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The Most Creative Ways To Reuse Old Coffee Grounds


Many people love coffee. Some like to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee to relax. Many people say that they cannot even start their day without having a cup of coffee. If you don’t use the single-cup coffee makers that are so popular today, you are going to have extra coffee grounds after brewing a pot. Most people remove the coffee filter from the pot and toss the grounds in the trash. For some, this seems like a waste. Fortunately, there are ways to reuse your old coffee grounds so that you don’t need to feel wasteful. Here are the most creative ways to reuse old coffee grounds.


Whether or not you have a green thumb, you are going to need good fertilizer if your plants are going to thrive and grow. Most people buy store-bought fertilizer to grow plants, but if you are a coffee drinker, you don’t need to waste your money because fertilizer because coffee grounds work great. Coffee grounds can help attract worms, and it holds the water in the root of the plant. Your plants will thrive with your used coffee grounds, and you won’t need to spend a dime.

Pest Control

Most people like the smell of coffee, but pests such as cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, and other insects don’t like it. While pesticides can be effective in killing pests, they are loaded with harmful chemicals. This can be unsafe for everyone in the home, especially small children and pets. Rather than spraying toxic chemicals in the house, you can use your old coffee grounds. By sprinkling the grounds in areas where you see the pests, you will keep them away.
Coffee grounds are also great for keeping bugs from eating the plants in your garden. Rather than using the dust that is designed to keep the bugs away, you can use your old coffee grounds. They will work just as well, and they are all-natural.

Remove Furniture Scratches

No matter how careful you are with your wood furniture, it is bound to get nicked or scratched over time. If this happens, don’t buy new furniture just yet. First, try using your old coffee grounds. If you rub them gently on the nicks and scratches, it can help remove the discoloration, which will improve the appearance of your furniture.

Growing Carrots

As mentioned earlier, coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer for plants. This is especially true with carrots. Coffee adds nitrogen to the soil, which is excellent for vegetables but is particularly useful for growing carrots. If you are struggling to get your carrot to grow, try some coffee grounds. You will be amazed when it is time to harvest your crop.

Scrubbing Your Pans

There is nothing worse than trying to remove stuck-on food from your pots and pans. No matter how much elbow grease you use, it can be challenging to get it all off. If you don’t have days to allow your pans to soak, you should use coffee grounds. If you rub the grounds over the stuck-on food, it will remove the stuck-on food quickly, making washing them simple.

Fridge Deodorizer

Stinky French cheese can really make your refrigerator smell. The same is true if you put leftovers in the refrigerator and forget about them. Over time, the food will spoil and stink up the fridge. Since your refrigerator is closed all the time unless you are getting something out, the smells cannot leave the fridge. If you want to get rid of foul odors in the fridge, all you need to do is put a bowl of coffee grounds in a bowl and put it in the corner of the fridge. In just a few hours, the foul odor will be gone, and you can open your fridge without making the whole house stink.

Drain Deodorizer

It is not uncommon for your drains to start to sink. This is especially true with your kitchen drains. Food, grease, and soap scum can build up on the inside of the pipes, which can start to stink. If you want to get rid of the smell before it starts to stink up the whole house, you just need your old coffee grounds. If you pour just a little bit of the coffee grounds down the drain, it will get rid of the smell. Just be sure not to pour too much, because it can clog the drain.

Keep the Cats Away

If you have a vegetable garden or a beautiful flower garden, the last thing you want is for your cat or a cat in the neighborhood to traipse all over them. It is even worse if the cats are urinating on your plants. If you want to keep the cats away safely and humanely, all you need are coffee grounds. Cats don’t like the smell of coffee; therefore, if you sprinkle the coffee grounds around the garden, the cats will stay away.


Today, more and more people are composting because it is good for the environment. As mentioned before, coffee grounds attract the worms, and they put nitrogen in the soil. This will make composting a lot easier. Another benefit of using coffee grounds in your compost is that they will cover up the smell from whatever is in there. This is why many people who compost collect their old coffee grounds.

Air Fresheners

Many people love the smell of coffee. When it is brewing in the morning, it can make the whole house smell nice. Since you can’t brew coffee all day long, you need to find another way to keep the house smelling great. You can buy expensive coffee-scented candles or try to find a spray air freshener that smells like coffee, or you can make your own. All you need are yesterday’s coffee grounds and an old stocking. When you hang the homemade air freshener near a vent, your home will smell like your favorite cafe all the time.

Keep Ashes From Flying

Sitting out in the backyard in front of a fire is an excellent way to spend an evening. The fun can be ruined if there are ashes flying around. Flying ashes can be annoying. If there are flammable materials around the fire, your fun campfire can become dangerous. A great way to keep this from happening is to sprinkle coffee grounds over the wood before you start the fire. This will stop the ashes from flying and will make your evening more enjoyable.


If you like the smell of coffee, burning a coffee scented candle can be very pleasant. Unfortunately, these candles can be very expensive. To save on the cost of the candles, you just need to save your old coffee grounds. There are plenty of candle recipes online like this one You can save yourself a lot of money by making your own candle, and you might even have fun making them.

Skin Scrub

Store-bought exfoliates can be very expensive. You can make your own for free, just by saving your old coffee grounds. A coffee face scrub will exfoliate your pores, reduce cellulite, and revitalize your face, giving your skin a healthy glow. After using the scrub, make sure that you wash the coffee grounds off completely. You don’t want it to look like you have been rolling around in the dirt all day.

Hair Treatment

Using too much heat or product in your hair can leave it looking dull, lifeless, and damaged. You can buy a hair treatment from the store or your salon, but they can be very expensive. If you drink coffee, you should save your coffee grounds so that you can make your own hair treatment By rubbing coffee grounds into your hair before you shampoo, it can remove the excess product, making your hair shinier and lighter. Best of all, the treatment will be free.

Freshen Your Hands

Have you ever cut up several onions for a recipe? Have you ever cut up garlic? If you have, you know that the nasty smell can linger for hours. If you want to get rid of a foul smell on your hands, all you need are your old coffee grounds. Using the grounds will get rid of the smell quickly and easily, and in some cases, it can be more effective than soap.

Stain Paper

Old-school parchment is great for party invitations, DIY documents for framing, and school projects. If you have ever spilled coffee on yourself, you know that coffee stains. If you want to make your own old-school parchment, you can pour coffee on a plain white piece of paper. When the coffee dries, the paper will look like you created the document back in the 6th century.

Keep the Fleas At Bay

If your pet is going to play in the yard this summer, you should take your old coffee grounds out with you. As mentioned earlier, insects don’t like the smell of coffee. If you sprinkle the coffee grounds all around the area of the grass where the dog will be playing, it will keep the pets away. You should understand that coffee grounds aren’t a treatment for fleas. It will only keep them away. If your dog has fleas, you will need to use a medicated flea treatment.

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