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These Two Were Lovebirds In Kindergarten, But 20 Years Later The Unimaginable Happened

Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel

Matt Grodsky was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Laura Scheel was born in New Delhi, India. Two United States government employees adopted Laura, and she moved with her new family to Phoenix. This was how the two met. They both attended the same preschool, and they became really good friends.

Puppy Love

From the time the two met, it was puppy love. They spent their time at school playing together. Matt often tried to impress Laura by singing songs to their favorite Disney movies, particularly songs from The Lion King. Matt really had a thing for Laura, even though he was just three-years-old. He says that he knew then that they should be married. He even went as far as to propose marriage to her in front of the class. She says that she was flattered, but decided that they should wait a little while, at least until they were in elementary school. It wasn’t just in school that they spent time together. Their parents often planned play dates for the two because they were best friends.

Separate Ways

When preschool ended, Matt and Laura were devastated. They found out that they would be going to different elementary schools because they lived in different districts. Matt tried to propose to Laura one more time when they found out that they would be apart, but since they weren’t even in elementary school yet, a wedding was not in the cards. The two went their separate ways and lost contact over time. Their parents traded Christmas cards, but other than that, the two were living their own lives.

Fast Forward

Years later, when Laura was in her freshman year in high school, she made a new friend. The girls were hanging out one day, and Laura was looking through her new friend’s phone. When she saw Matt’s contact information, she couldn’t believe it. It turned out that her new friend was a good friend of Matt’s in middle school. She told her new friend about the incredible bond that she shared with Matt when they were very young. Her friend offered to reunite the former best friends to see if the spark they once shared still remained.

Reaching Out

Laura was nervous about reaching out to Matt. She wondered if he even remembered who she was. She sent him a text message, and she was thrilled that he knew who she was. The two started texting regularly, and they both agree that they picked up right where they left off.


After just a few weeks of being in contact again, they decided to start dating. This time, they would be boyfriend and girlfriend for real. Even though they didn’t go to the same high school, they made it work. They spent their weekends together, school vacations, and summer vacations. The pair dated during all four years of high school.

Off To College

When Matt and Laura graduated from high school, it was time for them to head off to college. Matt was accepted to Columbia College in Chicago, and Laura was accepted to Northern Arizona University. The two schools were 1,600 miles apart. They had many conversations about their relationship. They weren’t sure if they could make a long distance relationship work. In the end, they decided to stay together. They would have school breaks and summers together. While they were in school, they would talk on the phone as often as possible. They even started watching Friends on Netflix together, and they would watch while on the phone. They considered this their date nights.

The Proposal

When the pair finished their senior year, they both headed home for the summer. Matt decided that it was time to take their relationship to the next level. He was planning to propose to Laura, and he knew exactly where to do it. He wanted to take her back to the place where it all began, the preschool. He had a photographer meet him there so that he could capture the moment on film, and he proposed to her childhood sweetheart. She said yes.

December 2016

In December 2016, Matt and Laura were married. She says that their wedding was like a fairy tale. Matt says that he knew that they would be together when they were in preschool. These two were lovebirds in kindergarten, but 20 years later the unimaginable happened. They were finally husband and wife.

Happily Ever After

Most of us make friends in preschool; however, over time, as we change, those relationships fade, and we make new ones. This was not the case with Matt and Laura. They were best friends growing up, and today, they are husband and wife. Theirs is a love story that will go down in history.

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