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The Real Reason Hooters Is Disappearing Across The Countr


When you are planning dinner out with the family, Hooters probably isn’t the best option. The waitresses wear skimpy outfits, and the restaurant has a practice of only hiring gorgeous women. Because of these facts, it isn’t a family-friendly restaurant. If it weren’t for men and sports, Hooters wouldn’t have been in business for over 30 years. According to USA Today, Hooters is a “fading relic of the ’80s.” Here is the real reason Hooters is disappearing across the country, along with many other reasons.

Men and Women Are Finding It Offensive

BrandIndex is a company that surveys customers all across the country to find out what is trending and what isn’t. In 2013, they took a look at Hooters. BrandIndex asked customers to rate Hooter on a scale of 100, which is best, to -100, which is worst. The women rated Hooters at a dismal -12. Shockingly, men rated the restaurant chain a 2. Neither men or women are fans of Hooters.

Increased Awareness Of Sexual Harassment

Thanks to the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment is no longer tolerated in any shape or form. Since Hooters has built a business based on hot women with big boobs, it has caused problems for the restaurant chain. Although the degradation of women at Hooters once appeared playful and harmless, it isn’t that way today. Women have found their voice, and it has effected Hooters. Recently, several sexual harassment suits have been filed against the restaurant chain. One former waitress named Sara Steinhoff sued Hooters for harassment that she suffered between 1996 and 1997, and she was awarded $275,000.

The Discrimination Is Completely Legal

It is perfectly legal for Hooters to hire only buxom, gorgeous women. They can do this because they don’t call their employees servers; they call them entertainers. Since companies have a specific look in mind for their entertainers, it is not illegal for Hooters to discriminate against men or flat-chested women.

It Takes a Psychological Toll

The University of Tennessee’s psychology department performed a study to find out what the environment does to a waitress’ mental health. According to the study, all of the waitresses interviewed suffered from some degree of depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, and feeling of degradation. Many mentioned that they were demeaned regularly; they suffered poor work relationships and faced difficult and unpleasant customers daily. Most of the women interviewed mentioned constant body shaming. Many women who worked at Hooters say that they felt worse about themselves after working for the company. Before the women who stated this worked there, they say that they never had any body issues.

The T-Shirts Aren’t Such a Big Draw Anymore

Recent studies have shown that the Hooters uniforms are not as attractive to men as they once were. A meta-analysis from PornHub revealed that people between the ages of 18 and 24 are no longer looking for entertainment surrounded by breasts. Men between the ages of 55 and 64 are 17 percent less likely to search for breasts. Since Hooters has branded their business around them, the business is dying.

Casual Dining Is Over

Today, people don’t want to go to casual restaurants. According to a study in USA Today, millennials would rather dine at a wine bar or a fancy restaurant than a casual dining restaurant. Since Hooters is very causal, the business is crumbling.

No Food Updates

One major issue that people have with Hooters is their food. Frozen burgers and frozen wings just aren’t cutting it anymore. Thanks to the Food Network, social media, and celebrity chefs, people aren’t looking for frozen food these days. Today, healthy, freshly made food is what people are looking for. They want to eat a meal complete with fresh vegetables and fresh, not frozen meat.

They’re Switching To Fast-Casual

One of the main reasons that Hooters is dying is because their parent company has tried to make changes to bring in business, which has only made things worse. They are calling the new company Hoots, and it is a fast-casual version. The menu is smaller, and there is a counter for both take-out and dine-in.

Boycotts and Protests

The frequent protests and boycotts at Hooters since the recent #MeToo movement have really turned people off from the restaurant chain. Nobody wants to eat at a restaurant where people are standing outside, screaming with signs. Nothing ruins a dining experience more than a demonstration. During many of the demonstrations and protests, the people boycotting the restaurant shame people for going into the restaurant. The last thing that diners want is to be yelled at for their restaurant selection. Many of the protests are on the local news, which also draws customers away.

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