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This Is The Terrifying Reason Why You Should Never Leave An Aerosol Can In Your Car

Aerosol Cans

Most people know that aerosol cans are harmful to the environment. When this was discovered, many people switched from aerosol cans to pumps. There are still many products that come in aerosol cans that we still use today. While they still pose a danger to the ozone layer, they can be much more dangerous than you think. This is the terrifying reason why you should never leave an aerosol can in your car.

Common Products

There are a few everyday products that come in aerosol cans that we keep in our cars. During the winter, many people keep a can of de-icing spray in their vehicles. Many people also keep flat tire repair foam in the cars, just in case they need a quick fix on the side of the road. Many people even keep a can of lubricant in the car, just in case. While these products can help you out in a jam, they can also be incredibly dangerous.


Whether you keep these products in your truck, your glove compartment, or in a metal toolbox, they can still be incredibly dangerous. During the winter, it isn’t as dangerous as on a hot day. These products are combustible and flammable, and soaring temperatures can make them a time bomb.

120 Degrees Fahrenheit

If you look at an aerosol can, you will see a warning label. Any manufacturer who sells products in aerosol cans is required to add a warning label letting consumers know that their products cannot be stored in areas where the temperature could exceed 120 degrees. During the winter, spring, and fall, this isn’t often an issue. During the summer, it is a very serious issue. On a hot day, the temperature in your car can reach 130 degrees when it is parked. If you have an aerosol can in the car, it can be extremely dangerous.

What Can Happen In Aerosol In Car?

Are you wondering what can happen if you leave an aerosol can result in your hot car? You should wonder if you want to keep yourself and your vehicle safe. Aerosol cans can become over-pressurized. The buildup of excess pressure can be released quickly through the nozzle. If the pressure cannot be released through the nozzle, it will turn the can into a missile that can fly around the vehicle uncontrollably. The consequences can be devastating to the car and its occupants.


According to a report in Road and Traveler Magazine, anyone in the car can be killed by an aerosol can that is left in a hot car. Even if you turn on the AC when you get in the car, the contents can already have heated up, turning into a deadly weapon while you are driving.

Financial Costs For An Aerosol In Car

If there is nobody in the car when the can explodes, it can result in a financial loss. While the can is flying around the vehicle, it can smash the windows. Most insurance companies would consider the loss your fault, and you would be forced to pay out of pocket. Due to the dangers that aerosol cans, it is best to remove them in the springtime.

Aerosol cans are not the only danger in a car when it is very hot outside. Pets can be in grave danger as well. According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, when pets are exposed to heat for just 15 minutes, it can cause fatal brain damage and heat stroke.
According to the FDA, your groceries can be at risk in a hot car. Bacteria spread so quickly in hot temperatures that the food can be harmful by the time you get home. The FDA suggests that you keep your groceries in the central area of the car on the way home, rather than in the truck.
Prescription drugs can lose their effectiveness if they are stored in a hot car. If you leave a bottle of sunscreen in the car at all times, it can reduce its shelf life.
You should also avoid leaving your cell phone in the car for long periods on a hot or cold day. When a phone is left in extremely cold or hot conditions, it can reduce the battery life. Also, at very low temperatures, the glass screen can shatter.
Finally, you should avoid leaving plastic water bottles in the car. Many people believe that it is the chemicals in the plastic that can be dangerous when the bottle heats up too much. This isn’t the real danger. The real risks lie within the bacteria that live inside a bottle that has been opened. The heat can multiply the bacteria to dangerous levels.

Be Conscious In Aerosol In Car

When spring is coming to an end, and the hot weather is approaching, you need to be conscious and vigilant regarding what you have in your car. The heat can cause severe damage to a vehicle. To protect yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle, you should go through the whole vehicle, truck included, and remove anything that can be destroyed or can become hazardous in the heat.

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