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The Sad Reason Chuck Norris Quit Acting For Good

Chuck Norris is a legend and has been for as long as we can remember. He starred in some of our favorites, such as The Way of the Dragon and Walker, Texas Ranger. His talents are in movie stars, but also a martial arts master. With a black belt in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Tang Soo Do. He even founded his own discipline, called Chun Kuk Do.

Chuck Norris leaves a huge mark on the movie industry. It is a shock to everyone when he decides to quit his career as a movie star. What led him to make this decision? Well, the reason reveals and if you want to discover it, keep watching until the end!

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The Reason He Quit Acting

Martial arts expert, movie star, and subject of countless memes, Chuck Norris. He reveals why he leaves the hardcore world of action films– to care for his ailing wife, Gena, 54. The star claims that after an injection before an MRI scan, his wife develops an illness, the ‘gadolinium deposition disease.’

In 2013, Gena went through several magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans in the United States to monitor her rheumatoid arthritis. She receives an injection of dye known as a “contrast agent”. It highlights specific organs, blood vessels, or tissues for the radiologist to determine the extent of disease or injury.

One specific injection uses in MRIs contains a heavy metal called “gadolinium”. It is a magnetic property – and throughout her scans, Gena receives three injections in eight days., a lot.

The couple admits that the injection wrecked her health. They spoke to Good Health about her illness. Gena said that within hours after the first jab, she felt like her whole body was on fire. She describes it as if acid passes through it.

The burning sensation isolates at first, but it continues to spread. She rushes to the hospital a lot with excruciating rib pain, breathing difficulties, full-body tremors, muscle weakness, and joint pain.

After leaving doctors puzzled as to the cause, she researches her symptoms. It comes across as gadolinium poisoning. However, doctors tell her it is impossible to be suffering such a thing. As the dye is designed to be out of patients’ systems safely within hours after injection.

It isn’t until Chuck contacts a clinic in Nevada that recognizes gadolinium toxicity that Gena, at last, receives appropriate treatment.

Gena says when she reaches the clinic — weeks after the injections — she loses 15lb and swallowing is hard. She had to eat baby food. 

She says that she lay in bed on an IV for five months and had to have round-the-clock nursing care. Chuck, meanwhile, slept beside her on the couch and never left. She prayed that she would live to raise her children.

After spending $2 million, treating her illness, Chuck leaves the movie business. Now, devoting his life to helping Gena raise awareness for gadolinium poisoning.

He expresses that he gives up his film career to concentrate on Gena. His whole life right now is about keeping her alive. 

Four years on, the couple lives on a Texan ranch with twins Dakota and Danielle. 16 – files a lawsuit against 11 Big Pharma drug companies that make these agents, as an agent poisons Gena.

However, Chuck continues to say that she has suffered long-term health implications requiring multiple hospitalizations.

The contrast agent used on Gena is believed to be used in around a third of the 60 million MRI scans performed annually worldwide. A spokesman for the MHRA told Mail Online that no signs of harm have been identified from gadolinium deposited in the body but admitted “data on the long-term effects are limited”. Join Facts Verse to learn more about the sad reason Chuck Norris quit acting for good.

Death Rumors

We can all agree that it’s been a big year for Chuck Norris. He appears during the final season of Hawaii 5.0 and got the o see Walker, Texas Ranger reboot. However, this year is the year that Chuck Norris claims dead–or at least what the rumors are saying. 

Rumors were saying that Chuck Norris had died due to COVID and other health complications. Well, the good news is that Chuck Norris is still indeed very much alive. This false statement is to be a joke, and it spread like wildfire through Facebook, and people start to take it seriously.  

The post starts out as an obit which ends up funny. If you read it carefully, you’ll end up realizing it was all a setup. Yet, people don’t tend to stop and read things carefully when scrolling through social media. So when people started coming across this post, they began to take it seriously and assumed that Chuck Norris had died just for reading the first part of the post. 

This is unfortunate, as people to this day continue to question whether or not he’s dead. The funny thing about this is that it’s not the first time that rumors were circling about Chuck Norris being dead. Back in 2012, a Facebook scam claimed that he had died at the age of 71. Then, a link sends out to different people, asking them to give out personal information in order to win a prize. 

However, in conclusion, Chuck Norris is still alive and is seemingly doing well. He just hit his 80s, and he’s doing great.  Join Facts Verse to learn more about the sad reason Chuck Norris quit acting for good.

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Texas Ranger

No doubt, whenever you hear the name  Walker, Chuck Norris is probably the first person you can think of. This show was a hit back in the 90s and ran for a good eight seasons. Thanks to this show, Chuck Norris has earned the rep of being a bad-guy-kicking, justice-finding superstar. No one has dared to touch that legacy until this point. Now, it seems like they’re remaking the show Walker, starring Jared Padalecki. 

How did Chuck Norris feel about Padalecki taking over the reins of the new show? Padalecki opens up about it. When he spoke with Good Morning America, he was asked if Chuck Norris gave him his blessing.

Padalecki said that Chuck had to give him his blessing. Chuck helped create the original version of the show and he currently co-owns it. Chuck is no issue and Padalecki relieves that he had his blessing, saying, “I don’t want to mess with Chuck Norris.” The current Walker is very, very different to the Walker we use to yet, Chuck Norris gives his blessing without any problems. 

Luckily, the executive producers (of which Padalecki is one) of Walker couldn’t have ignored the importance of Norris even if they wanted to, seeing how he helped to create the original show and continues to own rights to it. Join Facts Verse to learn more about the sad reason Chuck Norris quit acting for good.

It’s also fortunate that Chuck Norries approved of their idea for the new Walker. Not only because he wasn’t going to be a part of the new show, but because they made several changes to the story. Even though Padalecki is playing Cordell Walker, this new version of the character is very different. There’s a lot less of a focus on Cordell kicking ass, due to the fact that Padalecki isn’t a professional at martial arts. 

Padalecki also mentioned another insight on the update of his character, stating that his Walker would be “less about what goes through somebody’s fists and feet, and more about what goes through somebody’s head and heart.”

Another update on the story is that there is a stronger focus on his extended family, which includes his two children, his sibling, and his parents. Of course, it may be possible that one of the reasons why Chuck Norris was fine with the new series is due to the changes that were made. Join Facts Verse to learn more about the sad reason Chuck Norris quit acting for good.

Denies Being at Capitol

Another crazy issue that arises is that Chuck Norris forces to deny that he attends the Capitol Hill riot after a photo of a man with a crazy resemblance appeared on social media.

Following the riot, someone uploaded a picture to social media of a Donald Trump supporter who shared very similar features to the 80-year-old Chuck. The photo of the man who looked identical to Chuck Norris stirred some confusion, leading many to believe that the actor had attended the riot.

He is a supporter of the Republican party, a Christian, and also supports gun rights. In a post uploaded a while back, Chuck said it had come to his attention that unfortunately, there was a Chuck Norris look-alike at the DC Capitol riots on January 6th. He made it clear that it wasn’t him and that he was definitely not there.

Chuck also made it very clear that there is no room for violence of any kind in our society, including in the context of political protests and that a peaceful transition of power is fundamental to the democratic system of government. 

He says, ‘I am and always will be for Law and Order.’

The attack on the US Capitol happened as members of Congress met to certify Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. So far, about 82 people have been arrested, and more than 55 of them have been charged over the insurrection. Hundreds more of the attendants are being hunted by the authorities but have not been found, including 25 people who are being investigated on terrorism charges.

It’s no secret that Norris has been known to involve himself in politics, having supported George H. W. Bush in the 1988 elections as well as throwing his weight behind Mike Huckabee in 2008 in the race for the Republican party nominee. 

In 2012, Chuck Norris voiced his backing for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney after initially accusing him of flip-flopping and buying the Republican nomination.

On the evening of the 2012 election, Norris, along with his wife, posted a video online warning people that if they did not show up at the polls and vote out President Obama, the country as we know it may be lost forever.’ 

And in 2016, Chuck Norris voiced his support for President Donald Trump, claiming that Obama and his ‘craziness’ would have continued if Hillary Clinton had been elected into office.

What do you think? Do you think Chuck Norris will ever surprise us as a guest star on the new Walker show, or has he really given up for good? Lets us know in the comments below!

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