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This Cop Died 7 Months After A Suspect Spat In Her Face Then The Police Revealed The Startling Cause

Arina Koltsova

Arina Koltsova put her life on the line every day working as a police officer in the capital city of Kiev in Ukraine. It was her job to keep the streets safe by arresting criminals and putting them behind bars. Her friends say that they weren’t surprised that she chose a career in law enforcement because she was the type of person who always wanted to help others.

New Years Day 2016

Arina loved her job, but on New Years Day 2016, her career took her down a dangerous path that would cost Arina her life. New Years Day is a hectic day for law enforcement officials. It is a day where people are out in the streets, drinking, having a good time. It is also a day where plenty of people are breaking the law.

An Angry Suspect

On New Years Day, Arina was working with her partner, Officer Mikhail Kindrakevich. They came upon a man who was breaking the law, so they went to arrest him. Unfortunately, the man wasn’t going to give up without a fight. The suspect became violent with Arina, and a struggle began. Finally, she was able to subdue the man who made him incredibly angry. After cuffing the suspect, he spat right in her face. As disgusting as it was, Arina let it go and finished her shift.

Feeling Ill

Over the next few weeks, Arina started feeling ill. She thought that she had a cold, but she continued to go to work every day. She loved her job, and she knew that her fellow police officers needed her to be there. As hard as it was, she got up every morning and tried to push through. One day, she was so sick that she collapsed. Fortunately, her partner was there, and he got her to the hospital quickly.

The Diagnosis

Arina arrived at the hospital, and after the doctors ran a few tests, they determined that she had tuberculosis. After hearing about the suspect who had spat in Arina’s face, they determined that she contracted TB on New Years Day.

What Is TB?

Tuberculosis, also known as TB, is a highly contagious disease that is spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The infection attacks the lungs, which causes the infected individual to develop a bad cough. The cough associated with TB doesn’t go away. Many people with TB lose weight, experience night sweats as well as fatigue. Many people lose their appetite, and the neck tends to swell. When a person inhales TB bacteria, it travels to the lungs where it stays for six weeks and lies dormant. After that, the immune system could possibly fight off the infection on its own, and it won’t lead to further illness. This is called latent tuberculosis. About 10 percent of these latent cases develop into an active strain that can be deadly. If the disease goes untreated, it will grow stronger and destroy the lungs.

A Treatable Condition

Tuberculosis is treatable; however, it can take from six months to two years for a person to be disease free. The only way for a person to be cured of tuberculosis is to stick to the medication regimen without missing a single dose.

Arina’s Treatment

Arina’s doctors decided to use chemotherapy to treat her tuberculosis. While chemo is a common cancer treatment, many doctors use a short round to treat TB. In Arina’s case, the side effect ravaged her body. The treatment destroyed Arina’s immune system, and she lost a significant amount of weight. She had to get her nourishment through her IV. Her long, blonde hair also fell out. It was a horrible time for Arina and those who loved her.

Arina Passed

Sadly, Arina didn’t get treatment early enough, and in July 2016, she passed away. When her family told her co-workers about her passing, they were devastated. This woman that they all loved and respected was gone over something that could have been caught early and treated.

Paying Tribute

After Arina died, the department paid tribute to her on social media. The post read, “This is an irreplaceable loss for the whole of Kiev police. Fond memories of Arina will remain in our hearts forever.” There is no way of knowing whether or not the suspect who spit in Arina’s face was charged for her death, but he should be. Had he not been so out of control that day, Arina would still be alive. This cop died 7 months after a suspect spat in her face. Then police revealed the startling cause on social media and people were outraged. The way this officer lost her life was tragic and unfair.

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