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Mom Finds 4-Year-Old Fast Asleep With Goldfish In Hand, He ‘Just Wanted To Pet It’

Loving Fish

When Tori and Corey Hamlin, a couple from Georgia, first met, they both love fish. They each had fish tanks in the homes. When they got engaged and moved in together, they have four fish tanks between the two of them. The couple loved fish, and they enjoyed adding new things to the tanks.


Shortly after getting married, Tori got pregnant with their son, Everett. When he was born, they set up a fish tank in his room. It was a great source of light to help him feel safe at night, and it gave him something to watch while he was in his crib. Since it was a small, freshwater tank, the couple didn’t buy expensive fish like the ones they had in the other tanks in the home. Instead, they got him a goldfish. They named his fish, Nemo, and he was part of the family.

Everett’s Best Friend

As Everette got older, he started to realize that Nemo was in the tank. Everett loved Nemo, and he often referred to the fish as his best friend. One of his favorite things to do was go shopping with his parents to find new things to put in Everett’s tank. Each time they put a new decoration in, Everett would tell his parents that Nemo loved it. Each night, Everett would say goodnight to Nemo before getting into bed.

A Big Mistake

One night, Tori and Corey put Everett to bed. When they put him in bed, they read him a story the way they did every night. After reading the story, Everett got into bed, and Tori and Corey went out into the living room to watch a movie. While they were watching the movie, they heard a noise from Corey’s room. It was just one noise, so they assumed that everything was fine and they kept watching the movie.

Checking In

About a half hour after hearing the noise, Tori got up to use the bathroom. On her way to the bathroom, she stopped and checked on Everett. She noticed that his chair was pushed up to the tank, and the lid was open. What she saw next was shocking. Her adorable little boy was fast asleep, holding Nemo in his hands. Tori called Corey into the room. It was clear that the fish was dead because he had been out of the water. The couple thought that it was sweet, but they knew that Everett would be devastated that Nemo had died. Mom finds 4-year-old fast asleep with goldfish in hand; he ‘just wanted to pet it’.

Waking Everett

Tori and Corey woke Everett to explain to him that his best friend had died. He woke up and told his parents that Nemo wanted to sleep with him and he wanted to cuddle. He told his parents that he just wanted to pet Nemo. Tori and Corey had to break it to their little boy that Nemo had died. Tori explained that fish couldn’t live out of water. Everett was devastated.

Learning a Lesson

When Everett stopped crying, he told his parents that they could get him another fish and this time, he wouldn’t take the fish out of the tank. Tori and Corey were willing to get him another fish because they were sure that he learned his lesson.

Posting On Facebook

When Everett went back to sleep, Tori posted photos of her son sleeping with the fish on Facebook. She added a caption to the post telling the story of what Everett had done. It wasn’t long before her post went viral. In a short time, it received over 65,000 comments, likes, and shares. People from all over the world thought that what Everett did was adorable. Many of the people who commented on the post offered to buy Everett a new fish. Tori and Corey appreciated the gesture, but Everett’s birthday was coming up, and they already had a plan.

Everett’s Birthday

Everett’s birthday was a few weeks after the incident occurred. For his gift, Tori and Corey got him a gift card so that he could pick out a new fish who could be his new best friend. When he saw what his parents had given him, he promised to leave this fish in the tank.

Sad, Yet Sweet

Everett’s story is a sad one, but a sweet one. This adorable little boy just wanted to give his best friend a hug. He had no idea that Nemo would die. In the end, it all worked out. Everett learned that fish cannot live out of the water and he got a new best friend. Tori and Corey got an adorable story about their son that they could tell people forever. It is a story that might embarrass Everett when he is a teenager, but that is the best part of telling stories like these.

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