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The Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions Not Edited out of Movies

It’s true that he term “wardrobe malfunction” is a fairly recent addition to our cultural lexicon. Remember that fateful Super Bowl Halftime show back in 2004 involving a certain Mr. Timberlake. Ms. Jackson and that now-infamous flash of partial nudity? We still don’t quite understand the outrage that the media erupted in because of that but it certainly had a major impact on society.

That might have been the notorious event that first brought the term itself into popular culture. Even leading to Merriam-Webster eventually adding the phrase to their collegiate dictionary.

But just because we didn’t have a term for the rather exposing incident before 2004 doesn’t mean that it was a new phenomenon. Things have been going awry with celebrities’ garments since the dawn of stardom itself.

However, not all wardrobe malfunctions are quite the same kind of fleshy exposure that you might be thinking of. Some rather infamous wardrobe flubs in Hollywood have more to do with poor planning and absent minded directing than they do with indecent exposure.

Let’s take a little walk back through show biz history and discover some of the most obvious wardrobe woes that made there way to the big screen without seeing an editors chopping block. Join Fact Verse to know more about the wardrobe malfunctions not edited.

Facts Verse Presents: The Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions Not Edited out of Movies

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Raiders of the Lost Ark – Blue Jeans and a White T

You would hard-pressed to find a Cairo native walking around Egypt in the 1930s wearing anything close to modern western attire.

In fact, traditionally most people in those days would wear a garment called a gallebaya which was essentially a cross between a long wide shirt and a robe.

In Steven Spielberg”s freshman Indiana Jones offering. there is a scene where he sits at a counter nursing his boozy beverage sulking over his perceived loss of the love of his life. In the scene, you can see many local folks strolling through the streets wearing traditional garb. But one thing is out of place. Just to the left of Indy’s right shoulder and directly beside his bottle of spirits. You can clearly see a man perusing down the street with a white T-Shirt and Blue Jeans. Join Fact Verse to know more about the wardrobe malfunctions not edited.

Marty McFly? Is that you?

Glory – Wristwatch

Morgan Freeman, Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, and Cary Elwes all starred in one of the greatest films about the Civil War to ever hit the big screen. Glory told the the tale of the Union Army;’s second African-American regiment the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment.

As powerful as the film was – not to mention expertly cast – something made it through to the final cut that was wildly out of place.

When the 54th Mass march on a by a recently liberated slave plantation. Several black children wave at them in a very encouraging gesture. The problem is that one of them is clearly wearing a digital wristwatch.

In 1863, no one was wearing any kind of wristwatch let alone a digital one. In fact, the first incarnation of the wristwatch wouldn’t see the light of day until 1868. And the first wristwatch to hit the market wouldn’t sold for another 53 years in 1904. Thanks to the craftmanship of of Louis Cartier. Join Fact Verse to know more about the wardrobe malfunctions not edited.

Braveheart – Kilts

Ummmm somebody please tell Mel Gibson that he needs to do his homework. As iconic of a film as Braveheart is. There is one glaring historical inaccuracy in the film that might irk the living heck out of a historian.

No, it wasn’t the Scottish face paint, at least that is an accurate display of markings typical of that period. The problem lies with the kilts!

As authentic as they may look, the Kilt wouldn’t invented until the 16th century.

FYI Braveheart takes place in the 13th century.

Nice try Mel. But you can’t expect us to overlook that blunder. Join Fact Verse to know more about the wardrobe malfunctions not edited.

Dirty Dancing – Short Shorts

Dirty Dancing’s lead Baby sure looked great in those denim cut-offs. There is a just a little problem with this wardrobe choice that doesn’t sit right with us.

The flick supposedly takes place in 1963. And despite the fact that there may have some ballsy teenagers back in the day pushing their limits. And infuriating their parent’s and pastors – short shorts like the kind she wears wouldn’t be popularized until the 70s with the little help of folks like Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, and Daisy Duke.

But don’t worry Baby. We won’t tell anyone that you’re secretly a time traveler. You’re secrets safe with us.

The Last Samurai – Antiquated Armor

The Last Samurai was a decent flick! – Rotten Tomatoes agrees!

Tom Cruise Played Capt. Nathan Algren, a retired U.S. Military officer commissioned by the Emperor of Japan to help train the somewhat behind-the-curve country’s first army in the modern implementation of warfare. The film is great because it shows the crossroads of the bygone era of the Samurai and the technological advancements of modern warfare.

Too bad the production team couldn’t get the Samurai armor historically right. Instead of putting cruise in accurate of the age garb. They decked him out in armor that hadn’t used for over 2 centuries. Just because it looked cooler or something.

The Other Boleyn Girl – Natalie Portman’s Hair

Portman’s 2008 romantic period piece suffered from mediocre reviews and riddled with historical inaccuracies. Much of those mistakes were somewhat intentional, hoping that audiences would either not notice or simply not care.

One glaringly obvious issue with the costume design however involved Portman’s hood. In 16th-century France it would considered wildly unbefitting of a woman of rank to allow her uncovered hair seen out in public.

She would have worn a veil that attached to the hood with her hair pulled back underneath it so as to not inspire any scandalous reactions. Not quite the kind of indecent exposure that we associate with the term “wardrobe malfunction” today. But it was certainly a wardrobe flub, to say the least.

Schindler’s List – Shaved Pits

Master filmmaker Steven Spielberg show’s up on this list yet again. This time with his culturally significant masterpiece about the Holocaust Schindler’s List. As impacting as the film was for its portrayal of such a dark period in world history. It isn’t free from historical inaccuracies and errors.

The Women in the Krakow concentration camp would have never been supplied with razor blades of any kind. That would have been wildly problematic to their malicious Nazi captors.

Every woman in those camps however in the film had smooth legs and armpits. An issue that is commonly overlooked by viewers of the heart-wrenching film. To be fair, who really pays attention to small details like that when the rest of the film is so jaw-droppingly fantastic?

Back To The Future – Marty McFly’s Electric Guitar

Before someone call’s us out in the comments section – yes, yes, we know that a guitar isn’t exactly a piece of most peoples wardrobe per se. But for Marty McFly in the first installment of the Back to The Future series, it was certainly a crucial part of his persona and aesthetic.

In the second act of the film there is that uber-famous scene – after Marty accidentally makes out with his mom – that he gets down and dirty playing Johnny B. Goode on his Gibson ES-345. Everything starts off pretty groovy until Marty can’t help but whip out some rather intense metal riffs that the attendees of the high school dance weren’t quite ready for. But as Marty insisted, their kids were going to love it

It’s a fantastic scene all except one tiny little detail. That guitar wouldn’t be manufactured until 1958 and as we all know, Marty’s temporal troubles take him back to November 5, 1955. Granted, the trilogy does all revolve around time travel. So a out-of-time guitar is probably not the most shocking anachronistic artifact to be found in 1955 but it’s still worth mentioning.

Pirates of the Caribbean – The British Navy’s Uniforms

So yeah, we’re going to take a film series that has dozens upon dozens of historical inaccuracies and hone in one pretty trivial one in particular to take issue with. This is the internet, what do you expect?

Anyway, so the British Navy was depicted as wearing bright red coats for the nautical film that was set in the 1720’s. Although it’s true that the military did wear a shade of red at the time called ‘madder lake’ in those years. It was actually a much duller and less costly shade of red than the bright scarlet that would be introduced for officers and sergeants in 1747.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl – Cowboy Hat

Okay, OKay, if you don’t think that first Pirates wardrobe malfunction was significant enough to make our list, then how about this one?

Just after Jack Sparrow utters the line “On Deck, you scabrous dogs.” You can very clearly see a man on the top left corner of the screen just above Jack’s shoulder wearing a tan-colored cowboy hat, sunglasses, and a white T-Shirt looking off into the sea.

Either that extra showed up to the wrong set or he somehow accidentally ended up slipping through to the final cut unbeknownst to the rest of the production team. Otherwise, there is also the very slim chance that that cowboy wannabe was there to wrangle some sea cows.

Wizard of Oz – Dorothy’s Magical Hair

We could make a whole video highlighting all the mistakes in The Wizard of Oz – and who knows. We might just do that but one particularly obvious wardrobe problem that can be clearly seen in a watch-through of the iconic 1939 film is how Dorothy’s hair keeps changing lengths.

One moment it’s luxuriously long and in the very next scene it’s a foot shorter. Then before you know it she grows it all right back in a matter of seconds.

This flub happened because of the film being filmed out of sequence and with various necessary re-shoots at later dates. Today, Judy Garland would have been required by producers to keep her hair at the same length for the entirety of the principal. And secondary photography process.

Okay, we could keep going at this all day – picking apart every wardrobe malfunction that has ever made it’s way to the Cinema. But that wraps up our list for today.

Now it’s time to hear from you, our lovely Facts Verse audience.

What was your favorite wardrobe malfunction on this list? Did you see that guy in the jeans and T-shirt in Indiana Jones, or are you more enthralled by Dorothy’s every changing hair-do? Let us know what you think In the comments section.

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