til you want me.” What makes the picture so great is that he is standing behind a woman who is drinking beer from a comically large cup.


This woman is really classy. Her t-shirt reads, “Fart now loading.” Farting is not a very ladylike thing to do. When you are wearing a shirt warning people that you have one brewing, you can’t care too much about what people think of you.

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