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This Groom Leapt Into A River During The Wedding Photos, And His Bride Was Aghast When She Saw Why

Wedding Day

Most couples plan for their wedding day for months, and usually years. The bride and groom often plan the entire day so that everything will go perfectly. Unfortunately, unexpected issues can arise that can change the plan and the schedule a bit. This is something that Brittany and Clayton Cook learned first hand on their wedding day on September 22, 2017.

Taking Wedding Photos

After Clayton and Brittany said, “I do,” their guests headed to the reception, and they stayed behind with their wedding photographer to take some posed photos. They were taking photos at the Victoria Park Pavilion in Kitchener, Canada. They both looked amazing, and the photos were coming out great. Unfortunately, the posed photos were put on hold while Clayton jumped in the water.

Something Is Amiss

While the couple was taking photos, Clayton noticed that three children were playing nearby. Because the kids were playing so close to the water, Clayton was keeping one eye on the camera and the other on the kids. When he turned to check on the children, he noticed that only two kids were standing there and they were pointing and yelling down into the water. It was then that Clayton sprang into action.

A Heroic Move

When Clayton walked away from Brittany and over to the water, Darren Hatt, the wedding photographer, got closer to the water to see what Clayton was doing. When he jumped into the water, Brittany and Darren ran to the edge of the water. This groom leapt into a river during the wedding photos, and his bride was aghast when she saw why. They saw that there was a young boy in the water, struggling to keep his head up. It was clear that he couldn’t swim and the water was too deep for him to stand. Clayton was near the boy, holding his head up and bringing him to shore.

Captured On Film

At that moment, Brittany was thrilled that she didn’t hire a wedding photographer who only did posed photos. Darren was also known for his action shots. This was great because he was able to capture Clayton’s heroism on film. Clayton was saving the boy, who was flailing his arms and panicking, and Darren had the photos.

The Day Goes On

After Clayton pulled the boy from the water, he and his friends walked away. They didn’t say thank you or even acknowledge what Clayton did. The couple understood that kids will be kids, and they weren’t too bothered by their leaving. Instead, the couple went to their reception where they had to explain to their guests why Clayton was soaking wet.

Social Media

After the wedding, the photographer posted a picture of Clayton saving the young boy. He included a caption regaling Clayton’s heroism. It wasn’t long before the post went viral. In just a few days, the post was shared over 3,000 times and received over 12,000 likes. Most of the comments left called Clayton a hero.

Harry Potter Fans

One thing that brought Clayton and Brittany together was their love for Harry Potter. Their wedding had a Harry Potter theme. They had Honeydukes candy bars, and the drinks were named after all things, Harry Potter. Brittany’s bouquet was made from the pages of the Harry Potter books. Clayton’s heroism and their love for Harry Potter spread, and a very special person heard about it all.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres heard about what Clayton did, and she invited the couple on her show. After Clayton told his story of saving the boy from drowning, in classic Ellen form, she told the couple that she had something special for them. The show was sending them on a trip to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter at Universal Studios complete with front line passes. Also, Cheerios was inspired by Clayton’s act of heroism, and the company gave the couple a honeymoon trip to London to visit the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour. The couple was thrilled.

Clayton’s View

Clayton says that he didn’t save the young boy on his wedding day for fame or Harry Potter trips. He knew that the boy was in danger and he could help him. Fortunately, Brittany didn’t become a Bridezilla by getting angry that he ruined his wedding suit before the first dance and the cutting of the cake. All she felt was pride. The fact that her new husband risked his life to save the life of a child just proved to her even more that she married the right man. Brittany loves to tell people the amazing story of her wedding day. Clayton takes it all in stride and hasn’t let it go to his head.

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