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The Biggest Scandals To Ever Hit The History Channel

The History Channel

Years ago, the History Channel was a television network about history. They had shows about World War I and World War II, and other events in history. Over the years, the network has pulled away from the history aspect, and they started airing shows about various different things. Over the years, some of the stars of these shows have had some serious scandals in their lives. Here are some of the biggest scandals to ever hit the History Channel.

Ice Road Truckers Arrest

Ice Road Truckers was one of the History Channel’s most popular shows. It showed the lives of truckers who drive on the dangerous roads of Canada and Alaska. In 2013, the show’s star, Timothy Zickuhr kidnapped a woman and held her for ransom. He kidnapped Lisa Cadeau after hiring her for sex work in Las Vegas. He claimed that she overcharged him by $1,000. And he demanded she meet him to settle the dispute, and he dragged her back to his apartment, beat her, tied her up, and shoved her in a closet. He repeatedly doused her with cold water from a mop bucket. Lisa feared for her life and gave Timothy a number to an undercover detective, who she said would pay the ransom. He had no idea that he was walking into his own arrest.

Ancient Aliens Racism

Ancient Aliens was a show that had people spouting conspiracy theories about aliens and pyramids. The show had many racist concepts that targeted all minorities. Even though these were famous conspiracy theories, people didn’t think that they had a place on television. They should have stuck to talking about aliens.

The Kennedys Too Controversial

The Kennedys was a $30 million mini-series about the lives of John F. Kennedy and his family. When the script leaked, Kennedy family allies were furious. After months of rewrites and reshoots, the high profile project scrapped. The official statement from the History Channel, not a good fit for the brand.

The Cast Of Swamp People Were Troublemakers

This show followed the lives of alligator hunters in Louisiana. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the alligators that caused the cast problems. It was actually the cast themselves. R.J. Molinere and Jay Paul Molinere arrested for attacking a man with a beer bottle. Trapper Joe arrested for punching his girlfriend in the chest and burning her with a lit cigarette. Finally, Roger Rivers Jr. arrested for selling illegal meat. They were all their own worse enemies.

Bigfoot Captures Is 100% Fake

Bigfoot Captured meant to be fiction, and this fact buried deep in the credits. Many people thought that the whole thing is real, and they appalled when they found out that it was a scripted docudrama.

Hunting Hilter Was Insensitive

Many people found the show, Hunting Hitler to be very insensitive. They believed that it trivialized Hitler and gave credence to the weird conspiracy theory regarding his escape to Argentina. There was a man in the documentary who was the grandson of a Nazi war criminal. The History Channel agreed to pixel out his face to protect his identity, but there was one shot where they messed up the editing, and his face could be clearly seen.

The Amelia Earhart Documentary Was Debunked Immediately

Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence had people really excited. The documentary suggested that Earhart survived the crash in 1937, and the U.S. government knew this and helped cover it up. Shortly after the documentary aired, a blogger debunked the critical piece of evidence right away. The photo that the documentary claimed was proof that Amelia was alive was from a coffee table book, and the photo was taken two years before her last flight.

American Pickers DUI Arrest

American Pickers has the show’s two stars traveling the country, looking through people’s trash, trying to find treasure. Star Frank Fritz was pulled over while under the influence of Xanax and alcohol. He was arrested for DUI and for driving the wrong way on an interstate. This isn’t the best behavior for a History Channel star.

The Cast Of Pawn Stars Lawsuit

Pawn Stars follows the day-to-day lives of the people who work at World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. In 2012, the cast was sued for $5 million by their former talent agency. They claimed that their ex-clients switched agencies, causing them to lose a fortune in commission. The agency claimed that the History Channel execs intentionally lured the stars away, sending them to a rival agency. There is no information regarding the case.

Pawn Stars’ Chum Lee’s Arrest

Chum Lee is a fan favorite for his part in Pawn Stars. In 2016, the police went to his home to follow up on sexual assault allegations against him. While they didn’t find evidence of the sexual assault, they found much, much more. When they searched his, “Chum Chum Room,” they found marijuana, meth, and many illegal firearms. They also found items that people who sell drugs use. To avoid jail time, he accepted a plea deal, even though he was charged with several felonies.

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