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This Blind Kitten Finally Found A Furever Home – And Now She’s Best Friends With A Rescue Dog

Bryanna Rosario

Bryanna Rosario is not new to caring for cats with special needs. In October 2016, she adopted a blind cat named Lemon. Unfortunately, blindness wasn’t Lemon’s only problem. She had serious heart issues, including an atrial septal defect and a ventricular septal defect. According to Bryanna, he had a heart murmur that they rated a 5. The vet told her that he was close to heart failure. She says that Lemon’s heart was like Swiss cheese, and the blood wasn’t able to pump to the places it was supposed to go.

Lemon’s Bucket List

Bryanna was very realistic when it came to Lemon’s health. She knew that the kitten didn’t have much time, and she wasn’t going to allow him to suffer. Until the day came that the vet said that Lemon was suffering, Bryanna made it her mission to make sure that he enjoyed every moment of his life. She created a Bucket List for Lemon. On her list, she included climbing a tree and creating art with his paws. He and Bryanna were able to fit a lot of fin into the three months that they had together.

Saying Goodbye

Just after Christmas 2016, Bryanna had to make the horrible decision of putting Lemon down. She hated to do it, but he was suffering. Lemon was her best friend and an amazing cat. After she said goodbye to her friend, it took her two years before she was ready to bring another cat into her life.

Bryanna’s Pets

When Bryanna said goodbye to Lemon, her other pets had to do the same. She had two tabby cats named Deadpool and Rajah. She loved dogs as well and had a Yorkshire terrier named Jordin, and a pit bull named Letty. Bryanna and her animals were all sad when Lemon died, but on March 26, 2018, she was ready to bring in a new member of the family.

Pet Fostering Page

Bryanna was looking at a pet fostering website one day when she saw a woman holding a gray kitten who was blind. This kitten got her attention because she looked exactly like Lemon. According to the Jacksonville Humane Society in Jacksonville, Florida, the kitten was just a few days old when they found her and her sister. They named the kitten Rosita, and her eyes were completely eaten away by infection. This was shocking for Bryanna because that is exactly what happened to Lemon.

Feeling Better

The shelter staff didn’t think that the kittens would last more than a few days, but they were tough. Both kittens were becoming healthy kittens, with heightened senses to make up for their vision loss. Bryanna became obsessed with the little kitten right away. Unlike Lemon, the kitten was strong enough to have surgery to remove the dead tissue from her eyes. This was a procedure that Lemon couldn’t have due to his weak heart. Bryanna continued to follow the kitten’s story.

Making the Trip

On June 1, 2018, Bryanna packed up her dogs into the car, and they made the five hour trip to Jacksonville to meet the kitten for the first time. While driving there, she started having mixed feelings. She wanted to meet the little kitten, but she didn’t want to replace Lemon. She felt very guarded, but she knew that this kitten needed her.

Meeting the Kitten

As soon as Bryanna met the kitten, all of her worries were gone. As soon as she held her, she realized that Lemon sent the kitten her way. She agreed that day to adopt the kitten, and as a tribute to Lemon, she named the kitten Lime.

Telling Lime’s Story

A few days after Bryanna got Lime home, she posted photos on Facebook for those who were following Lemon’s Bucket List. She wrote that nobody could ever replace Lemon, but she was excited about giving Lime a forever home where she would be loved. She wrote that even though Lime couldn’t see, she relied on her other senses to get around, which really worked. Lime was even able to catch flies in mid-air.

Lime and Letty

This Blind Kitten Finally Found A Furever Home – And Now She’s Best Friends With A Rescue Dog. Bryanna says that it was about nine months after Lime came to live with her that Letty’s and Lime’s best friendship started. Wherever Letty was, Lime was. Lime loved to play with Letty’s tail, and Letty let her. The two were inseparable. When Letty slipped a disc in her hip, Lime stayed close by to tend to her best friend and play nurse. Bryanna says that adopting Lime was great for her, but in the end, it was best for Letty. Of all the animals in the house, those two are the closest. Bryanna never expected Lime to make such a significant impact on her family.

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