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The Amount Of UFO Sightings Is More Alarming Than The Public Is Led To Believe

The Unknown

Many people are really into the unknown. Are there mermaids living in the depths of the ocean that has yet to be explored? Is Big Foot really out running around in North American forests? Does the Lochness Monster really exist? The most common question is, do UFO’s really exist?


Many people wonder if UFO’s actually do exist. For years, people have looked up in the night sky and have seen things that are too oddly shaped to be a plane and moving too fast to be a weather balloon. Considering how vast the universe is, many people think that we are kidding ourselves if we believe that we are the only life form that exists. What you may not know is that the amount of UFO sightings is more alarming than the public is led to believe.

The First Reported Sighting

The first reported UFO sighting occurred in 1639. An English Puritan lawyer named John Winthrop wrote in his diary that he saw a great light in the night sky. He wrote that it “ran as swift as an arrow, and traveled back and forth.” This was the first of many sightings that have been reported since.

Sam Monfort

Sam Monfort is very interested in the increased number of UFO sightings over the years. He is both a statistician and a Ph.D. candidate. Over the years, he has gathered all the data reported from the National UFO Reporting Center to come up with some pretty interesting statistics about UFO sightings in the United States.

Most Sightings

According to Sam’s data, America has the most reported UFO sightings than any other place in the world. His data shows that there are 300 times more reports than anywhere. Some people believe that aliens are targeting the United States, specifically for some reason, but others think that there is another reason for the high number of reports.

The ’80s

The number of UFO sightings increased significantly in the 80s. This was around the time that drone technology was invented. This could be one reason. Also, Alien came out in 1979, which made people wonder if aliens actually do exist. This could be just a coincidence, but these things could have caused the spike.


In 2010, the sightings reached an all-time high. About 45,000 sightings were reported each year after that. If that man aliens were visiting Earth in a year, don’t you think that we would know about it? Most people believe that some of these calls were hoaxes, some were from crazy people, and the rest can be explained. In 2010, New Jersey 911 was flooded with calls about a UFO sighting. It turned out that two college students were bored and made a solar balloon out of a black trash bag. It wasn’t a UFO.

NASA Report

In 2017, NASA reported that the Spitzer Space Telescope discovered seven planets the size of Earth that could be hosting other forms of life. This isn’t proof that aliens are living on these planets, but it is proof that there could be. This has sent believers of UFOs into a panic.

May 2019

In May 2019, U.S. Navy pilots claimed to have seen strange objects in the air over the East Coast between mid-2014 and early 2015. Around the same time, a Super Hornet pilot claimed to have almost crashed into a UFO during this time. He says that there was a sphere encasing a cube floating in the air with no visible engines. He claimed that the sphere reached 30,000-feet at hypersonic speed.

An Alien In Russia?

A boy in Russia named Boris Kipriyonaavic was born, and two weeks later, he could hold his head up without support. When he was just a few weeks old, he was speaking. When he was a year and a half old, he could read and draw. He was allowed into kindergarten at the age of two, and his teachers were amazed. At the age of 5, he knows everything about the planets, constellations, and stars, but he was never taught about space. When he was 7, he went on a camping trip and told his friends and family that he was from Mars, and he was sent to Earth to save the planet. He said he was one of a group of children who were reborn on Earth called Indigo Children. He claims that there is an incredible secret hidden under the Great Pyramid of Giza.

A few years later, experts found a void underneath and can’t explain its purpose. Maybe Boris is telling the truth. He also said that there is a lever behind the ear of one of the Sphynx that can open it up, leading to the answers to the world’s mysteries. This all still remains a mystery.

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