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The Truth Behind Elizabeth Taylor’s 8 Failed Marriages

Elizabeth Taylor was a captivating, beautiful artist who first lit up silver screens at the age of 17. Even at this young age, she escribed herself as an incurable romantic. Her mother used to joke that the first thing she saw after opening her eyes was an engagement ring.

Elizabeth married 8 times in her life. This exceeds the record of other celebrities like J-Lo, Kim Kardashian, and Pamela Anderson.

Many of these romances were passionate and strong, and a few of her ex-husbands remained her friend until her death. Sadly, none gave her the lifelong connection she so desperately desired.

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Conrad Nicky Hilton

Elizabeth Taylor’s religious upbringing part of the reason she believed that marriage was the natural result of being in love. She searched for a lasting relationship throughout her life.

Elizabeth’s first engagements were to football player Glenn Davis and billionaire Bill Pawley. Neither resulted in a wedding.

When Elizabeth was only 18, she found the first man she felt she could spend the rest of her life with. She married to Conrad “Nicky” Hilton from May 1950 to January 1951.

Conrad was the son of hotel mogul Conrad Hilton, Sr. He and Elizabeth met in October 1949 at the Mocambo nightclub in LA.

They married on May 6th, 1950 at Beverly Hills’ Church of the Good Shepherd. 600 guests attended the wedding, and 3,000 fans stood outside. MGM paid for her $3,500 Helen Rose dress because her film Father of the Bride was coming out soon.

Conrad didn’t remarry until 26 years after their divorce in 1977. Elizabeth remained true to form and moved on in less than a year.

Michael Wilding

Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Wilding married from February 1952 to January 1957. He was 20 years older than her and had also been previously divorced.

Despite the age gap, the couple decided to be married. Elizabeth wore a suit with a fitted jacket, a large white collar, and a knee-length flared skirt for her second wedding. It also designed by Helen Rose. Her engagement ring was a trendy sapphire.

Elizabeth also became a mother for the first time during her marriage to Michael . The couple had 2 sons together, Michael Jr. and Christopher.

Elizabeth’s growing career made her relationship with Michael difficult, and they eventually divorced.

Mike Todd

Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd married from February 1957 to March 1958. He was a major producer who won an Oscar for his work on Around the World in 80 Days.

This 3rd wedding was a more intimate ceremony in Acapulco. She wore a light hooded organza dress, and her engagement ring included a 29-carat diamond.

Elizabeth became pregnant with her 3rd child, a daughter, only a month afterdivorcing Michael Wilding.. She needed another man to take care of and help her, and Mike stepped in to take on the role.

He reportedly lavished her with gifts.. He created a backyard display of Van Cleef & Arpels products for his jewelry-loving wife and attempted to have a meal flown in from Paris.

Mike Todd tragically died in a plane crash in 1958. Elizabeth set to travel with him but caught a cold and stayed home. This split-second decision may have saved her life.

There was a bit of ominous foreshadowing before the fateful flight. Mike said, “I’m too happy. I’m afraid that something’s going to happen because I’m too happy.”

Elizabeth never fully recovered from the loss. She later said that her marriage to Mike was the happiest of the 8. He was reportedly one of her 3 true loves, along with Richard Burton and diamonds.

Eddie Fischer

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fischer married from May 1959 to March 1964.

Elizabeth devastated by Mike Todd’s death and didn’t attempt to find a new love for several years. In an attempt to feel better, she reached out tofriend Debbie Reynolds and her husband Eddie Fisher.

Eddie was a popular singer and the best man at Elizabeth’s wedding to Mike Todd. When the two reconnected, they immediately noticed a physical attraction.

The couple began an affair soon after. He divorced Debbie and married Elizabeth after finishing a run at the Tropicana.

Their wedding ceremony was one of the moret low-key in Elizabeth Taylor’s life. It described as a typical 2-rabbi Jewish ceremony. They married under a chuppah and celebrated by stomping a wine glass.

She wore a green silk dress with a hood and sleeves. It was one of the only weddings for which Elizabeth didn’t receive an engagement ring. Instead, Eddie gave her a 40-carat bracelet made with 50 diamonds.

Elizabeth had high hopes for this relationship. She said that her honeymoon with Eddie would last for 40 years. This proved not to be true because they were divorced 5 years later.

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Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor was married to Richard Burton from March 1964 to June 1974 and again from October 1975 to August 1976.

While still married to Eddie Fisher, she reconnected with Richard on the set of the film Cleopatra. They had only met once met at a party a decade before.

Elizabeth claims that it was love at first sight. They both noticed a strong attraction and could perhaps feel each other’s passion the moment their eyes met again after so many years.

The couple fell in love the moment they first kissed on stage. It was reportedly such a long and passionate moment that the director had to step in between them.

The first wedding took place in Montreal. Her canary yellow dress was designed by Irene Sharaff. Richard proposed with a Bulgari brooch, and he famously joked that “the only Italian word Elizabeth knows is Bulgari.” FLowers were also part of the ceremony, with hyacinths and lilies woven into an extravagant flower crown.

The couple engaged in public displays of affection often. In fact, their love was so public and extravagant that they soon became one of the most iconic power couples of the 20th century. They were passionate lovers who often got into fights.

After they’d been married for 5 years, Richard gave Elizabeth an Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond. The extravagant 33.19-carat piece was eventually renamed the Elizabeth Taylor diamond, and she reportedly wore it almost every day.

The couple also worked together a few times. They starred in a TV movie called Divorce His, Divorce Hers in 1973 and got divorced a year later. They were remarried for less than a year after that.

Their second ceremony was held at the Chobe River in Botswana. She wore a tie-dye dress designed by Gina Fratini.

Richard wrote Elizabeth a final letter days before his death in 1984. He asked her to give their relationship one last chance.

Elizabeth says that they loved each other even when they couldn’t live together. She also claims that she loved Richard Burton her whole adult life.

John Warner

Elizabeth Taylor and John Warner were married from December of 1976 to November of 1982.

John was the first politician that Elizabeth ever set her eyes on. He was the former U.S. Secretary of the Navy and became a U.S. Senator for Virginia for 5 terms. They met when he escorted her to at a dinner for Queen Elizabeth II in Washington, D.C.

The couple was on opposite sides of the political spectrum; he was a Republican and she was a Democrat. Despite their differences, they connected over shared interests, including a love of horses.

The ceremony was one of the simplest and most intimate of Elizabeth’s life. They were married on his farm in Virginia. She wore a violet cashmere dress, a tweed and fur coat, and a matching turban.

Their relationship was not known for being tumultuous or passionate. John says that he found Elizabeth fascinating and that she was a great conversationalist. The pair remained friends until she died in 2011.

Larry Fortensky

Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky were married from October 1991 to October 1996.

Larry had the least glamorous occupation out of all of Elizabeth’s lovers. He was a construction worker that she met while going through rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic in 1988. She was attempting to overcome her addiction to prescription medication, and he was working to overcome alcoholism.

Larry says that he knew who Elizabeth was when they met but couldn’t remember watching any of her films. He also said she was funny and sweet and that there was an immediate physical attraction. The feeling was mutual, and Elizabeth married him soon after.

The wedding cost almost $2 million in total, but her $25,000 dress was reportedly a gift from designer Valentino. They were married at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, and she walked down the aisle with her eldest son.

The media was just as interested in this final marriage as the previous 7.. Reports even state that a photographer parachuted onto the ranch in the hopes of getting a single picture of the event.

This media frenzy didn’t die down once the couple was married. Anyone associated with Elizabeth Taylor is bound to remain the subject of tabloids, magazine articles, and paparazzi shots for years to come.

The spotlight eventually proved to be too much for Larry to handle. He treasures their memories together, but they both decided it was best to go their separate ways.

Larry was another one of Elizabeth’s lovers who remained her friend. He received $800,000 after her death.

Elizabeth Taylor searched for a lasting relationship her entire life. She was married 8 times to 7 different men. Althoughhile she remained friends with many of them, none of them gave her the connection she was looking for or were able to withstand the glare of the spotlight.

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