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This Is What The First Lady Typically Eats

The First Lady

The First Lady, Melania Trump, has been through a lot. Between the “I don’t care, do you” scandal, her husband’s alleged affairs, and her withering “Be Best” campaign, people have a lot to say about the First Lady. Some feel bad for her, while others say that she is complicit to her husband’s hate-mongering attitudes. Many of the former first ladies have made culinary statements and have brought sophistication, fine dining and French cuisine to the White House. The FLOTUS is a bit different that first ladies of the past. This is what the First Lady typically eats.


The First Lady often has a smoothie for her first meal of the day. She makes her smoothies with only fresh fruits and veggies. Her favorite recipe consists of spinach, celery, carrots, blueberries, and apples. She often puts orange juice, apple juice, and fat-free yogurt in her smoothies.


On the days that Melania doesn’t feel like having a smoothie for breakfast, her backup is oatmeal. She prefers the oatmeal that his high in fiber and enjoys a healthy breakfast in the morning. One kind of oatmeal that she doesn’t eat is the flavored oatmeal that comes in the paper envelopes. She prefers the healthy, low-calorie option. She leaves the fattening, high-calorie breakfasts to her husband.


When it comes to snacking during the day, Melania reaches for a piece of fruit. It has been reported that she eats about seven pieces of fruit each day. Some go in her smoothies or her oatmeal, and some are just a snack to enjoy in between meals. When it comes to her choice of fruits, she says that she loves just about every fruit.

Fewer Vegetables

While Melania loves her fruit, she is a bit more picky with her vegetables. When she and her husband appeared on Martha Stewart, and he made is “barely passable” meatloaf sandwich, she was picky with the vegetables that she was willing to put on her sandwich. She steered clear of the artichokes and onions. The only vegetable she was willing to put on her sandwich was pickles. She does love salads and likes most of the coming fixings on her salad, minus the onions.

Fast Food

Considering that Melania’s husband is a fast-food junkie, it is no surprise that she enjoys some fast food from time to time. While traveling to meet the victims of Hurricane Harvey, she stopped for lunch at Whataburger in Corpus Christi. She may have ordered a salad, but there is a good chance that there was a nice juicy burger in her bag.

Chicken Parmigianino

When dining out, Melania doesn’t always order fish or salad. Her meal of choice is chicken Parmigianino. She says that her all-time favorite is served at Jean Georges. The chicken cutlet smothered in mozzarella cheese and sauce is something that she can’t pass up. When her food of choice at Jean Georges was announced, the restaurant says that it became their most popular menu item. It could be due to the First Lady’s review on the meal, or simply because chicken, sauce, and cheese is absolutely fantastic.


When it comes to indulging, the First Lady’s choice is chocolate. She likes many types of chocolate, but she doesn’t take it too far. She indulges in chocolate in moderation, which is likely how she keeps her figure.

Ice Cream

Another food that Melania indulges in is ice cream. She eats it in moderation, but she does enjoy splurging once in a while. This is in stark contrast to her husband’s dessert choices, but she says that they do share a bowl of ice cream from time to time. She says that she likes many kinds of ice cream, and frozen yogurt is one of her favorites. On occasion, she will splurge on a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Diet Coke

Like her husband, Melania’s drink of choice is Diet Coke. Considering that both of them love this drink, you can bet that their refrigerator is always fully stocked with Diet Coke. The only difference is that Melania prefers to drink hers from a glass bottle, while her husband doesn’t care what he is drinking from.

Healthy Choices

Melania chooses to eat healthy, while her husband doesn’t seem to care too much about the fat and calories in his food. The First Lady is a sticker for taking her vitamins. She takes vitamin A, C, E, and I. She also avoids fad diets. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, and the Keto diet are things that she really isn’t into. She chooses to simply eat healthy and eat in moderation. Melania prefers a healthier diet than her husband, but she does enjoy splurging from time to time.

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