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Funny Incidents Happened Just By Chance


There are some photos that are entirely planned. People go out of their way to dress and pose in just the right way to make the perfect picture. There are other photos that are great because they happen entirely by coincidence. Here are funny incidents happened just by chance.

This guy in the picture went to the local art gallery and never expected to come across a painting that matched his outfit perfectly.

Funny Incident: Mannequin Man

This guy in the picture must have been shocked when he’s walking down the street and saw a poster in a store window that looked just like him. He had the same outfit and even the same glasses as the model. What are the odds?

Gene Eating Ice Cream

When this student chose his desk, he likely didn’t know that he would be creating such an amazing picture. Gene Simmons is eating ice cream! It’s great.

Perfect Positioning

This soldier in the picture was taking a simple photo next to a sign that reads, “Involved In Peace.” He didn’t realize that by standing there, he changed the whole meaning of the sign.

Did He Do It?

This news reporter is reporting a story about a bank robber. The only problem is that the composite sketch looks just like the reporter. It makes you wonder if he dragged in for questioning after the broadcast.

Marshmallow Man

Some families can be mean to one another. The person in the picture thought it would be funny to compare a chocolate marshmallow to his family member’s head. It is pretty amusing.

Fluffy and Rosa

This picture makes you wonder which came first, the cat or the floor. Did the family install the floor based on Fluffy, or did they get Fluffy based on the floor? You can ask the same question about Rosa and the family’s carpeting.

A Rainbow At the End of the Rainbow?

This picture is great. The rainbow ends at a Rainbow clothing store. What are the odds of this happening?

Funny Incident: Two Gandalfs On One Bus?

Seeing someone that looks like Gandalf the grey is unusual. When you see two people on the same bus who looks like him, it is a crazy coincidence in the picture.

Shadow Mountain

This man just wanted to lounge on the beach of the South China Sea. He had no idea that his body mimicked the mountains in the background exactly.

Hiding In Plain Sight

This guy in the picture may have needed a place to hide when he walked down the street dressed like this. He fits right in with the construction site’s color scheme.

Away From the Spotlight?

This guy in the picture just wanted a low key dinner without being recognized. Since his face plastered all over the TV, it looks like the jig is up.

What are the odds that these two guys would sit down beside one another wearing these sweatshirts? Cookie Monster! Fantastic!

What Do You Expect?

When you walk around the tropics with a hairstyle like this, you have to expect to be confused for a palm tree. It is inevitable.

Too Much Of a Coincidence

Seeing a set of twins together doesn’t happen every day. Seeing two sets of twins is unheard of. This is a very rare sighting.

Super Mario Bros.

What are the odds of two businesses moving in side by side with these names? Mario’s and Luigis? Super Mario Bros. would love this.

Perfect Positioning

Siofok, Hungary is a beautiful vacation spot, but during the rainy season, the area is known for flooding. This bus stop ad was positioned perfectly. It looks like the girl is really surfing.

The Smashing Book

The author of The Smashing Book probably didn’t mean for their book to be used for smashing bugs, but it works.

Killed By Nail Biting

The woman on the right should turn her head and read the headlines on the other woman’s newspaper. If she did, she would probably stop biting immediately.


Was this dog trying to be clever? He has one ear up, and the license plate reads, “IEARUP.”

Holding the Moon

At the end of the workday, the crane gets lifted for safety purposes. Nobody expected that it would hold the moon for the rest of the night.

Was Jack Nicholson In Les Miserables?

The positioning of these two signs is false advertisement. People are going to buy tickets to Les Miserables expecting to see Jack Nicholson playing the lead.

It Fell

This street sign is trying to let the Department of Transportation know that it fell. How much more obvious can it be?

Professional soccer player Mesut Ozil looks exactly like Enzo Ferrari, the Italian sports car manufacturer. Did Enzo come back from the dead as Mesut?

Getting His Fix

Why is a vampire at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service? Maybe he needed a quick fix without drawing too much attention to himself.

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