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The Most Gorgeous Celebrity Guest Stars on Married With Children

Married… with Children is gone down in history as one of the most successful and influential sitcoms of all time, with 11 seasons of the show produced after its debut in 1987. In addition to the show’s memorable main cast, a variety of notable guest stars appear on the show over the course of its original run. Some of these guest stars were already famous, while others were simply struggling actors with small parts that later became notable for bigger and better things. Many of these stars were gorgeous women, and we’ll be looking at the most beautiful of them in this video! Join Facts Verse as we explore the most gorgeous celebrity guest stars on Married… with Children!

Married… with Children was a groundbreaking sitcom that followed a family led by parents Al and Peggy Bundy. Though the two had a slightly antagonistic relationship, they always stayed madly in love with each other and always got along again by the end of the day. In addition to the dysfunctional relationship dynamic between the two parents, their two children further complicated matters. Those two children are Kelly and Bud, the former of whom play by Christina Applegate. Christina would go on to become the biggest star out of the show’s main cast after its end.

Besides giving rise to the career of Christina Applegate, a variety of other beautiful female performers features in a guest capacity over the course of Married… with Children’s 11 seasons. Some of these guest performers went on to have great careers in the entertainment industry thanks to their incredible looks, while others were already notable in some form before making their guest appearances.

Keri Russell

One gorgeous celebrity that appeared as a guest on Married… with Children is Keri Russell. Keri appeared as a character by the name of April Adams, who dated Bud Bundy for an episode. The name of the episode was “Radio Free Trumaine”, and the conflict of the episode centered on one of Bud’s schoolmates swooping in and ruining the romance.

Once it reveals that Bud’s schoolmate plans to take Bud’s new love away from him, the two got into a fight. Little did they know that their fight broadcasts to the whole school over its radio station, causing April to lose interest in both of the boys out of pure disgust.

Keri’s memorable turn on Married… with Children was one of the actress’s first roles, and she is still working to this day. She is famous now for starring in the FX drama series The Americans. The show also featured actor Matthew Rhys, and the two now have a child together. Keri has received multiple award nominations for her time on the show, including for both Emmy Awards and Golden Globes. While she didn’t win any of these, she did win a Satellite Award for Best Actress for her work on the show in 2015.

Although most of Keri’s work since appearing on Married… with Children is on television, she receives a rare lead role in a film with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which is a major critical and commercial success for the long-running franchise. Nowadays, Keri is more focused on family life than working, but she’s still around.


While Fergie is known best nowadays as a singer, she had a few acting gigs when she was first starting out in the entertainment industry. One such gig was on Married… with Children, where she played a character that tricked Bud into letting several men butt in front of him at a concert. Fergie used her good looks to charm Bud, who was always willing to fall for the tricks of any woman that would talk to him.

Since appearing on Married… with Children, Fergie has risen to international superstardom thanks to her work in the music industry. Fergie was one of the vocalists of the popular music group The Black Eyed Peas from 2002 to 2018, with her voice contributing to much of the group’s appeal. In addition to her work with the group in hits such as “I Gotta Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow”, Fergie also released a solo album by the name of The Duchess that was a big seller.

Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen is another Gorgeous Celebrity that appeared on Married… with Children. She played a former classmate of Bud’s that pulled a traumatizing prank on him in middle school. The episode she featured in saw Bud trying to get revenge on her character for the aforementioned prank, though she ended up getting the upper hand once again.

Saved by the Bell fans will, of course, know that Tiffani Thiessen is the actress who played the character of Kelly Kapowski, and Tiffani took on her role as the character around the same time that she appeared on Married… with Children. Her time on Saved by the Bell proved to be much more influential over her future career, as she went on to star in many other successful teen shows after it’s cancellation. In more recent years, Kelly has continued acting. She appeared on the cable series White Collar, and more recently has taken on a voice-acting gig on the animated series Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

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Andrea Parker

Andrea Parker’s role on Married… with Children wasn’t just an early job for the actress, but her first acting gig! She appeared on the show as a go-go dancer in a two-part episode by the name of “Married… with Prom Queen”. Though Andrea’s character in the episode wasn’t even given a name, her looks alone were enough to leave an impression on audience members. Since her role on Married… with Children, Andrea has gone on to enjoy much greater success. Among her most notable roles has been her performance as twin sisters on the teen drama series Pretty Little Liars.

Teresa Ganzel

Teresa Ganzel featured in an episode of Married… with Children that saw her character training Peggy Bundy how to be an expert makeup saleswoman. Teresa’s role allowed her to show off her comedic chops, and she made quite an impression on the audience despite her short amount of time on the screen. Teresa had been acting for many years before appearing on Married and one of the Gorgeous Celebrity with Children, with some of her many other credits, including voice work in cartoons.

Tia Carrere

Tia Carrere is a beautiful star that appeared on Married… with Children early in her career. Shortly before her breakout turn as Wayne’s love interest in the Wayne’s World films, Tia appeared in Married… with Children’s fifth season episode “Kelly Bounces Back”. She played a model that was competing with Kelly Bundy for a gig, though Kelly ended up beating Tia’s character and getting the gig for herself.

Tia could be seen in Wayne’s World soon after her appearance on Married… with Children, and has maintained a steady career in the entertainment industry ever since. Other works that Tia has featured in over the course of her career include True Lies and Disney’s Lilo & Stitch.

Traci Lords

Traci Lords is perhaps one of the more controversial gorgeous women to have appeared on Married… with Children as a guest star. She got her start in the entertainment industry after appearing in adult films when she was a minor. Traci appeared in multiple roles over the course of Married… with Children’s original run.

Vanna White

Vanna White is one of the gorgeous guest stars on this list that was already famous before appearing on Married… with Children. It was Vanna’s fame from cohosting Wheel of Fortune that led to her appearing on the sitcom. Vanna had been the co-host of Wheel of Fortune since 1983, before Married… with Children even debuted. As well, Vanna continues to hold her position on the show to this day.

Shannon Tweed

Before appearing on Married… with Children, Shannon Tweed was a Playboy Playmate. Shannon appeared on the series as a fictionalized version of her real self. The episode saw her trying to seduce Al Bundy in order to get some compromising pictures that he had happened upon back from him. She ended up getting the best of Al and getting her pictures back, much to the amusement of the audience.

In the time since being a Playboy Playmate and appearing as herself on Married… with Children, Shannon has perhaps become better known as one of the stars of the reality series Family Jewels. Shannon is rock star Gene Simmons’ longtime romantic partner, and the show followed Gene and his family as they navigated their day-to-day life.

Krista Allen

Krista Allen appeared in an episode of Married… with Children’s tenth season. She played a character by the name of Crystal Clark. The episode saw Crystal being asked to pose nude in a school calendar for Bud’s college. Bud becomes enamored with the titular calendar girl. After appearing on Married… with Children, Krista has appeared on other television series, including Baywatch and Charmed.

Joey Lauren Adams

Like Traci Lords, Joey Lauren Adams played multiple characters over the course of Married… with Children’s original run. After her appearances on the show, Joey became better known as the titular star of Kevin Smith’s 1997 romantic comedy Chasing Amy. Her performance in the film garnered her a nomination for a Golden Globe.

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