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These Twins Were Named “Most Beautiful In The World” Wait Till You See Them Today

The Twins

Twins, Ava Marie Clements, and Leah Rose Clements, were born on July 7, 2010. Their mother Jaqi says that the twins were born four and a half weeks early and based on their personalities, she understood why. Shortly after the twins were born, people noticed how pretty the girls were, and they often told Jaqi. They had perfect skin, their hair was always smooth and shiny, and their faces were perfectly symmetrical. From the day they were born, they looked like they belonged on the cover of a magazine. These Twins Were Named “Most Beautiful In The World, ” Wait Till You See Them Today.

They Should Be Models

Everywhere Jaqui took her twins; people told her that they are so beautiful that they should be models. Jaqi finally listened, and when the girls were six-months-old, they were signed with a Los Angeles modeling agency. For Jaqi, it wasn’t easy. She already had a two-year-old son, and in just three months, she realized that modeling was too much for her, so she decided to take the girls out of modeling. She wanted her kids to have a normal life with their family.

The Twins Decision

Jaqi felt bad pulling her daughters out of modeling so quickly. She wanted to know what her daughters wanted, but because they were so young, they couldn’t give any useful input. Jaqi decided to leave modeling in the past and talk to the girls about it when they got older.

Its a Sign

Jaqui decided that when the girls turned 7, she would let them decide if they wanted to model. Not only did she think that 7 was a lucky number, her daughters’ birthday was 7/7. Since the girls would be turning 7 on 7/7/17, Jaqui knew that it was time to let them make a decision for their future. The girls were already involved with the swim team and in dance class. They loved to perform for anyone who watched, and they decided that they wanted to try modeling again.

The First Job

Jaqi had a friend who just opened a children’s boutique. She needed models for her business, and the twins got the job. It was great for Jaqi because she would need new photos of the twins if she were going to get them an agent. Jaqi didn’t want her girls wearing a face full of makeup, so she pulled her Nikkon camera out of storage, she did their hair and put a bit of blush on them, and she took her photos.

Getting An Agent

Jaqi still had the names of important contacts, and she managed to get each of the girls an agent. Jaqui thought that by having two agencies representing her daughters that she would be twice as likely to get them some work. She was getting offers for the same auditions from two different agents, and it had to be worked out so that nobody was upset in the end. Jaqi left part of her career up to the agents, and she also took on some of the responsibility. She created an Instagram page for her daughters called @clementstwins in July 2017. She had no idea what she was doing, and it wasn’t long before the little girl had over 300,000 followers. Jaqi wanted to use the Instagram account as a portfolio for agents and also to create a fanbase for her girls.

The Family Business

This time, Jaqi didn’t just get her daughters involved in modeling. She also brought in her son, Chase. He had the good looks necessary to be a model, and he could act as well. Thanks to his acting ability, he landed a few commercials. The girls were getting their own job offers. In the first week, they had booked six jobs. She was worried that the work was too much for her daughters. They had to go to downtown Los Angeles several times a week, and it was about five or six hours round trip. The girls didn’t seem to mind, so Jaqi kept doing it.

Ignoring the Negativity

Jaqi knew that haters will always hate and there would always be people out there who are going to have something negative to say. Some people complained that the twins always looked sad. Jaqi knew her girls. They weren’t sad; it was just that some of the photoshoots required a sad look. Some people commented on the girls’ Instagram page saying that she should let her daughters be kids. She doesn’t let the negativity get to her because her daughters make their modeling decisions.

They Are Still Kids

According to Jaqi, her daughters may be models, but they still act like normal kids. She says that even though they have busy schedules at times, their modeling makes it possible for the family to spend time together as a family and they are able to travel. These are things that most families cannot do. Jaqi thinks that her family is lucky.

Making Friends

The girls are always making friends on their photoshoots. Many of their friends work as models, and they understand the life. Jaqi says that this helps create a stronger bond between the girls and their friends. The family is often sent clothes and new products for the girls to try so that companies can test shoot the girls. Jaqi says that she has learned a lot about running a successful social media account and today, their Instagram has close to 400,000 followers.

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