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Husband Leaves Pregnant Wife In Debt And She Gets A Surprise In Her Oven


When most people get married, they have plans for their future together. Most couples dream of owning their own home, starting a family, and spending the rest of their lives together. Newlyweds have plenty of dreams. In some cases, their dreams come true. In others, things simply fall apart.

Amanda’s Marriage

A woman named Amanda from Sydney, Australia married the love of her life. They had the perfect wedding and made plans for their future the way that most couples in love do. They hoped to move into their dream house and have a big family. Amanda couldn’t have been happier.

Settling In Together

Amanda and her husband started working on their dreams for the future shortly after getting married. First, they bought a house. Since it wasn’t exactly their dream house, they decided to renovate it to make it perfect. While they were working on their dream house, they started trying to start a family. Sadly, things didn’t go as easily as they thought. For three years, they tried to get pregnant. Amanda got pregnant twice, but each one ended in miscarriage. Through it all, the two stuck together.

Things Start Coming Together

Three years after getting married, things started working out for Amanda and her husband. Finally, the renovations on their home were complete, and they would be living in their dream house. Even better, Amanda found out she was pregnant again. This time, she didn’t lose the baby. She was very careful at first, and finally, the doctor told her that she was out of the woods. Amanda finally had everything she wanted. She had a beautiful home, a baby on the way, and she was married to the man of her dreams.

Dreams Shattered

Just when Amanda thought that life was perfect, her husband gave her some devastating news. She was 7-months pregnant at the time, and he told her that he was leaving her for another woman. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. They finally had everything they ever wanted, and he was throwing it all away for an affair. Amanda was devastated.


After the shock of her husband’s announcement wore off, Amanda started to realize how much trouble she was in. She was very far along in her pregnancy, and she didn’t have a job. Her husband was going to work so that she could stay home for the first few years of their child’s life. Now that he was gone, she had no money coming in. They had borrowed money from the bank to build their house and make the renovations. How was Amanda going to pay the mortgage? She hadn’t even bought everything that she needed for the baby yet. She was devastated and worried about her future.

KIIS Give Back

Amanda’s best friend heard about what happened, and she wanted to do something to help her friend. She contacted the local radio station KIIS and spoke to the host of their Give Back segment. She told them Amanda’s tragic story and about her bleak future. They decided to help.

Bringing Amanda On the Show

KIIS brought Amanda on the show, and she told her devastating story. She broke down while she told the host about the miscarriages, the house, and her husband leaving her for another woman. They had a big surprise in store for her.

The Screen

After Amanda told her story, the host revealed a screen. There was a man in her home, and he was filming there. First, she showed her a vacuum cleaner in her kitchen. It signified six months of free house cleaning so that she could focus on her baby. Next, they went to her refrigerator, and inside, there was a certificate from Fit Food, who would deliver meals to her home for the next three months to avoid shopping and cooking. On her counter, there was $4,000 worth of baby supplies that she hadn’t purchased yet. There was also a $1,000 gift certificate to have her baby’s pictures taken. When the man opened Amanda’s stove, she broke down in tears.

A Surprise

Husband leaves pregnant wife in terrible debt, then she notices something in the oven. It was $10,000. This would be enough money to cover her mortgage until she could have her baby and find a job. The gift that the radio station gave Amanda gave her hope for the future. She no longer had to worry about losing her home and not being able to care for herself and her new baby. She was so thankful to her best friend for reaching out to the radio station. She was also thankful to Give Back. If it weren’t for them, she would have been in serious financial trouble.

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