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Things You Have Been Doing Wrong

Things You Have Been Doing Wrong
#1 Putting Your Clothes In Your Drawers
 Most people pile their clothes up in their drawers. While this will keep the clothing neat, it isn’t the best way to store your clothes. If you want to find a certain shirt, for example, you should need to take every shirt out until you find the right one. If you put your shirts in the drawer vertically rather than horizontally, you will be able to see everything when you open the drawer. This will keep your drawers neater.


#2 Breaking a Toblerone
If you have ever eaten a Toblerone chocolate bar, chances are that you have been doing it wrong. Rather than holding the chocolate bar and snapping it in half, you should put your thumb on the pointed part of the chocolate. To break it off, simply push the pointed piece into the rest of the bar and it will snap right off. All you need is a little bit of pressure to get a bite of this chocolaty treat.
#3 Peeling a Mango
When you peel a mango, you no longer need to use a knife. Knives are effective, however, you often lose a good deal of the mango that gets stuck in the peel. To peel the mango quickly and effectively, run a slice of mango around the edge of a glass. The mango will drop into the glass and you can throw the clean peel away.
#4 Eating a Tic Tac
If you have ever tried to eat one Tic Tac and several come out and some even fall on the floor, chances are you are dispensing them the wrong way. Rather than pouring the Tic Tacs out, you should turn the container to the side and open the lid slowly. There is a small compartment inside the cap where just one Tic Tac will be dispensed at a time.
#5 Peeling a Hard-Boiled Egg
Hard-boiled eggs are delicious and they are good for you, however, they can be a pain to peel. If you don’t do it the right way, you can end up taking a long time to remove every tiny piece of eggshell. If you don’t get them all, you could get a crunchy bite. To peel a hard-boiled egg quickly and easily, simply roll the egg over the table before you start peeling. This should cause the peel to come off in one large piece.
#6 Cutting a Cake

If you are cutting a large sheet cake and you don’t have a knife that is long enough to cut the whole cake in one cut, you should go to the bathroom and grab a roll of dental floss. Unroll as much floss as you will need to cut the length of the cake. If you press the floss from the top of the cake to the bottom and you will be able to cut the cake perfectly.
#7 Hanging Your Jeans

If you want to hang your jeans rather than folding them and putting them in your drawer, you should use shower curtain rings instead of hangers. Simply hang the ring on the rod in the closet and hang the jeans on the ring using the belt loops. It is a great time and space saver.
#8 Preserving An Apple
If you try to cut an apple to eat at work, by the time you get there the inside of the apple will be brown. To keep this from happening, slice the apple but don’t separate the slices. When you have finished slicing the apple, put a rubber band around it to keep all of the pieces together. This will preserve the sliced apple until you are ready to eat it.
#9 Storing Brown Sugar

This is one of the things you have been doing wrong and it can be helpful when you learn to do it right. If you have ever stored a bag of brown sugar, you know that it hardens up. If you want to keep this from happening, you should store it in an airtight container. Next, put a few marshmallows in the container. This will keep the brown sugar moist and it won’t harden up.
#10 Squeezing Lemons
Unless you have a lemon squeezer, it can be very difficult to squeeze the last drop of juice from your lemons. To make it easier, all you will need is a set of tongs. Place the lemon as close to the handle of the tongs and possible and squeeze. It will help you squeeze every drop of juice out of your lemons.
#11 Eating a Cupcake
Cupcakes are delicious, but most people eat them the wrong way. When you eat a cupcake, you only get frosting in the few top bites and it can be very messy. The best way to eat a cupcake is to break the cupcake apart at the stem and flip the frosting side over to make it look like a sandwich. This will allow you to get a bite of frosting every time and you won’t need to worry about getting it all over your face and chin.
#12 Drinking Soda Through a Straw
If you have ever tried to drink a can of soda through a straw, you know that the carbonation can push the straw right out of the can. To keep this from happening, turn the tab over the hole in the can after you open it. There is a small hole in the tab and you can slip your straw through the hole. This will keep the straw in place.
#13 Making a Bologna Sandwich
The problem with bologna and many other types of lunch meat is that the meat is round and the bread is square. Because of this, you often get bites of bread with no meat. If you want every bite to be loaded with meat, you will need two pieces of meat and cut them down the middle. This will allow you to cover the entire piece of bread with the meat, ensuring a great taste in every bite.
#14 Taking Off a T-Shirt
If you want to take your t-shirt off quickly using just one hand, you won’t want to take it off through the hole in the neck. Instead, hold one of the sleeves with your hand and with one swift motion, pull the shirt off through the armhole. It is the fastest and easiest way to get the t-shirt off.

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