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Teen Girl Hear Scratching Sound From A Trunk And There Was A Man Locked Inside

Kayla Rose

Kayla Rose is a 17-year-old girl from Irvington, New Jersey. She had a regular routine each morning. She would wake up for school, have breakfast, get dressed, do her hair, brush her teeth, and take her dog, Milkshake, for a walk. She was a responsible girl, so she always made sure to wake up with plenty of time to get everything done. To get to school on time, she had to take Milkshake for his morning walk by 7 am. Milkshake needed a walk that lasted at least 15 minutes. On this particular day, she wasn’t going to make it to school on time.

The Day

Kayla’s day started out like every other day. She put Milkshake’s leash on and took him for his walk. At around 7:10 am, she was walking down Linsley Street heading back toward her house. As she was walking, she heard a strange sound coming from a black Nissan Altima that was parked on the side of the road. At first, Kayla thought she was hearing things. A second later, she heard the sound again. The teenager started to get nervous, and she walked over to the car.

A Startling Discovery

Kayla walked over to the car, and she could still hear the sound. It was coming from the trunk. Although she was scared, she got close to the trunk and said, “Hello?” Immediately after, she heard a voice coming from the trunk saying, “Hello! Help me, help me, help me!” Kayla knew that she had to do something.

Getting Help

When Kayla realized that there was someone in the trunk, she ran to a house nearby. Next, she ran home to get her mother. The neighbor that Kayla alerted called 911. When Kayla and her mother arrived back on the scene, the firefighters and police were just arriving. The police asked Kayla to stay just in case they had any questions for her.

Opening the Trunk

Kayla was standing by while the fire department got the truck of the car opened. Kayla knew that there was someone inside, but she was shocked when the trunk opened. The man inside his trunk was in his late teens or early 20’s. He wasn’t much older than Kayla. His wrists were tied with ropes, and he was covered in scratches and bruises. This teen girl hears scratching sound and saves young man after finding him tied up and locked in trunk. Kayla was a bit traumatized when she saw the poor man inside the trunk.


When the paramedics arrived, they saw the condition that the man was in. Because it was so cold outside that day, it was only a matter of time before hypothermia set in. The paramedics asked who found the man and the police pointed to Kayla. The paramedic told her that if she hadn’t come by when she did, the man could have died.

What Happened?

According to the authorities, the man was carjacked around 7:30 pm the night before. He was driving down Avy Street in Hillside, New Jersey, which shares a border with Irvington. When he was stopped at a light, two men with guns got in his car and took him to several ATMs and forced him to withdraw money. When the men had the money they needed, they put the man in the trunk and left him there. It was a horrible ordeal for the victim.

The Prognosis

The man was taken to the hospital in the ambulance. He was examined and treated and spent the rest of the day in the hospital. Fortunately, his injuries were non-life-threatening. The doctors told him that his scratches and bruises would heal within a week or two. Unfortunately, he did suffer severe trauma during the whole ordeal. The doctors said that those emotional scars would take much longer to heal.

Kayla’s Mother

Kayla’s mother says that she is proud of the way her daughter dealt with the situation. Rather than panicking, she went and got help from a neighbor immediately. To keep her mother from worrying, she also went home to tell her what was going on. Her mother says that Kayla was at the right place at the right time.


When the local news heard about what happened, they reported the story. Like Kayla’s mother, the news anchor called her a hero as well. Most girls as young as Kayla may not know what to do in a situation like this. Kayla kept a cool head about her and got the man the help that he needed quickly. The police have not said whether or not they caught the men who carjacked the man. You can only hope that they do because these clearly are dangerous people.

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