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Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

Things You Didn't Know About Everyday Objects

#1 The Pompom On Your HatThe pompom on your winter hat is a cute fashion statement. What you may not know is that the pompom was used for more than a stylish statement years ago. The pompom was originally called a bobble. French Marines would wear sailor hats with bobbles on top to keep from hurting themselves on the low cabin ceilings. The bobbles were furry like today’s pompoms, therefore, it would soften the blow. If the Marines felt the bobble move, they would know to duck down quickly. Later, the bobble would define the different branches of the military based on the size, shape, and color of the bobble.

#2 The Colored Lines At the Bottom of a Tube of ToothpasteIf you have ever looked closely at your toothpaste tube, you may have noticed the colored bars. Many people believe that these lines let you know the type of toothpaste that you are buying and the level of chemicals in each tube. In reality, the lines have nothing to do with the organic or non-organic value of the toothpaste. The lines are just there so that a light beam sensor in the machine at the factory can designate where each tube needs to be cut and folded during production.

#3 The Chupa Chups Lollipop StickIf you have ever eaten a Chupa Chups lollipop, you have likely noticed that there is a weird hole at the top of the stick. Some people think that it is a whistle for kids to have after they have finished their pop. Others believe that the hole is there to prevent a choking hazard. In reality, the hole is there to keep the pop from falling off the stick while it is being eaten. When the pops are made, the liquid goes into the hole and then comes out to form the round pop. This ensures that the pop will remain on the stick and cannot be swallowed by accident.

#4 The Hind Legs of a Computer KeyboardMany people believe that the hind legs on a computer keyboard were put there to make typing more ergonomic. While the hind legs do make typing easier, they were actually put there so that you could see the keys better when you are typing. It is much easier to look down and see the keyboard when it is at an angle than when it is flat. This was the original intention for the keyboard’s hind legs.

#5 The Diamond-Shaped, Pig-Nose Symbol On a BackpackMost people believe that the diamond-shaped, pig-nose shaped design on the front of a backpack is for fashion purposes. While they are designed to make the backpack look nicer, they actually serve a purpose. When hikers and climbers use these backpacks, they can attach a rope or a metal loop through the holes. When athletes use these backpacks, they can tie their sneakers through the holes. This keeps their stinky shoes out of the backpack and it keeps their hands free.

#6 The Tiny Hole in the Middle of a Ballpoint Pen Many people who use ballpoint pens think that the tiny hole in the middle is a design error. This is wrong. The little hole actually has a purpose. The hole allows air into the pen to keep the ink running. Without this hole, the ink won’t get any air, causing it to clog inside the pen.

#7 The Hole In a Spaghetti SpoonAll spaghetti spoons have a hole in the spoon area. This hole helps to separate the hot water from the noodles, preventing you from getting burned when testing the spaghetti. This is not the only purpose of the hole. It is also used to measure out your pasta. The hole is the perfect size for you to measure one serving of pasta. If you are cooking pasta for just one or two people and you don’t want to make too much, this hole in the spoon will help you measure the perfect amount each time.

#8 The Blue Part Side Of An EraserMost people believe that the pink side of an eraser is for pencil lines and the blue side is for ink. This is not the case. If you have ever tried to erase ink with the blue side, you will quickly find out that it cannot be done. The blue side is actually to get rid of pencil marks on art and graphic designs. This side is softer and more sensitive, making it perfect to erase fine lines.

#9 The ’57’ On a Bottle Of Heinz KetchupIf you have ever looked at a glass bottle of Heinz ketchup, you have seen the small ’57’ on the side of the bottle. Most people think that this number signifies the age of Henry John Heinz or his anniversary. It is actually there because it is the ketchup bottle’s “sweet spot.” If you want your ketchup to flow freely, you don’t need to hit the bottom of the bottle. All you need to do is tap the ’57’ and your ketchup will come right out. Shockingly enough, only 11 percent of people know this little fact.

#10 The Tab on a Rear View MirrorIf you think that the tab on the bottom of your rear view mirror is to hang an air freshener, you are wrong. While it is a great place to hang something, it is actually a safety feature. If you are driving in front of a vehicle with the high beams on, you would simply flip the mirror down with the tab. This will reduce the light, making driving much safer.

#11 The Headrest On the Seat of Your Car The headrests on the seats of your car are there to rest your head while you are driving. The headrest is also great to keep your passengers comfortable. What you may not know is that the headrest has another purpose. If you were in an accident and you had to get out of the car and the door won’t open, you headrest can save your life. You would pull the headrest up and wedge it into the window sill of your car. The metal tongs at the bottom of the headrest would need to be wedged into the window and then crank it. This will shatter the window, helping you to escape from the car, saving your life.

#12 Holes at the Top of a Gas PumpHave you ever looked up at the gas pump and noticed the round circles at the top of the pump? They actually serve a safety purpose. If a driver is pumping their gas and they somehow forget to take the pump out of their tank before driving off, the hose will come right off without ripping the gas pump out of the ground. This safety feature prevents very serious gas spills by preoccupied drivers.

#13 The Cover To Your Takeout CupOf the things you didn’t know about everyday objects, this is the most clever. Most people know that the cover to a takeout cup is there to prevent spills. What you may not know is that the lid doubles as a coaster. The bottom of the cup fits perfectly into the circle in the lid. If need your cover to keep your drink from spilling buy you also need a coaster, request two lids.

#14 The Tiny Hole Between the Lens and Flash On An iPhoneIf you have ever looked at the back of your iPhone, you know that there is the camera lens, a tiny dot, and the camera’s flash. This hole actually has a purpose. It is a small microphone that allows you to hear clearly when you are taking a video.

#15 Colored Handles On Ice Cream ScoopersThe old fashioned ice cream scooper has different colored handles. They aren’t different colors so that you can choose the color that you like the best. They are actually color coded by size. Each size is based on how many scoops you would need to fit into a 32-ounce container.

#16 They Extra Eyelets On Your SneakersMost sneakers have two extra eyelets for the laces on the top. These aren’t there for fashion reasons, they actually have a purpose. First, they keep the sneakers from rubbing against your skin. They also offer more stability when you are running. If you lace up the extra eyelets, you will have more ankle stability.

#17 The Cylinder At the End Of a Laptop CableAll laptop power cables have a large cylinder at the end. This cylinder isn’t for decoration, it actually has a very important purpose. It is there to keep your laptop from getting damaged by suppressing the noise within the electrical circuits. Without this cylinder, your laptop can easily short out.

#18 The Bottle Neck Design Beer bottles were designed the way they are for a reason. First, it is easier to hold the bottle by the neck than it is to hold it from the bottom. Also, you don’t have to worry about your beer getting warm with your body heat when you are holding the bottle.

#19 The Cylinder Inside a Bottle CapPlenty of companies have held contests where consumers would lift the disc in the bottom of their soda cap to reveal their prize. This is not the reason that the disc is there, however. This disc not only keeps the soda from spilling out if you turn the bottle to the side, it also keeps your soda from getting flat.

#20 The Little Hole Next To the Lock on a PadlockIf you have ever noticed the tiny hole beside the lock on a padlock, you should know that it has a purpose. If the lock gets stuck, the hole is there to oil it. If you use the lock on an outdoor shed and the lock fills with water, the hold will allow it to drain out.

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