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The Untold Truth Of Malia Obama

Malia Obama

Malia Obama is the daughter of former President of the United States, Barack Obama. Her father is one of the greatest presidents in the history of our country, and she spent eight years with her family living in the White House. Even though she attended state dinners, speeches, and spent time with some of the most influential people in the world, she managed to keep a low profile. Today, she is living in a dorm room at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and there is a lot we don’t know about her. Here is the untold truth of Malia Obama.

The Secret Service Taught Her To Drive

Because sitting presidents aren’t allowed to drive, Malia had to find another way to learn so that she could get her driver’s license. Malia’s mother, Michelle Obama went on the Rachel Ray Show, where she said that even though the Secret Service would drive her daughters wherever they needed to go, Malia wanted to be a normal teenager and get her license. They didn’t allow Michelle in the car during Malia’s lessons, and they handled the job themselves.

Swae Lee Loves Her

Malia is a beautiful, intelligent woman. This has garnered her attention from people looking to win her heart. One of these people is rapper Saw Lee. He described his dream date with her, saying he would take her to the Bahamas, and go on a dinner date 300-feet in the air at a 5-star restaurant. He may need to stand in line because in November 2017; she was spotted kissing Harvard freshman, Rory Farquharson during a Harvard-Yale football game.

She Was Never Spoiled

Malia and her sister were never spoiled. They were given an allowance, but only if they did their chores. Just because they were living in the White House, it didn’t mean that they were catered to. They were responsible for making their beds, cleaning their rooms, and always having their homework done. The White House staff was explicitly ordered not to pick up after the girls.

Her Birthday Is Always Upstaged

Malia was born on July 4th, which meant that when her father was President, her birthday was always upstaged. Because her father was responsible for speaking at many July 4th celebrations, Malia’s celebration always came second. In 2008, the family was in Montana. During a break in his day, they had a party in their Holiday Inn Express hotel room. After the 4th, she was allowed to have a sleepover party with her friends that included movie tickets and pizza.

She Clapped Back At a Fan Who Crossed the Line

Malia moved into her Harvard dorm room in August 2017. When she arrived, she got a lot of attention. When a student ran up to her to take a photo, it made her angry. She said, “Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?” Fortunately, things have calmed down because Harvard students are used to famous people or people with famous parents going to school there.

She Was Allowed To Ditch the Secret Service On Prom Night

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama understood their daughter’s stress over not living a normal life. To make things a bit easier on her, they let her ditch the secret service on her prom night. The security detail was nearby, but far enough where Malia could enjoy herself. She was even allowed to be driven to the prom in her date’s car.

What Happened During Her Gap Year?

When Malia graduated from high school in 2016, she took a year off before going to Harvard. During this time, there were plenty off rumors about what she was doing. She spent some time interning at the U.S. Embassy in Spain, and fake news circulated about her being fired from her internship for smoking marijuana. The now-defunct website reported in its “About Us” section that says it uses false facts, but people still latched onto the rumor. She also protested the Dakota Access Pipeline, which was confirmed by Seth Myers, who was arrested at the protest. She also attended the Sundance Festival to hear what the chairman from Standing Rock has to say.

Film Is Her Passion

Malia had an internship as a production assistant on Extant and on the show Girls. She learned about the film industry at The Weinstein Company, and screen Beach Rats at the Sundance Film Festival. When looking at colleges, she toured a few that were known for filmmaking such as New York University.

Halle Berry and Lena Dunham Raved About Her

When Malia was working on the set of Extant, star Halle Berry says that she was fantastic. She said that Malia was down to do everything a PA is supposed to do. Lena Dunham from Girls said that she really proved herself and that she was very smart.

She Is a Fashion Icon

Over the years, Malia’s fashion sense has not gone unnoticed. Over the years, she has really come into her own and has a style all her own. According to InStyle Magazine, she nails it in the fashion department.

Her Music Video Debut

In 2018. Malia appeared in the music video for Walking On Air by the New Dakotas. She had a small part, and she was seen dancing, lip-syncing, and playing the harmonica in a big sweater and a beanie. When the video was posted on YouTube, it was taken down and re-uploaded without Malia. When the band was asked why they would only say it was to preserve privacy.

The Lollapalooza Videos

In 2016, a video at Lollapalooza surfaced that show Malia smoking what looked like marijuana. An eyewitness told Radar Online that you could smell the smoke around her. Later, there was a photo taken of her at a frat party wearing a t-shirt that read, “Smoking Kills,” and she was standing beside a bong. She went to the festival the next year, and this time she was caught on video having fun with some wild dance moves. TMZ caught a video of her being whisked away in a golf cart, which led people to believe that her family thought that she was going a bit too hard.

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