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These Classic Television Actors Will Send You Personalized Video Messages

Cameo is quickly becoming the world’s most popular personalized video message service. If you need an easy gift for the holidays, this will show you classic actors who make videos for everyone. After watching, you can use our link below to get a video from any of the people we talked about!

Loretta Swit (MASH)

Hollywood Walk of Fame star Loretta Swit is famous as Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan in the award-winning series M*A*S*H. Spanning over 250 episodes, she graces the screens of CBS for most of the 1970s and the early 80s.

Loretta hosts the Pyramid and Match Game, she tells Cameo, that love and kindness inspires her since the beginning. A personalized message from Hot Lips is to make M*A*S*H fan’s day and start game night from a memorable host.

Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch)

We can’t talk about classic television shows without mentioning the Brady Bunch. A sitcom institution, its five-season run on ABC follows by countless spin-offs, sequels, and reunions. One of the different installments of the Brady Bunch saga is eldest son Greg Brady, played by Barry Williams.

Referring to himself as America’s most reliable older brother, Barry is prominent to record sincere messages. Not avoiding the Brady-isms he’s famous for, making him not only America’s but Cameo’s most reliable older brother. A better way to remind a brother to aspire to them isn’t by sending them a blueprint created by Barry.

Sally Struthers (All in the Family)

Actress and activist Sally Struthers is popular for her portrayal of Babette Dell in the hit show Gilmore Girls. She starts as Gloria Stivic, daughter of Archie and Edith Bunker in All in the Family, which rocks CBS for nine seasons in the 1970s.

Sally’s character got a spin-off of her own title as Gloria which ran for a season in the early eighties. In her Cameo announcement, Gloria reminds the viewer, highlighting the humor you can get if you commission this appearance.

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Tom Wopat (Dukes of Hazzard)

Buckle up, ladies, this might get exciting – because the prolific actor and musician Tom Wopat is next up on our list. Made a household name as Luke Duke, one half of the pair of cousins on probation in the iconic action-comedy The Dukes of Hazzard, Tom Wopat is available on Cameo to tell a few stories about his time driving through Georgia in General Lee, or even sing a song or two.

After leaving Hazzard, Tom went on release a surplus of music, up to as recently as 2017 with his eponymous album “Wopat”. But don’t think he’s left his moonshine-running days behind, as in 2014, Tom releases “Home for Christmas” a holiday duet album with John Schneider, his dear cousin-in-crime Bo Duke from the show. If you’re looking for a Christmas-themed cameo, Wopat seems like the obvious choice that can fulfill your every festive need.

Melissa Gilbert (Little House on the Prairie)

Melissa Gilbert is a name that will mean many things to many people. Comic book fans will know her as the voice of Barbara Gordon, Batman’s sidekick Batgirl, in Batman: The Animated Series. Actors will have known her as the former president of the Screen Actors Guild. But most audiences will know her as Laura Ingalls Wilder, daughter of Charles Ingalls in NBC’s Little House on the Prairie.

Tackling over one hundred and ninety episodes of Little House, Melissa would continue to appear as Laura in multiple tv movie continuations as well as taking on the role of a new member of the family, Caroline “Ma” Ingalls, in the Little House on the Prairie touring musical. When you’ve lived as many lives as Melissa has, she’ll be sure to fill your video message with memorable anecdote after memorable anecdote.

Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar Man)

We can rebuild him and we have the technology. We can make him cameo. Lee Majors, The Six Million Dollar Man himself, is on Cameo recording messages for both friends and foes. If that genre-defining tv show isn’t enough for you, Lee’s career spans show like ABC’s western hit The Big Valley to portraying Ash William’s father in the Starz gem Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Who wouldn’t want Colonel Steve Austin to wish them a happy birthday? Or Colt Seavers to offer us supporting words during a particularly trying time? And let’s be real here. We’d be happy to have Lee Majors read us the phonebook.

Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement)

What would the nineties have been without Home Improvement? Imagine all the houses unfinished without Tool Time! The real question though is what would Tim Allen has been without his loving wife, played by Patricia Richardson. A staple of the 90s, Patricia Richardson, welcome onto American screens with open arms and over two hundred episodes as Jill Taylor.

If you’re ever worried about whether actors and actresses like discussing their old work or not, Patricia is more than happy to tell old tales and reminisce about the past, going so far as to make an appearance on Tim Allen’s recent long-running sitcom Last Man Standing, in an episode paying tribute to the pairs famous time on Home Improvement.

Richardson is the perfect vessel to remind your dad about fixing that leak that’s just getting worse. It’s never too late for Tool Time!

Randy Mantooth (Emergency!)

Soap icon Randy Mantooth spent the 1970s playing determined firefighter/paramedic Johnny Gage in the Emergency! franchise. Part medical drama, part action-adventure, Emergency did well enough at NBC to earn a subsequent six tv movies and even an animated show, all of which involved Mantooth.

Mantooth said to Cameo he’s happy to be recognized for any project he’s worked on, and he’ll wish anybody a happy birthday and anyone a happy anniversary “because they’re important too.” A personalized video message from Randy Mantooth would be a fitting gift to any graduating class in the medical/firefighting field. Or just big fans of classic soaps. We know you’re out there The City fans.

David Hasselhoff (Baywatch)

Mitch Buchannon is his name, and saving swimmers is his game. What’s there to be said about The Hoff that hasn’t been said already? He dominated the 80s as Michael Knight in Knight Rider, won the eyeballs of the 90s as shirtless heartthrob Michael Buchannon in Baywatch, and made inarguably the best cameo in Hollywood history in 2004’s The SpongeBob SquarePants movie.

If you’re even the slightest bit Hoff crazy, there will be tons of valuable insights and tidbits from the man who made it cool to give yourself a moniker again. I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine a better wedding gift than your big day being commemorated by the original Nick Fury. Maybe if you’re lucky, he’ll serenade you with a tune from his ever-expanding discography.

With every generation under his belt, you can’t fail with a personalised video message from the Hoff. Just don’t hassle him, okay?

Chuck Norris

We knew we had to end on a big one. And who’s bigger than Walker Texas Ranger? Leading a show as the titular main character for over two hundred episodes is no small feat, but Chuck Norris made it look easy. With over eight seasons, a television film, and cameos in other shows, Norris is one of the original classic tv a-listers whose sheer screen presence was a brand of it’s own, leading to innumerable memes and jokes that swept the web by storm in the early days of internet comedy.

When you can stroll onto the set of The Expendables 2 alongside famous action movie beefcakes like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone and stand shoulder to shoulder with them, you know you’ve earned your public persona of a tough guy not to be crossed.

On Cameo, Norris seems more than happy to talk about his days as Walker, as well as namedrop any of the many jokes made about his tough as iron beard or head exploding stare. Making sure to remind you he’s always your friend, Chuck’s personalized video messages are sure to make for a wonderful surprise as he beams out of the screen and says he wishes your wedding will be as strong as he is. I’ve heard that kind of blessing is sure to guarantee long, happy days together.

That’s it from us. Any one of these classic actors will make wonderful videos for any occasion. Just make sure to use our link below to try and nab them before Christmas! Everyone knows the holidays don’t really begin until they’re reigned in by Greg Brady.

Now it’s time to hear from you! Are you interested in booking a cameo from any one of these classic television actors? Let us know why in the comments below! Before you go, please give us a like and subscribe to FactsVerse to keep up to date on our content and click the bell to make sure you never miss a video.

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