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The Internet Has Gone Wild For This Grandma’s Ingenious Pool Cleaning Hack

Summertime and Pools

When the weather starts to heat up in the summer, homeowners open up their pools. Having a pool in the backyard is a great way to cool off on a hot day. Pools are also great places for family members to spend time together. While pools are great in the summer, they require a lot of care. You need to make sure that you add chemicals regularly to keep the pool from turning green. You also need to vacuum the pool regularly to prevent the algae from forming at the bottom, making the pool green and slippery. Lisa Pack knows this better than anyone.

Lisa’s Pool

Lisa is a 49-year-old grandmother from Bethel, Ohio. She had a great setup outdoors, including an inground pool. Her grandchildren loved to visit her home and go swimming. The only problem was that when the pool turned green, which it often did, it took a lot of time and plenty of work to turn the water blue again. When she woke up one morning, she saw that her pool was green. She knew that it would take a lot of cleaning, scrubbing, and running the filter if the water was going to be blue again. She also knew that she would need gallons of chlorine, which was going to be pretty expensive. Fortunately, her daughter, Whitney Bick, saw something on Facebook that could make the job of cleaning the pool much easier.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Whitney told Lisa that all she would need was a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Most people keep these around the house because they work great. They can quickly clean the soap scum off the shower doors, they can clean dirt and grime from any surface, and they can even clean permanent marker off of your furniture. Lisa had them in the house for these reasons, but her daughter never expected her to say that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser could clean her pool.


Lisa thought that Whitney was crazy at first. She assumed that her daughter meant that she should get into the pool and scrub the entire thing with the Magic Eraser. She thought that this was crazy. It would require a lot more work than she already planned. Whitney explained to her that she misunderstood what she meant. Lisa’s daughter told her to put the Magic Eraser in the filter and let it sit overnight. She told her that when she woke up in the morning, she wouldn’t believe her eyes.

Worth a Shot

Lisa figured that since she already had a few Magic Erasers in the house, that it would be worth a try. Worst case scenario, it wouldn’t work, and she would need to buy chlorine and give the pool a good vacuuming. Best case scenario, she would wake up in the morning to a crystal clear pool, so that her grandchildren could come over to swim. That night, before she went to bed, she put a Magic Eraser in the filter. When she woke up in the morning, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

The Results Of The Pool

When Lisa woke up in the morning, she went to check the pool. She was amazed when she saw that the ugly green cloudiness was gone, and the pool was blue again. She put her foot in the shallow end and discovered that there was no slime on the bottom. When she went to check the Magic Eraser, she found that it was green. The Magic Eraser was the same color that her pool was the day before. The internet has gone wild for this grandma’s ingenious pool cleaning hack.


When Lisa saw that her daughter’s hack worked, she decided to post it on Facebook to help her friends and family members who were struggling with their pools as well. In her post, she wrote that people might think that she is crazy for trying this, but it does work. She included before and after pictures of her pool, along with a picture of what the Magic Eraser looked like when she took it out of the filter.

Pool Going Viral

Lisa hoped that her post would help out her friends and family, but she never expected it to gain the attention that it did. In a very short time, over 200,000 people from all over the world shared it. The post received 80,000 comments and over 90,000 likes. It was clear that people liked what they saw. Many of the people who commented tried Lisa’s hack and the results were also successful. Some of the people who attempted Lisa’s hack but before and after photos of their pools in the comment section.


There is only one ingredient listed in a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, melamine polymer. When the element is activated by water, it can do some pretty amazing things. Some people believe that this method can be dangerous due to the toxins and chemicals included in the sponge. Considering the amount of water in a pool, there is nothing hazardous about the chemicals in the sponge. When you compare the small amount of chemicals in the Magic Eraser with the vast quantities of chlorine that you put in a pool, it should be proof that this method is safe.

Worth a Try

The next time you see that your pool is cloudy or turning green, you should try this method first. Before you set aside hours to try to get your pool back on track, you should try putting a Magic Eraser in your filter before going to bed. The results will blow your mind.

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