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These Yearbooks Were Printed And Handed Out To The Whole Student Body Before The Teachers Realized The Photo Error


Yearbooks are a huge part of high school. At the end of the year, the yearbooks come out, and the students cannot wait to go through the book to see how many times they are featured in it. Yearbooks are also a great memento to hold onto for the rest of your life, allowing you to relive your high school years. Unfortunately, yearbooks aren’t always perfect. These yearbooks were printed and handed out to the whole student body before the teachers realized the photo error.

Peter Griffin!

The young man in this photo error looks just like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. What makes this photo even crazier is that the boy’s name is Peter Griffin. What are the odds?

Where Were the Editors

This student’s quote makes no sense because almost every word is misspelled and difficult to understand. What were the editors doing when this quote was turned in?

Crazy 80s

Unless you grew up in the 80s, you wouldn’t understand this picture. The laser in the background was considered, “cutting edge” back then. Between that, the big glasses, and the crazy haircut, this is clearly an 80s photo.

The Ultimate Burn

Stephanie used a quote from Sex and the City in the yearbook. Sean, whose photo was right beside her in the yearbook, had the ultimate burn. He wrote, “You know the world has come to a dark state when you lower yourself to quoting Sex and the City. What a jerk!

The “S” Is Silent

This boy obviously had to tell people all the time that the S in his name was silent because he used it as his yearbook quote.

Strange Quote and a Tux

Most students don’t get dressed up in a tux for their senior pictures, but Bradley isn’t your typical student. His quote, which reads, “I like to listen to The Wheels On the Bus Go Round and Round when I’m driving because I can relate to it” proves that is is a bit off.

Not Too Creative

Connor isn’t the most creative boy in school. When it came time to come up with his quote for the yearbook, he wrote, “I don’t know, you can just put some quote in for me.” He didn’t want to do the work to come up with something, and neither did the editors.

Kevin Chang Is Rude

Kevin’ Chang’s quote shows just how rude he is. It reads, “It’s not enough that I should succeed; others should fail.” He is a future supervillain, so watch out world.

Star Wars

The student in this photo error didn’t want to be himself; he would rather be a Storm Trooper from Star Wars. It didn’t bother the yearbook staff that he was wearing the mask, and they printed the photo anyway.


This is one of the strangest yearbook photos ever. The boy’s parents must have been furious that they paid for a picture package, only to have him look like this. Retakes anyone?

Coming Out With Feminism

This student did a lot with her quote. Not only did she explain how serious she is about making it in “a man’s world,” but she came out as a lesbian. This is a lot of information in one simple quote.

John Wayne

This student quoted John Wayne. He really did say this, but the editors didn’t proofread. Rather than writing, “Life is tough,” they wrote, “Life is though.” Oops.

Serious. Not Serious

The serious expression on this student’s face in his photo doesn’t match up with the crazy, exclamation point filled, nonsensical quote. He may not be as serious as he looks.

Funny Teachers

The teachers in these photos prove that teachers can have fun too.

Perfectly Planned

John and Ian knew that they would be side-by-side in the yearbook because they always have been. This year, they decided to make it funny by making it appear that they were looking at one another.

Even More Perfectly Paired

These two boys knew that they were going to be side-by-side in the yearbook, and they took it a step further by eating a long sandwich. Very clever!

Sponge Bob Reference

These are clearly kids of the 90s. The Sponge Bob references make it obvious.


Rachel Benke needs a guide dog to get around. The yearbook editors decided that her guide dog, Taxi, deserved a photo in the yearbook. It is adorable.


This student didn’t want a photo in the yearbook, so he just went with this guy. Decades from now, people won’t know who he really is.


Mr. Eichen didn’t want a photo of himself in the yearbook, so he just used his foot. What a clever way to avoid yearbook photos.

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